Hai to Gensou no Grimgar episode 4 opinions(no spoilers)

And with that, this anime just turned the goddamn corner. With the slow start that it had for the first 3 episodes, I was hoping for the big plot twist that will make this series worth watching for the next how ever many episodes to come, and it did. It was a hell of a plot twist that was, although slightly predictable, very impactful  to both the viewers and the whole cast of characters. To sum it all up, this anime is definitely one to watch out for this season so check it out! 

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6. New Girl, season 4


This was a really funny season of a really funny show, even if it didn’t quite reach the heights of New Girl season 2. Coach is (was?) a great addition to the ensemble, and the last two episodes did a good job at wrapping up story arcs and introducing new ideas for the next season. My only real issue with this season was that it seems like New Girl is slipping into How I Met Your Mother territory as far as its revolving door of love interests for the main cast. I’m sure this is more noticeable when you binge-watch a show, but it gets tiring to see character after character get introduced and then almost immediately broken up with. I’d almost prefer the Seinfeld approach where there’s just no continuity of romantic partner from episode to episode. More realistically, though, I wish the writers would either give these characters partners that are going to stick around or else let them remain single. Or if we’re going to have short love interest arcs, let them be with funny characters like Fawn rather than non-entities like Ryan.

'The 100': What We Thought of the Season 3 Opener

Warning: This recap for the “Wanheda: Part 1” episode of The 100 contains spoilers.

Everyone’s looking for the great Wanheda on the Season 3 premiere of The 100. Wanheda is the commander of death, and the Grounders believe if you kill someone, you take their power.

Of course, Wanheda = Clarke.

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The 100 picks up right where we left off, with Murphy in that bunker, watching that video which reveals who was responsible for the nuclear apocalypse which destroyed Earth (“It was her”). Then, the episode fast forwards through the next 80-plus days, as Murphy slowly goes mad re-watching it over and over again. We learn that the “her” refers to the AI that Jaha met in the mansion, that she was modeled on her creator, Becca, and that she was programmed to make life better.

To follow that command? She needed to fix the root problem: too many people.

That was just one of several storylines the season premiere gave us a taste of. There’s Clarke’s lone wolf journey, on which she meets a special new friend. Back at the Sky Crew settlement, now named Arkadia, Chancellor Abby is dealing with alcoholic Jasper, injured Raven, and a petulant Octavia.

At least Bellamy seems to be doing alright, with a new girlfriend (WTF?) and leading missions outside camp. But then he, Monty, Kane, and Indra are ensnared in a trap. Who’s got them in the pincer, we’ll have to wait to learn.

So, how did The 100 premiere fare? Here’s what we liked:

* Clarke gone wild: She’s got red hair, hunts black panthers for breakfast (or to trade for supplies, whatever), and hooks up with trading post hottie Niylah. Clarke’s emotional struggle and depression feel very real, considering all that we saw at the end of last season. She wants to disappear into the woods, but still craves some human connection and affection. Unfortunately, then she immediately gets kidnapped by a couple of Grounders who want to cash in the bounty on Wanheda’s head.

* The situation in Arkadia seems tranquil on the surface, but it becomes clear that there’s a lot of turmoil churning below. Raven was injured in the finale’s blast, but refuses to get help. Jasper is a total mess, drinking himself to oblivion every night and endangering his friends on a scout mission. Then, there’s Octavia, which we’ll get to in a moment. Arkadia feels like a messy place, as it should be. The politics and Abby’s leadership (or lack thereof) should be interesting to watch as the season unfolds.

* Bellamy is asserting himself as the leader we’ve seen him grow into. A long time ago, he would’ve bucked against working with Kane or Indra, but he’s learned a lot. Let’s see how he gets out of this trap.

What could use work:

* We’re not sure what Octavia’s deal is. OK, she feels stuck between her people and the Grounders, we get it. But what exactly is she doing working with the Sky Crew, yet sleeping outside of camp? And why is she pushing Lincoln away? If it’s because he’s wearing a Sky Crew jacket, that’s just dumb. She needs to figure out her loyalties.

* Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. Sigh. He suffered a terrible tragedy in losing Maya and witnessing all those deaths of people he knew. But Dark Jasper is just kind of annoying. We want to see him doing something other than attacking poor, innocent piano players.

* The whole AI/City of Light business is completely confusing, and it’s clear the show means for it to be that way. No doubt we’ll be fed a couple of answers every week. Is the City of Light basically the Matrix? A video game? A really awesome YouTube video?

Burning questions:

* Who is Bellamy’s girlfriend? What’s her name and where did she come from?

* How on Earth did Emori get to Jaha and Murphy on that boat? If you don’t recall who Emori is, she’s a Grounder that they met on their journey to the City of Light. She and her friends attacked them and stole their stuff. So… who told her where to go, and why?

* Ice Nation: When are we going to see it and meet its queen?

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

K-Show: What to Watch This Week (7th February)

Not sure what to watch this week? This weekly schedule will keep you up-to-date with the latest Korean shows coming up in the next few days!


