ney get out

*opens twitter*

“ bla bla bla Neymar” “Neymar….” “Neymar bla bla bla”

*closes twitter*

*opens whatsapp*

“Group 1: Neymar.. hasta cuando va a estar asi??”

“Group 2: Neymar y su puto padre… bla bla bla….”

“Chat 1: So do you think Ney is really leaving? He still hasn’t said anything!!”


*Closes whatsapp*

*opens tumblr*

“Neymar leaving??” “How dare he leave??!!” “😭Neymar”

*closes Tumblr*

*turns phone off*

“don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house…”

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Okay so Even gets sick at the new flat and Isak has never had to deal with sick Even before and Even's pretty dramatic while he's at it but Isak loves him too much to complain so he takes care of him, please 😊

thank you so much for sending this, lovely! i may not have made even dramatic enough but i hope you enjoy nonetheless! also you can read it on ao3 if you’d prefer!


Even is sick. He’d woken up this morning with a horrible headache and a sore throat and feeling generally shitty, and he’d told Isak as much, although at first Isak had thought he was faking it (Isak knows what lessons Even has today, and he knows the assignment that Even is due to hand in today went unfinished last night because of reasons)

Isak had to go to school though, after all the days he had missed last term he was completely behind with the 10% and even when faced with a sick boyfriend, he needs to pass his classes. He’s thinking of their future, okay?

Even had complained, of course. (“you need to look after me, Isak, I’m ill. You don’t need to go to school. All the richest people in the world failed school, that’s just facts.” “Yeah, you’ve said, Even. Just sleep, baby, I’ll be home before you know.”) Even had huffed and flopped dramatically down face first on their bed, and just sighed when Isak had left him with a cup of tea on the table next to him and a kiss to the top of his head (he would have gone for a bunny kiss or a forehead kiss, but Even’s face was buried in the pillow, and he was mad at Isak for leaving him so he refused to turn round.)

Isak arrives home at four, exhausted, hungry, and missing Even perhaps a little too much for having only been gone a few hours.

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Vampire/Myth!AU HC

Putting some notes down for my Vampire/Myth!AU headcanons so I don’t forget about everything XD. Don’t mind me. Second chapter will feature mcHanzo.

  •  Jack is a vampire who is also the Founder of Overwatch. Formerly working for the organization/the organization’s most successful experiment and is now on the run with Gabriel.
  • Overwatch was created to search for and destroy the undead and other supernatural forces of evil that threaten the world. Their purpose is to end all activity of non-human creatures that seek to do harm. They consist of humans and certain empowered creatures, have their own body of soldiers responsible for conducting offensive operations against enemies all around the world and protecting the innocents. Mostly function in the shadows. (Inspired by Hellsing)
  • Gabriel is/was one of Overwatch’s most effective field agents. Rapidly climbing up the ladder since his recruitment, he is well-known for his ruthless approaches and cunning mind. Currently on the run with Jack.
  •  Satya is the current leader of Overwatch. Elusive and dangerous, she never concerns herself with the physical aspect of the organization. Conducts various experiments on supernatural subjects, willing or not. Also is a Light Witch.
  • Ana is the current Strike Commander. Fareeha is twelve years old.
  • Jack needs a handler to reign in his powers and instinct. Is addicted to his handlers’ blood due to the experiments conducted by Overwatch. Current handler is Gabriel.
  • Overwatch operates on many countries except for a few that put up their own defenses against supernatural entities.
  • Hanzo is a mystical shaman that controls the souls of the unliving (inspiration taken from Shaman King.)
  • McCree is a vampire created in an accident by Overwatch and Jack.
  • Genji is a possessed set of enchanted armour.
  • Lucio is a Pan, living in a secluded swamp after being chased and hunted out of his homeland by Satya’s men.
  • Hana is a Gumiho under Hanzo’s protection.

There will be more to come as I sort out the second chapter.

Sort It Out - Neymar Imagine
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“You’ve got to be kidding me.” 

