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iHeart has no chill with putting H&L next to each other, they have a choice and they choose the right thing #nexttoyou

it was louis’ request they couldn’t just deny the man himself

Check out the world premiere of #NEXTTOYOU on!! Its on #TheSecret which drops in 6 days!!!!😁😁😁Pre order link in bio!!

i heard justin's "NEXT TO YOU"SONG!!!

i was like…

i fell in love with that song.. i cant explain what i feel…

and then i heard they’ll make a music video of it..i was like

i can’t wait for it!!!!

and when the video is out i will surely…. STARE at it..

i probably sing with it!!!then all people who can hear will probably annoyed..

but “i dont care” i’ll repeat it over and over again!!!

but still im waiting until now!!! im so excited though..

Ela sofria, sofria muito, dias e noites por causa desse amor, ela amava-o , amava seu jeito de sorrir, amava suas brincadeiras bestas, amava tudo que pertencesse a ele. Ela passava noites e noites chorando, dizendo besteiras, mais um dia ela disse, eu vou superar essa dor, pode ter certeza. Então, ela tinha fé, e aos poucos ela foi esquecendo ele, foi esquecendo, até que um dia ela superou essa dor. Então, basta ter fé!

Chris Brown - Next To You ft. Justin Bieber