ney alves

IG Dani Alves:

“Some years ago, life gave me an actual brother, from another father, from another mother but from the same concept, same essence, and of very similar principlesof education. I’m not talking about the fame, the financial successes, which you have acheived by a lot of hard fought labor and your own merits, and dedication. I am talking about NJ the father, the son, the partner, the friend, the brother whom I have had the honor and pleasure of know, to you old man I wish you always all the best in the world , and with every year, may you have that sincerity, experience, and personalty of always being the person that has brought you to where you are now, and when things don’t turn out the way you wanted, get out of that chaos and go see where you were mistaken to become better each day. May Gd bless you, and spare you from every harm my brother, I love you soo much #mabroforever!!!! #felizaniversariomajorrrrr🎁😜🤙🏾”


neymarjr Te desejo toda felicidade desse mundo e sou grato por tudo que fez por mim, hoje o mundo sorri por você irmão .. o aniversário é seu, mas quem ganha somos nós! Viva o GOODCRAZY 😂😂 TE AMO @danialves23

neymarjr I wish you all happiness in this world and I am grateful for everything you have done for me, today the world smiles for you brother .. the anniversary is yours, but who wins is us! Long live the GOODCRAZY 😂😂 I LOVE YOU @danialves23


IG Rafinha Alcantara:

“I ask myself: what would I do without me?🤔💭”
Neymar comment: “I already told you to stop this🤔 ”
Dani Alves comment: “be yourself😂”
Marcelo comment: “Hhahaha @neymarjr😢”