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themesozoicsperm  asked:

What are your favorite creatures from the old 6 Star Wars movies and which from the newer ones? :3

Ooooh that’s a tough one!

My favorite creatures from the older Star Wars films are:

  1. Rancor (the creature Luke fought in Episode VI)
  2. Wampa(the yeti-like creature from Episode V.)
  3. Reek (the rhino-like beast that Anakin somewhat “tamed” in Episode II)
  4. Nexu (the multiple-eyed lion-like creature from Episode II… there was also one in The Fate of the Jedi book series, which gave me a better appreciation of the creature).
  5. Tauntaun (the creatures on Hoth in Episode V).
  6. Varactyl (the lizard-like creature that served as Obi-Wan’s mount in Episode III).

From the new films (so far):

  1. Porgs
  2. Rathtars