nextgeneration harry potter

Oh, dear Ginny, too much attention to give :D Al, James and Lily celebrating their mother’s 30th birthday. Photo taken by Harry.

Al: Happy Birth- JAMES, STOP!
(Lily L is doing whatever James S is doing - because he’s just the coolest -, but more innocent and adorable.) 
Ginny: Kids everywhere! Harry, save me!
Harry: Hey, you wanted those kids.

Imagine all the students from the previous year bursting through the door of the Great Hall and sitting at random tables because nobody gives a shit about Houses anymore. Because when something as stupid as House Pride and blood purity led to the biggest and worst war in History, how can you look at Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Racenclaw and most deffinitely Slytherin, again.

Imagine a second year Slytherin standing up and staring at the ceiling before yelling fiendfyre at all the house banners because he never learned the fucking charm “incendio”. After all, if you knew something as powerful as Fiendfyre, what use was it to teach Incendio to the kids.

Imagine him pointing at each banner, much to his disgust, having complete and careful control over the flames.

Imagine him smiling as the banners turn to ash because last year he was forced to torture his only friend for being in Gryffindor and a muggleborn. It did not matter that he was his only friend in the muggle town he lived in. It never matterred that he was the only person to show him any form of friendship and how sad he was thinking he would lose his only friend for a whole year. And then how happy he was seeing him on platform 9 and ¾.

Imagine his guilt in knowing that because if him, his friend was too weak to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts and was one of the first killed by the Carrows.

Imagine his guilt, knowing that he killed his only friend. So he is only twleve, but he traces it all back to the houses.

Imagine the smile on his face, looking only as psychotic as how many other students are feelings, as he sets them alight.

Imagine the teachers faces, unsure on what to do or *say*.

Imagine McGonagall ready to speak out and give him a detention on the first day, ready to take off points when she sees the same look on each students’ face, from each grade and from each house. So she sits back in her seat and lets it happen because, perhaps a part of her agrees.

Imagine McGonagall stopping any other teacher from saying anything as the boy, scrawny and short, only twelve years old yells to the whole school that there should never be anymore houses, because house rivalry is what killed his friend, his only friend, and house rivalry made many Slytherins hate Gryffindors and Gryffindors think that all slytherins are evil. House rivalries made it hard for each house to go to the other for help, because why would you help the enemy???

Imagine all the students cheering as the last thread of hufflepuff burns and falls on the ground, signalling the final end to Hogwarts Houses.

Imagine Headmistress McGonagall waving her wand and where the four seperate banners used to hang, now hangs one giant banner woth the higwarts emblem, because they are all one school and nothing should split them apart anymore.

Imagine the Sorting Hat ripping open and instead of singing, it quietly narrates the stories of each and every fallen student and how ultimately, it was everyone working together that saved their Home. Imagine it finishing with one last song about house unity before stating that there will never be another sorting again.

Imagine years from then, students sitting all over the place under one banner for one school. They still sleep in the four dormitories, it’s a myth that a long time ago, they were used to split people into groups based on a few characteristics. Some rather logical students call it false because only an idiot would think that was a good idea.

Imagine years from then, the sorting hat sits in the Headmistress’ Office on a dusty shelf, gathering inches of dust because nobody needs to hear about house unity now (there are no houses) and no one must be sorted, and the story of the battle of Hogwarts is already told in History of Magic by Professor Binns, who claims to have seen it all and never stops talking about the dark Age of Voldemort (but hey! At least it’s not the Goblin Wars)

Imagine a time where Harry Potter is a legend and a myth because a time like that could not have possibly actually happened. Where friends turned on friends and family turned on family.

Imagine parents telling their small under 10s children to eat their vegetables to become big and strong like Harry Potter (because who ever heard of a scrawny, knobbled kneed *boy* saving the world?)

Imagine Voldemort becoming synonymous with “the Bogey Man”, the snake faced monster who will kidnap naughty kids for not sleeping at bedtime instead of the raging red eyed murderer that nobody could speak of.

Imagine a time where there is finally peace because nobody beleives one is superior than the other ‘cause let’s all be real here, everyone has some muggle blood in them by now - and according to science, muggleborns have stronger magic anyway.

Imagine it.

Los seres humanos son vulnerables porque son capaces de ser heridos.