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Today we started seeing people’s Character Creations for Mass Effect Andromeda. There were some pretty ugly ass characters people went a bit crazy with the makeup and tattoo’s for fun. However I found these well created Sara Ryder’s. The graphics look pretty good and I love these hairstyles and the new colours that really make the characters pop.

the companions of fallout 4 according to nexus (whitewashing cw)










and dogmeat:

The “backwards planet/country/temporally regressed social milieu/etc.” plot isn’t that unusual. And it’s not uncommon for some kind of anti-oppression issue in any story to be treated as a shorthand for morality and social progress. Usually feminism, sometimes homophobia or related gender stuff, sometimes race allegories of varying degrees of subtlety (though rarely actually race). 

In the Vorkosigan Saga, it’s disability rights. That’s the barometer, consistently, for Barrayar catching up ethically with the rest of the nexus, for individual character morality, everything. Another reason I love the books so much, we never get this. 

spoilers for Nexus Uprising if you haven’t read it!!

So it’s Reyes Vidal Appreciation week, and while I have LOTS of art with him, most of its shippy, so I wanted to take this time to finish up some of the more general work I have of him.

I’m INTENSELY curious about what he was up to on the Nexus before heading off with the Exiles to Kadara, and I hope we’ll get some info, but until then, I’ve got some headcanons: 

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Nexus Leadership and Personnel Appreciation Week!

Dates: 8/7 - 8/13

Tag: #NexusLPAWeek or #NLPAWeek  (both are viable and I’ll be using these throughout the week :D)


  • Please keep it civil. We all have our passions, and it’s not a Mass Effect game without something to polarize the masses.
  • No trashing other fans, please. It bears repeating, as the Nexus is a mess. A beautiful, crazy, running-out-of-time-and-toilet-paper mess.
  • Content can be SFW or NSFW but PLEASE tag it as such if it’s NSFW. (I’ll have a NSFW page just for that stuff in case you wanna see it!)
  • Anyone who’s connected to the Nexus is fair game! But in case you need to know some of the key players:

Leadership - Jarun Tann, Foster Addison, William Spencer, Nakmor Kesh, Tiran Kandros
Minor Characters - Ana T'Mari, Dutch Smith, Dr. Leynomi Aridana, Lieutenant Sajax, and many, many more! Alive or dead, and Nexus Uprising characters included!

  • Headcanons, meta analysis, prompts, toilet paper, gifsets, graphics, fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, more toilet paper, and any other creations you can come up with are all welcome to this week (did we mention we’re almost out?)
  • Too busy to participate this week? That’s ok, if you can reblog stuff out there then it makes this week all the better and maybe, someone will remember to send toilet paper.

And above all HAVE FUN! If you have any questions, ask! Or ping me at @silentstephi :D (And send TP!)