Boje i kolori.

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From Thirty Three

Carol watched him intently, she never tired of looking him and he felt her eyes on him. Her gaze stirred his blood, the way it always did and her turned to her.
“You next.” He said winking at her.
A soft rain started to fall against the windows of the room and he stood looking at it. Lightning lit up the sky and he could see all the way out into the woods, it was both surreal and beautiful.
There was a door to the outside back deck off their room and he motioned her to it.
“I wanna kiss you in the rain.” He said opening the door and taking her by the hand.

It’s been an amazing 3 years in our backyard shop. @littlepellets and I spent many a late night packing boxes and many great times with old and new friends here. I didn’t think I’d get sentimental about moving until I spent tonight sweeping up. So many great memories here and it couldn’t have happened without all our friends, family and all of you our #rgtfam Looking ahead we are excited about our new shop, our growing family, building relationships with new stores and a gang of new product for 2015! Thank you all for your continued support, none of this would be possible without you! #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #nextchapter

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Gabrielle Union talks about her life journey, being fierce and fearless, and true authentic power on Oprah’s Next Chapter

“Goodtype” by @goodtype #wip We were feeling left outta the party. Haha 😁 We like leaving the good stuff to all you amazing heavy hitters. Making a big announcement soon! Thanks again for following our love for all things type. There are so many amazing artists, designers and typographers alike in the world and we’re so grateful to be able to share those works with you. #staytuned #nextchapter #typography #lettering #goodtype

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First foremost and forever I owe an enormous dept, conscious and I have no doubt, unconscious to God, the Berry’s to my mama,papa,kuya jay, kuya pengs, ate perl and luna. PWI family, lolo tats spidey, to my bestfriend, infotech makati family, scietech, mane, tenement 795 family, my kafatids, my powerpuffboys, umak,fbes and fbhs friends, fb friends and tumblr followers, to all my mentors, to all my friends at sa lahat po ng nagmamahal sakin with all my heart THANK YOU for the unconditional love and support. Congratulations graduates of batch 2015! :)

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