nextto you

making good time

in the vision i am on a
greyhound bus listening to
music (so very befitting of
the circumstances, whatever
those are) watching America
pass by in swathes of green,
yellow - the purpose is obscured
but maybe it doesn’t quite matter
in the very slightest

the destination can be anywhere
(yes, anywhere, even right next
to you, dear friend) but the
travelling takes an enormous
toll, so much so that i am not
the same person when at last i

  • to whisper sweet nothings into your ear in public
  • to spoil you with everything he can get
  • to laugh at you when you try to rap his parts in his songs
  • to tell you he loves you every second of the day
  • to easily get jealous and a tiny bit possessive at times
  • to cup your mouth during sex to keep the neighbors from hearing you
  • to whisper dirty things into your ear one minute and do some hardcore aegyo the next
  • to carry you to your bed after falling asleep in his lap while watching movies late at night
  • to tightly wrap his arm around your waist while he’s sleeping because he’s slightly afraid of you leaving him
  • to proudly announce everyday that you’re his girlfriend and that he’s lucky to have you
  • to love it when you secretly fangirl over him in music videos
  • to smile at your bad Korean pronunciation
  • to call you up in the middle of a bad day because hearing your voice calms him down
  • to come to you every time he has a problem because he trusts you with all his heart
  • to randomly bring you to McDonald’s when you’re hungry or something at like midnight
  • to eat your cooking and appreciate it whether the food be good or bad because it was made by you and anything made by you he loves
  • to love it when you play with his hair
  • to tell you how beautiful you are every chance he can get
  • to call you at like two in the morning because he got “bored”
  • to get jealous when you fangirl over his friends/members over him
  • to make you laugh with the stupidest things even on your worst day
  • to send you the silliest snapchats/videos to make you smile
  • to be the best boyfriend anyone could ask for tbh

Original Imagine: Isaac gets kicked out into the rain by an angry Derek, and with no one else to turn to, he finds himself walking to your house, late at night.

Author: Isis (I’d like to stay anonymous.)

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1571

Warnings: Smut, Oral Sex (Male on Female)

A/N: Hey guys! This was my first time writing smut, so sorry if it’s rubbish. Hope you liked it. c: (I WROTE THIS WAY BACK IN JUNE 2014 OMG I JUST DIDN’T SUBMIT UNTIL NOW. HERE YOU GO.) 

“I was wondering if I could, uh, ask you a favor.” Isaac says quietly. You look up to see Isaac drenched in water, his plump lips looking a bit blue. His lashes were coated with a couple of drops of water, and his hair was plastered to his forehead. You tried not to focus on how freaking attractive he looked, and cleared your throat.

“Of course, anything.” You say, managing not to choke over your own words. He smiles, a little, not too much.

“Can I stay?” He asks, after a pause. You watch him with worry in your eyes.

“I thought you stayed with Derek.”

“Apparently not.” Isaac replies. You get up, walk over to him, and softly touch his arm.

“You’re cold.”

“That’s what happens when get kicked out in the freezing rain.” Isaac answers, laughing softly. His breath hitches as your hand doesn’t move. You notice, and quickly jerk your arm away. 

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anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel like Leigh-Anne, Jade, and Jesy actually don't like Perrie at all. Like when there's the paps on them they're all BFF but when they're gone, Perrie always seems a little separated from them, not talking or even walking near them. Now I'm not sure if this is because she thinks that she's better than them or they distance themselves from her because they don't like her but I just find it very interesting.

they were very close, if you go see little mix at the beginning or at the time of the x-factor you see how perrie was nextto leigh-anne you see Perrie/leigh-anne of that time with Perrie/ eigh-anne from today you don’t think is the same people.

 someone probably said to them” always hold hands then you gonna show how you guys are friends and closer and loves the other

that is why the girls is always holding hands

and why zerrie is always holding hands

and why perrie and ally are holding hands

I just wanted someone to explain to these people that hold hands is not the answer to everything