“Football is a great love because you are born into a family of players and therefore born into football.”

My Trip To Jersey

okey ill start from the beginning, i knew their training started at 5 so i got there at like 3 but they have left at 2:45; like so damn early cause they need to be there at 5 like?? so then i decided to wait till they come back to see them; waited 5 fking hours standing next to their hotel; i was reallyy hungry and my legs&back were killing me; i swear to you i haven’t waited for something this long and anxiously in my life; of course there were annoying guys who were like “ha girls nothing bout football ha h a” there was like over 100 people on each side like wauw; so fuckinnn finalllyyyy the bus cameee:

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The top 10 footballers with the most followers on instagram

List as of August 2015 and numbers from September

1. Neymar (30.6m)

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (28.6m)

3. Lionel Messi (23.6m)

4. James Rodriguez (13.3m)

5. David Beckham (11.5m)

6. David Luiz (9.6m)

7. Gareth Bale (8.8m)

8. Zlatan Ibrahimović (7.6m)

9. Thiago Silva (7.1m)

10. Dani Alves (6.8m)