Oh but I wasn’t. I’d just told my boyfriend Neymar that I’d be missing the El Clasico match due to work, and as I had predicted, he was far from happy.

“I’m sorry Ney, I can’t get out of it.” I constantly put off my own commitments to make it to Neymar’s games and I was aware that work was something I couldn’t skip out of often, unless I wanted to be fired. 

Neymar leaned against the kitchen counter, trying his absolute best to persuade me with his puppy dog eyes. I knew Neymar far too well to fall for this trick and continued aiming my attention to my cooking. 

“Just call in sick!” Neymar protested. I shook my head at his naivety.

“I doubt my boss will believe that I’m sick on the exact day you have El Clasico.” 

Neymar ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. I know he wanted me there and I wanted to be there, I just couldn’t miss work again.

Knowing that my mind was made up, Neymar left the kitchen and stomped upstairs. He slammed our bedroom door loudly, making it echo throughout the entire house. I decided against going to talk to him, knowing it would end up in shouting and screaming insults and profanities at each other. I simply sighed and continued cooking.


It was the day of El Clasico and Neymar had been saying the bare minimum to me the last few days. It was obvious that he was still irked at me for choosing work over his match. It didn’t help how childish he was being either. He’d deliberately woken up way before me and left the house so he wouldn’t have to face me. But that wasn’t all. He’d done little things that he knew would bother me, like leaving his pyjamas strewn over the bedroom floor, leaving his side of the bed unmade and making sure my jacket fell on the floor when he took his off the hook. 

I knew that this attitude would continue for days unless one of us did something. Neymar was incredibly stubborn so it was left to me to fix things between us. But I still refused to skip work.


I was clearing the last of the glasses from the table that had just departed when I heard a cheer from the crowd from the bar. The El Clasico match was being played on the TV and a few times it had distracted me from work.

I made my way behind the bar to serve the customers when a boy in his late teens called my name, making me turn round.


“Yes?” I peered round questioningly.

“Is Neymar your boyfriend?!” He asked in excitement.

I smiled at the boy, before nodding my head.

“He’s playing so good today, why aren’t you there?” The boy questioned.

“I have work, as you can see. Has he scored yet?” I asked, stopping what I was doing to turn my attention to the boy and the screen.

“Unfortunately not, but he set up Suarez!” 

I smiled proudly at the screen. I was glad that Neymar was playing well, I was just upset that I wasn’t there to see it. 


It was around 6pm when I pulled into the driveway of the house Neymar and I owned. I knew Neymar was home as his car was parked in his spot in the driveway. I opened the door to our house and immediately smelt the delicious aroma of my favourite meal. I prayed this wasn’t another of Neymar’s childish tricks.

I walked into the kitchen and found a steaming plate with a note beside it. I picked up the note and it read ‘For you Amor - N”. I smiled at his thoughtfulness and walked into the livingroom where he was watching TV. I placed the food on the coffee table before sitting on his lap and kissing his cheek.

“Thank you Ney.” I said softly. He welcomed my gesture and kissed mine back.

“You’re so very welcome amor. I apologise for being an ass, I know your work is important.”

I grinned at his words before catching his lips with mine. It didn’t matter how much we argued, we always sorted it out. 


My first imagine!

I hope you all enjoyed it. Be sure to request my loves! 

-Anna x 

More I have think about moving to live in UK,more excited, happier and like “exploding” I feel. It feels SO good and exciting! But when I think about staying in Finland, the more sad, anxious and depressed I become. I honestly have been pretty down after returning from UK since in Finland there’s NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING. People are depressing, energy in here is depressing, whole fucking country is depressing… Not good.

Only minus, so far what I have found about moving to UK, is my cats since I can’t take them with me. I fear my boy cat would stress and scare himself to death during the trip + quarantine time in airport (6 weeks at max what I have heard). I’m also fully aware of Brexit and it can cause some problems later as well but I would deal with them there and then.

*SIGH* stress and worries!