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Imagine #129 Football > Love (Pt.2)

*Neymar’s POV*

She walked out of the apartment; it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It hurt as much as the injury at the World Cup. I was broken.

Who would have thought that football would be the reason to my unhappiness in love; that would make me hurt this much.

“Neymar” suddenly someone called me. Pai.

“Sorry, I did not see you come inside.”

“You talked with her? I saw her just driving out.”


“I guess you decided to take it the easy way.”

“What? Easy way? I am devastated.” I said confused.

“Yes, you did not need to leave her to get your head back in the game.”

“Yes I did. Everyone said so, she was distracting me.”

“As you think, but she was making you happy, this is different.”

“Can we don’t talk about this please.” I said annoyed that this conversation was still around, when all I wanted to do was forget (y/n) and what happened.

He did not continue so we went on the table, got some food and talked about the game we had the next day with Levante. I wanted to do my best, show people I am not failing, that I am on top of my career.

After talking, I went to bed, since we had a flight early in the morning. However, I could not sleep. I changed my cover on the phone, since I had a picture of (y/n) and me hugging. That lead me to some other pictures I had of us in my gallery, and as much as I wanted to delete all of them, I could not find that strength that would confirm everything is over.

It was not just that, but also I was tagged on different photos taken of the two of us, or just fans posting some photos in our fanpage. There was no way of forgetting all of our memories in one night. I knew it would take time, a long time.

The next day when I woke up I realized it was all true when I looked at my phone and there was no more (y/n) on my locked screen.

I went to get ready and wait for Rafinha to pick me up, since he decided to travel with the team and attend the game.

“Hey man” he said as I walked inside.

“What’s up?”

“Oh nothing really, I already had my therapy, they said it won’t be much long now.” Rafinha said enthusiastic.

“Glad to hear!” I said but not as excited as he used to be.

“I guess you talked to (y/n) yesterday.”

“Okay is it so obvious?” I said annoyed.

“Man, your face is depressing; everyone can see something is wrong. I just know it’s about her, you told me you would break up after training.”


“What did she say?”

“She wanted me to fight for us, to try make the relationship work. You know what hurt me the most, the fact that she said, that I always choose football over her.”

“Well technically she is right.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can you not see? You two were in love since high school, but every time it looked like you two would finally end up together, you choose football. And I’m glad you did, because look how far you came, but still, you cannot live forever alone, because of your career, plus I don’t think she is not the reason you had a few bad games.”

“I know, but still… Coaches, fans everyone is expecting me to do my best and I can’t let myself get out of the game because of my feelings. It’s not the time.”

“Do as you want, just know that she won’t be waiting forever. She waited for more than 6 years already.”

I did not comment on that, and we finally came to the airport. The entire team was already there, and I had to pretend everything was okay, since the only ones who knew about my decision were Rafa and Dani, who I called last night and knew everything already.

When we got in the plane, I told everyone I would sleep, since I did not sleep much. When we finally landed I turned on my notifications form the flight mode and got a text from Gil, saying to look at (y/n) Instagram photo.

I was about to get out of the plane when I read the quote,

“We had the right love at the wrong time” and she added, “We always did.”

I felt like shit. She loved me more than I could have imagined, but she did not understand I loved her even more. I was walking alone, and then called Dani to show him the photo.

“Awch” he said as he read.

“I broke her heart, I hurt her.”

“It’s always like this when it comes to love and you know that. You need to focus on the game now, or else you did this for nothing.”

“Yeah, you are right.” I said, and put my phone away.

The game began and the entire team was playing good, Suarez scored first, the second goal was mine then twice Messi and once again, to finished the match on point I scored.  

Everyone was happy and enjoying the won game, but something did not feel right. I was not happy at all, I scored twice, I was nominated player of the match yet something was wrong.

I missed those congratulation texts I always got before even leaving the pitch. I always walked in the changing room and she was already there, her kind and happy words that could make me smile and feel proud even when I played badly.

“You see what I meant” Rafinha suddenly said as he sit next to me, “you lost confidence after one bad game and blamed her for that.”

I did not say anything and went under the shower, he was right I knew he was, but somehow until hearing that from someone else I did not admit that to myself.

The second we landed, I told Rafinha he would need me to take me somewhere, he smiled, because he knew where I wanted to go.

“Good luck” Rafinha said as I walked to (y/n) apartment.

“What are you doing here?” She said shocked as she opened the door.

“I came to apologize.”

“For what? It’s your life; you are taking care you succeed at it.”

“But I realized today that I can’t succeed without you. There is no point winning if you are not there with me, if you are not in my life to support me and cheer for me. I might succeed in football, but not in life. I need you (y/n), I love you more than football, I love you more than I imagined.”

“Neymar, you always did this. You go, break my heart. Then you come back and make me fall in love. It’s always this circle. I need to know that you won’t change your mind once again, because I can’t take any more of it.” She said almost afraid.

“I’m not letting you go ever again, I lost you too many times. I was immature; I blamed you because it was easier than to admit I was the reason for my bad games. I made the biggest mistake; I almost lost the person I most need in my life. (y/n) I’m going to fight this time.”

This time she smiled and walked in to a hug, I missed her perfume, her beautiful hair and those nice hands around my neck hugging me. Then she moved a little and I kissed her.

“C’mon Rafinha is waiting, let’s go to my place.” I smiled as she took her purse.

“I knew this was not the last of you two!” Rafinha said excited as we walked both in the back seats smiling. “Glad to have you back (y/n)” he said as if we were apart for more than a month.

When we got in my house, we went to sit on the sofa and I made her take down that photo on Instagram.

“No, it was already posted; there is no point delating it now.” She said and then added a new photo of us that we took while cuddling in our hoodies.

“But we always found our way back to each other. I love you gordo @neymarjr <3”

“I love you more preta <3”

neymar: real football 

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