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Eyyyyy ZelGan stuff! This is actually something my friend and I talked about surrounding a Zelda re-write/history/sort of AU story type thing that he and some of our other friends have been writing for ages. One time when we were nerding out about Zelda and Ganon’s friendship as children, my friend said “you remember This Is My Idea from The Swan Princess? THAT is their relationship and how they grew up. Basically.”

I don’t know most of the writing in this other universe, but we’ve talked about the characters and their relationships enough times and its AMAZING.

So yeah. Basically I had to draw this. Completely referenced from The Swan Princess of course.


Here’s a blast from the past. Just found this in my old files, thought I’d upload.

71 hours later – A Mass Effect: Andromeda critique

Et voilà! Since March 21, 2017, I’ve passed 71 hours in the Andromeda galaxy. Hated the first hour, because the Character Creator (CC) couldn’t or wouldn’t give me what I wanted. But as soon as I started the game with the default Sara Ryder, I could truly appreciate (and frown at) Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Here is a critique of the game. Let’s see what you scored, Andromeda!

I tried to make this review as spoiler free as possible. Hopefully, you won’t be spoiled. Fingers crossed!

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Title: Nexus
Writer/Artist: Baron/Rude
How you discovered it: After watching a documentary about Steve Rude on Amazon Prime
Why you like it: The clean line art of Steve Rude
Favorite characters: Dave
Favorite moments: I love the panels featuring shots of stars and spaceships. And obviously anytime Dave is kicking butt.
Short Bio: Josh, Email Marketing Specialist

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