nextwave squad

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if I've already asked this, buuuut... If you could assemble a new Nextwave squad made up of D.C. Characters, who would you pick?

I don’t think you have because that is super awesome question.

First off, the Monica Rambeau would be the Doctor Light who doesn’t totally suck.

The Tabby of the team would probably be original Bat-Girl Bette Kane.

The Elsa would be Zachary Zatara. (Distaff counterpart of a character from a family tied deeply into magic.)

For the Aaron, I’d go Indigo. She doesn’t have all that much in common with him personality-wise, but she could serve the same general role tactically and would definitely play off of the others in an interesting way.

And for The Captain, well, I’d go with the Captain. He was made up for the book anyway, so I don’t think that that would change if it were done by DC.