‘I have only good things to say about Neymar. He’s a very, very happy person.He has a view similar to mine in the sense of looking at life, to enjoy it, to be with friends and to enjoy a city like Barcelona.We’ve been able to share moments not only in the locker room but on a personal level and our relationship is very good.We like the same hobbies, we like poker, we like to spend time together, and I think it’s good in terms of the locker room and then we have good results on the pitch.’ - Gerard Pique

Gustavo (one of Ney’s best friends) getting very emotional after he saw the Carnaval float that honored Neymar (and Pele/Santos).

(Now normally I wouldn’t post this, but it even made me tear up when I saw it. And I think it shows how much they support each other and how beautiful and honest their friendship truly is.)


Stephen Curry wishing Ney a happy birthday!