like i am definitely not the biggest fan of hillary clinton on a personal level but ive gained a whole new sense of respect for her because theres no way i could stand on stage next to a giant orange skittle yelling over me for this long and just keep my cool like she is her demeanor is so fucking admirable

Muse’s Next Tour Stage

Attention everyone, here are some infos about Muse’s next tour. It happened at the pannel of MUSEXPO Europe, in which Glen Rowe took part.

- It seems that the imagination of Matt Bellamy and co knows no bounds, as Muse tour manager Glen Rowe hinted at what the band’s next tour might look like. “We want to do a stage made of magnets so the band can levitate on other magnets,” he said.

It’s those questions that keep me awake every night of my life. If there are any magnet technicians out there, please come and see me because that’s what we’re trying to achieve.


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Hello. I'm quite interested in feathers evolution. I tried to look it on internet but i don't really understand it. Could you explain it ? Thank you in all cases.

(Image by Emily Willoughby @ewilloughby [Source])

The first feathers were Stage 1, like in the diagramme above. It’s though that they first evolved as something similar to ridged scales, with the middles lifted up. This ridge evolved to be taller and taller, until it became a hollow shaft, much like a hair.

The next stage in feather evolution were “stage 2″ feathers - feathers that had many filaments based in the same spot.

The next stages involve filaments connected to one central filament. Stage 3 is the simplest of this kind, while stage 4 and 5 have further branches that allow the branches to “zip” together. Stage 5 is an asymmetrical flight feather.

Stages 3, 4, and 5 are found on modern birds.

Doing theatre is stressful, but theatre stress is a different kind of stress. Theatre stress is stress that I want; it’s stress that I crave. I thrive off of it. Theatre stress is good stress, because theatre is my passion.


A new release of information has come for Pokémon Sun & Moon. First it showcases off customisation, which uses Festival Coins and the replacement for Pokémon Amie called Pokémon Refresh. This allows for you to do things such as remove Paralysis or Poison from your Pokémon. 

Source: Serebii | English Trailer | Japanese Trailer 


ailee’s backup dancers/singers


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