I haven’t said hi to people in a good long while, so here goes:

im-the-asshole-that, oh goodness, you reblog a lot of my stuff and it makes me happy every time I see your username because it’s funny. Also, your theme is super nifty and I’d use it except I like my theme and it’s complete lack of elegance and I have issues with attachment to inanimate or even intangible things.

But your theme is so cool and lovely.

ispinmyriflerightround, teach me how to rifle because right now I can’t. Oops.

frozenbanana, I LIKE FROZEN BANANAS TOO. Actually I don’t know if you do like frozen bananas, but I presume that you do because it’s your URL, so why not? Also vegan, thus no actual cream-based ice cream, thus bananas are a cheap sub. I wonder if you can make almond cream. I’m sure soy cream is a thing.

nextgeneration2012, I get the feeling y'all were one of those blogs that followed me when I actually posted a bunch of quality Harry Potter stuff all in a row. Sorry to disappoint, if I have.

hufflepuff-rory, DAWNA.

levendromer, I don’t know much about you, so you should hit up the ask or the fanmail or something and say hi and stuff.

interretialia, I’m not going to address you, but my followers. If any of you follow latin-student-problems, you should go look at this blog for refuted LSPs or just for funsies or translation practice or whatever Latiny things you like OR JUST BECAUSE I SAID SO AND IT’S COOL.

nextgeneration2012 asked:

Hello loves! You've been tagged! Share five random facts & pass this on to your 10 favorite followers!

Thanks for tagging me! Any of my followers please feel free to do this, I would tag you but I’m not on my laptop and I won’t be for a few days so I can’t tag you guys. Also if you’re interested in the next generation from Harry Potter check out nextgeneration2012


  1. I will be house/cat/babysitting for the next three weeks.
  2. I’m planning my mom’s surprise birthday party
  3. My birthday is the first day of fall 9/23.
  4. I have no idea what I want for my birthday.
  5. When I have a bad day I watch really bad 90’s movies and I feel better.

Cuando las chicas Weasley/Potter empezaron a salir con chicos, sus padres decidieron que Harry debería dar a los chicos Weasley/Potter algunas clases sobre “como interponerse”

Todas las chicas y la mayoría de los chicos (aunque nunca lo admitieran) fangirliearon durante horas después de ver el trailer de “Bajo la misma estrella” (“The fault in our stars”)