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How can you not ship them

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They’re both

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Not to mention

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and cute

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as balls

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*Sighs* Just look at them

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Anyway, if you’re not shipping Neymessi…wyd

Neymar arrived this afternoon in Barcelona. He’s expected to join pre-season when team returns from their US tour later this week. [sport]
FC Barcelona as the Game of Thrones characters

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Lionel Messi as Arya Stark

Given how small he is, what family he comes from and the people he has to deal with, it’s a miracle that he’s still alive. But he’s badass. So.

Luis Suárez as Joffrey Baratheon

The ultimate villain that everyone loves to hate. Seriously, you hate him to death, but then, he’s sort of fun to watch because he’s so bad and insane. The real Joffrey had a crossbow, Luis has his teeth.

Neymar as Daenerys Targaryen

Convinced that he’s the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, while the rest of the world is just rolling their eyes, praying for someone to kill that annoying teenager already (nobody has the guts to do it themselves, though).

Ivan Rakitić as Cersei Lannister

Understands that “power is power” which is why he wasn’t sentimental about leaving Sevilla and going to King’s Landing (aka Barca). Wants to rule, but unfortunately someone always spoils it for him.

Andrés Iniesta as Stannis Baratheon

Tries to get hold of the kingdom after his brother’s (Xavi’s) demise, but it’s just one big mess and the winter is coming and his army are a bunch of deserting bastards and… ugh, it’s just too much.

Claudio Bravo as Edmure Tully

Sort of inconspicuous, calm, a bit of a fool, but not a villain. Usually is pressured into things by the rest of his family, but unlike most of them, he’s still alive.

Sergi Roberto as Myrcella Baratheon

The neglected child only good for the family to get more power through marriage. Kind and somehow naive, but relatively mentally stable (for the fact that his father is actually his uncle… awkward).

Marc Bartra as Trystane Martell

Born to a family and entourage of ruthless killers (mainly the women are bloodthirsty), but he stays aside and doesn’t get why the hell he can’t love his sweet Myrcella (Sergi) in peace.

Arda Turan as Gregor Clegane

His only purpose in life is to kill people (by throwing shoes or similar). That’s why they bought him. Right?

Dani Alves as The Hound

Not as much of a psycho as his brother Gregor (Arda), but still a ruthless killer who doesn’t need too big of a reason to smash someone’s head in.

Marc-André ter Stegen as Jaime Lannister

The fair knight in the shining armor, though not always up to keeping the moral values that a knight should (sometimes you have to kill for love, though). Unlike the real Jaime, he still has both hands - it’s kinda essential for a goalkeeper, duh.

Gerard Piqué as Hodor

I think it’s quite obvious.

Rafinha as Missandei

Stands in the background and dutifully serves, while keeping own desires mostly secret. A person you can rely on.

Jordi Alba as Petyr Baelysh

You never know what this little shit is up to. Seriously. Watch your back when he’s around because… he might kiss you, poison you, save your life, push you through the Moon Door… you just never know.

Pedro Rodríguez as Melisandre

Nobody really knows what he wants (generally, he wants his lord to succeed, but also wants things for himself), nobody knows how he does his job (magic). But when things don’t go well, he tends to flee.

Javier Mascherano as Jorah Mormont

He’s seen the world (like Liverpool and so on), so he has the wisdom. His loyalty is somehow complicated and probably he does not know what he should do himself because he’s torn between protecting Neymar and serving the Lannisters.

Adriano Correia as Theon Greyjoy

Sort of mysterious, his true allegiance is only revealed in critical moments. Doesn’t look particularly friendly, but has a good heart and values friendship. Would jump with you from a parapet.

Thomas Vermaelen as Benjen Stark

Nobody knows where he is or if he’s still alive. They just know that he existed. Once. Maybe.

Jérémy Mathieu as Barristan Selmy

Feels guilty whenever he fails his lords (and lets them concede a goal), but is ready to improve his reputation and serve Neymar dutifully.

Barca B guest stars

Alen Halilović as Lancel Lannister

Sleeps with Cersei (Ivan) when Jaime is unavailable. The age gap and family ties are no obstacle.

Sergi Samper as Shireen Baratheon

In fact a very important person, but lives closeted and only rarely peeks out of the shadows (mainly during the preseason).

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