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Vampire/Myth!AU HC

Putting some notes down for my Vampire/Myth!AU headcanons so I don’t forget about everything XD. Don’t mind me. Second chapter will feature mcHanzo.

  •  Jack is a vampire who is also the Founder of Overwatch. Formerly working for the organization/the organization’s most successful experiment and is now on the run with Gabriel.
  • Overwatch was created to search for and destroy the undead and other supernatural forces of evil that threaten the world. Their purpose is to end all activity of non-human creatures that seek to do harm. They consist of humans and certain empowered creatures, have their own body of soldiers responsible for conducting offensive operations against enemies all around the world and protecting the innocents. Mostly function in the shadows. (Inspired by Hellsing)
  • Gabriel is/was one of Overwatch’s most effective field agents. Rapidly climbing up the ladder since his recruitment, he is well-known for his ruthless approaches and cunning mind. Currently on the run with Jack.
  •  Satya is the current leader of Overwatch. Elusive and dangerous, she never concerns herself with the physical aspect of the organization. Conducts various experiments on supernatural subjects, willing or not. Also is a Light Witch.
  • Ana is the current Strike Commander. Fareeha is twelve years old.
  • Jack needs a handler to reign in his powers and instinct. Is addicted to his handlers’ blood due to the experiments conducted by Overwatch. Current handler is Gabriel.
  • Overwatch operates on many countries except for a few that put up their own defenses against supernatural entities.
  • Hanzo is a mystical shaman that controls the souls of the unliving (inspiration taken from Shaman King.)
  • McCree is a vampire created in an accident by Overwatch and Jack.
  • Genji is a possessed set of enchanted armour.
  • Lucio is a Pan, living in a secluded swamp after being chased and hunted out of his homeland by Satya’s men.
  • Hana is a Gumiho under Hanzo’s protection.

There will be more to come as I sort out the second chapter.