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It was an hour before the pizzeria opened, and Chica was doing her regular rounds by rollerskating around and picking up some wrappers she had missed before her shift ended the night before.  After every speck of trash had been thrown away from off the red and blue tiled floor, the woman sat on the stage, right in front of the animatronic that shared her name.  Chica wiped her forehead, sighing as she looked around the pizzeria.  It was so calm in the morning, no rampaging kids whining for money and no parents screaming from the overwhelming stress of life; but something seemed off, there was another presence in the room, Chica peered behind her seeing a new figure on the stage next to the Freddy Animatronic.

Imagine#61: Your a fan - Jai

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You are such a huge fan of the Janoskians. You worked so hard to get the money needed to go to the concert and the meet and greet. you love all of the boys but mostly Jai. when you watched that video about advice on fuck boys you loved him very much and he started folllowing you on Instagram when you dm him saying if you two were together. That helped alot really no fuck boys for yn. 

Yn got ready for the show and sadly is going alone because none of her friends had time to go to the concert. “ mom i’m heading out” I shouted as I grabbed my poster I made that said. “ Jai Brooks is the better twin” I got into my car and headed to the show. To my luck I got front row tickets right next to the stage. As I headed to my seat I see girls getting hair done and make up done while I just had a band tee and ripped jeans. I really didn’t care what I looked like It’s not like ima see Jai face to face.

As the show started I just sang and cheered at them. Some girls flashed them and I just looked at them weirdly. Jai looked over the crowd but when he looked my way he just stared. I looked behind me and thought he’s probably looking at  the pretty girls in back of me. I shrugged it off and Showed him my sign and he laughed. He went back to preforming but would always come to my side of the stage.

The concert ended and I was like the last one out. I really wasn’t in a rush to see them. I smiled maybe it won’t be that bad. “ Hey wait up” Someone said and I turned and saw Jai. Omg is this really happening. “ Hi Jai” I smiled and he gave me a hug. “ well you know my name now can I know your name beautiful” He asked and I blushed. “ I’m yn. “ I said and I laughed. he chuckled and we walked to were the meet and greet is. “ I swear I saw you somewhere” He said and I nodded.” you follow me on Instagram” I said and smiled. “ Ohhh now I remember” He said and we talked for awhile until he had to go. 

“ i’ll see you at the meet and greet love” He said and kissed my cheek. I smiled at him and waved bye. I can’t believe I just met Jai Brooks.

When I went to the meet and greet I saw all the boys looking at me and I blushed. they signed my poster and Jai was last. He hugged me and said to the boys. “ Mines” I just laughed and he signed my poster.

when I got home I headed to my room and smiled like an idiot. i looked at the poster and saw that Jai gave me his number. I laughed as I saw what it said. “ well if i’m your boyfriend than we should go on a date babe”

We Love Your Song… We Need You
kimi wa kimi da yo
aru ga mama ni
yume egaite

Not sure if it will be tomorrow or later, because in Japan the time zone is different from ours. So come on! 2 or 1 day to Uta no Prince sama Maji Love Revolutions 3000%

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I got to meet Bill Nye at my school last year, and he was super cool. He’s very bright, and he was very much about encouraging the kids to get interested, and talked a lot about the fact that girls should be actively encouraged by schools to participate in science classes and activities, and taught in ways more friendly to girls in general.

There was a little girl who got to ask him a question (a teacher had to pick her up to put her on the stage next to him) and she was too afraid to ask her question, and he was just so nice– “you’re holding a stuffed platypus. Would you like to know about how they live?” and she kind of nodded and he proceeded to tell the whole school all he knew about platypuses and treated her like she’d done all the asking and thinking. It was so cool.