Guys, chill. They fucked up things in last episode and they may not even fix it in tonight’s ep but please, if we don’t want this to happen again, all we need to do is make this show going as long as possible, so keep watching it and supporting no matter what. The writers know how big of a mistake they have made, so hopefully next time it won’t happen. Just… keep supporting. Past week in this fandom was crazy and so toxic. It was as painful as writer’s mistake

On a good side, not only writers listen to us, but also FreeForm’s marketing team - no Malec sneak peek this week!

And - concentrate on good things in tonight’s episode and cherish them. In 2x09 shit will go down (if not tonight already)

The show I’m watching is overall good but with pretty much all of the romance it’s bad fanfic-y. A school test in which the male and female love interests are tied up and naked together. Next episode - male and female love interests are forced to take off all their clothes and go out in the snow so they can learn that the best way to keep warm is through sex with each other… as foxes. A few episodes later - male and female love interests can only get their friend back home by casting a sex-spell together that requires them to climax simultaneously. These all appear in fanfics out there, I can almost guarantee it.

Girl Meets Texas

whats sad is that Girl Meets world is a wonderful show and the writing, acting, directing, casting all of it is beautiful and magical.(im not saying you dont think so) but there all getting overlooked with this whole ship war. im 18 years old and all my life i have watched disney, and you know what disney does. they play you. dont get me wrong i ship hard i shipped rucas, then lucaya. look at austin and ally, they strung us along for a lonng time and when they finally got together, they FRICKING BROKE UP THE NEXT EPISODE, I MEAN WHAT THE F…. (got carried away) then they got back together again but stayed together. what im trying to say is the girl meets world writers are writers so they know how to write stories that sweep you away. dont let them and the ships ruin your experience with girl meets world, if you have a favorite character and love that character so much shouldnt all you want is their happeniness no matter with who or just by them selves. i mean the actors want you to enjoy the show as well

-thank you. 

(sorry about my spelling and grammar)

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Ok look at this

I went to the Official AMC Website again to check it up for infos

I came Across this

“Get Ready for Season 6″

“First Look Season 6 Photos and Comic Con Poster”

“Watch Season 4 Full Episodes”


So i clicked on “Cast and Crew” and came across this (My heart skipped a beat honestly)

Next to the well known Picture of Emily theres a S5 picture now (for the other Cast Members as well to be mentioned here) and i was ready (huh of course i wanst ready) to read that Beth is in fact Dead and listed as a gone character on the page


TADAAAAA STILL Beth’s Bio is at the same state as S5 would never had happened (all the other character Bios are also still at the state of S4)

I did watch it (twice, first the raw and then the sub once it showed up). I don’t have too many thoughts since honestly it feels like not a lot happened. But just my general impressions, under the cut for spoilers:

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