okay so since I just posted a fic from the AU where they meet before and everything is okay (click here!) I’m gonna let y’all decide which you wanna see next

1. Happy pure AU where they meet before his mom dies and she helps him and everything’s okay

2. Pure and Precious second grader AU

3. Angsty ghost AU

4. AU where JD and Heather Chandler are stepsiblings who are both thirsty for Veronica The Bisexual

Let me know!!


Behind Her Mask.

A Fire Emblem, Awakening Comic. (1 /2)

Aaaaand it’s done! (Chapter 3 anyways, haha. I still have a couple more chapters to go.) Anyways, I’ve been working pretty studiously to get this finished, and it so happens to overlap with Inktober, so happy inktober everyone! (This counts for 15 day’s worth of entries, right? :P)

Don’t forget to read Part 2, and for those who have been reading it since Ch1, thank you so much for sticking around. :)

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