Baek Jong Won’s 3 Top Chefs King

Cast: Baek Jong Won, Lee Hwi Jae, Kim Joon Hyun, EXID’s Hani

Synopsis: Baek Jong Won is on a search for some of Korea’s best dumpling store. With different fillings and style of cooking, expect more mouth-watering splendour in this week’s episode.


The Return of Superman

Cast: Song Il Kook, Dae Han, Min Gook, Man Se, Lee Hwi Jae, Seo Eun, Seo Jun

Synopsis: The Song triplets bid farewell to the show after almost 2 years. Song Il Kook and the boys prepared a gift for their special someone. Meanwhile, the rest of the dads help out other busy fathers in this Lunar New Year special. 


Radio Star

Cast: Kim Gu Ra, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Kook Jin, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Synopsis: Join the second part of the comedian special as this bunch of best friends share their outrageous drinking sessions and gatherings! You can catch Part 1 here.

Tuesday - Saturday

Sweet Home Sweet Honey

Cast: Song Ji Eun, Seo Yi An, Lee Jae Joon, Kim Min Soo

Synopsis: Bom finally reunites with her family but Ah Ran is against it. Will she continue to sow discord to get what she wants?

Catch the latest Korean dramas and variety on Viu. Available on Web, iOS and Android.

Watch “Tamar & Vince” Season 4 Episode 6

Want a Date with a Single Man?

External image

“Tamar & Vince” Season 4 Episode 6 aired on WeTV Thursday night (Jan 28).

Tamar worries that her voice will give out before her concert in Orlando while struggling to find time to learn two new dances for “Dancing With the Stars.” Later, Tamar ends up in the hospital after pushing herself too far.

Watch “Tamar & Vince” Season 4 Episode 6 (VIDEO) Here:

About the show:

Tamar & Vince is a reality series that follows R&B singer Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert (manager/producer to the stars) as she pursues a singing career.

In Season 4, Tamar’s schedule is on overload, with her next album about to be released, new music videos to shoot, and her talk show in production.

Then, Vince reveals she’s been cast on “Dancing with the Stars.” Tamar is thrilled, but worried that she won’t be able to keep up.

As her performances on DWTS wow the judges and fans, behind the scenes, Tamar’s health starts to wear thin. When her tour starts up, Tamar’s taxing schedule finally catches up with her, and she’s rushed to the emergency room!

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Top Chef Masters Season 5 Features Guest Judges Mindy Kaling, Busy Philipps

The heat is on!

Top Chef Masters returns on July 24, with a twist.

The fifth season of Bravo’s hit show will feature a new online competition, Battle of the Sous Chefs, which will directly impact the master chefs, the network announced in a press release on Wednesday. Every episode of the web series leads up to the next episode of Top Chef Masters, and explores the uniquely interdependent relationship between a master chef and their sous chef.

Meanwhile, former Top Chef contestant (and runner-up) Bryan Voltaggio will be officially joining the Masters cast - the first ever former Top Chef contestant to do so.

Back to host the cooking competition is celebrity chef, Curtis Stone, who will be joined by new head critic, Gail Simmons. Watch a preview of season 5 below.

This season will also feature some celebrity critique from guest judges, who include, Mindy Kaling, Busy Philipps, Kathie Lee Gifford, Ali Larter and Stone’s fiance, Lindsay Price.

The show airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

We 3 Geeks Podcast: Episode 24 “Is this where the apocalypse starts?”

The Geeks start Episode 24 with a brief moment to commiserate the recent passing of two legends: David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Rest in Peace gents.

During “The News in Geek”, Geek Tom brings us info on:
- The shortlist of who may be cast for the part of a young Han Solo
- How the next film in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ series, may be a reboot for the franchise.
- 90′s teatime TV show ‘Robot Wars’ is gearing up for a return to BBC2 with a 6 episode series
- M. Night Shyamalan, is in the midst of reviving TV horror series ‘Tales from the Crypt’.
-And has Michael Bay inadvertently confirmed the inclusion of fan favorite villain Krang in the next TMNT movie

In the latest “Be Kind, Rewind”, the Geeks watch the 2001 film ‘Joe Dirt’, starring David Spade as a happy go lucky loser on the search for his parents, after they abandoned him at the Grand Canyon as a child

Geek Grant regales us with fan theories from around the internet. these include:
- How ‘The Simpsons’ is an exploration into the relationship between happiness and intelligence
- How the artificial intelligence Skynet, from the “Terminator” franchise is purposely failing to eradicate all humans, in order to give itself purpose
- And how Jake Sully was actually brainwashed into becoming a traitor, in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’

In “the great geek debate” the Geeks argue over who would win in an imaginary confrontation between Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort.
We bring the podcast to a close with “And Finally”, where Geek Andy rounds up with anecdotes about:
- the petition for a PG13 version of the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ movie
- How one fan has set up a petition to have George Lucas return to the directors chair for ‘Star Wars Episode IX’
- How the mysterious baton wielding Storm Trooper in ‘The Force Awakens’ Now has an official designation.
- And how one artist has produced a series of work depicting his take on what superheroes poop may look like

To find out our views and more, you can find the We 3 Geeks podcast on ITunes or Podomatic

This is the We 3 Geeks saying, stay geeky!