nexus 2060

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1/2 - Jinrui no Shinpo to Chouwa was literally the (second) best thing ever (After Glider) and speaks volumes about how wonderful LDK was and how horrible Fruits Clipper was. IE the start of his downfall, only good due to the residual creativity of LDK (imo). BUT the reason I love the song so much, translation: "The Progress and Harmony of Humanity" is roughly the same slogan for Expo 70, which was the embodiment of post war Japans ambitions.

It’s not every day I see someone call FRUITS CLiPPER “horrible”… Though despite it being my favorite capsule album, I can definitely see where you’re coming from; I’ve thought the same of it before in the past as far as it marking the beginning of his creative decline. It signaled a very massive change in his approach to capsule, and not just in sound alone. I think capsule lost its otherworldly storytelling element when it became electro-house/pure dance music. By ’06 Nakata was more interested in pleasing the crowds at his DJ events and the rest is history, electro capsule has really just followed that mode of thinking. (There’s an overlying struggle between “indoor” and “outdoor” music in his music as part of capsule, but for me to discuss that it’d just take too long, lol.)