I often hear from religious people how they’d be fine with atheists if they didn’t keep trying to shove the (non-existent) “atheist agenda” down their throats. 

Which is some next-level projection, because atheism wouldn’t exist if religions didn’t keep coming up with new and exciting ways to force their gibberish on everyone else.

Atheists long for the day when atheism becomes obsolete and we never have to talk about it again.

It’s always “down their throats”. I don’t know why.

Upgraded my RAM today to a total of 24GB. After Effects multi-processing was greatly sped-up, even with all of the layers turned on! I think this should be enough for a little while, I’ll plan on upgrading my GPU later this year.

In other news, I have a character check-list for tonight to get my puppets up to optimal working condition. Everything should be a lot easier for this next project which will be an animated character introduction for Frigid and her friends. Hopefully will get this project done by the end of the month, this will really push my limits in speed and optimization!

Kim Woo Bin Receives Casting Offer for Blockbuster Movie

Kim Woo Bin Receives Casting Offer for Blockbuster Movie

After reports of Kim Woo Bin receiving a casting offer for film “With God” (working title) were revealed, the actor’s agency Sidus HQ confirmed this was true.

Previously, a source disclosed, “Kim Woo Bin, who is currently considering his next project, received a casting offer for ‘With God’ and is regarding the project positively. Ha Jung Woois also a strong candidate for the film. If Kim Woo Bin…

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Like if you want to be part of my next project: A TF2 SFM comic version of 'Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Wererabbit'!

Bonus: Reblog with the character(s) your muse(s) replace(s)!

SVTFOE Star x Marco Blood Moon Ball FInal by ShadoMirrorEffect

My sincerest apologies for the poor background quality, I’m not a background/shading guy, again, ironic, however, each of these 3 steps I posted I did on three separate days, in actuality though, considering how long each of these steps took I could probably have done it all in one day, which is neat for me… however… all that red… my eyes, it hurt to change tools, and worst to check the time

Gonna rest my eyes and not draw so much red ever aga- okay let’s be honest if these two DO get in another situation like this, I’ll risk the blindness
This concludes this project… next, Monster Hunter!… or… pokemon!…. or OC’s…. or…. more Starco, my brain doesn’t know what it wants, I’ll think of something, don’t worry


this has been one of my most inspired weeks ever, and it’s all thanks to Blood Moon Ball, I’ve never been so proud to draw something, and this is by far (in my opinion) my best work yet, and it holds a dear place in my heart, really, thank you Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, I truly do owe you more than I could repay, now that I got that cheesy emotional crap out of the way, one last time, for now at least…


Alysa Grohs @alysagrohs on her send burn of Flip a Bitch Bear (12D) at Deep Creek last night. It was quite warm, but being mentally tough from early morning sessions the last few weeks paid off. It was awesome working this with you this summer! On to the next project #basalt #rockclimbing #livewithoutlimits #climbing #climblikeagirl #dirtbarbie #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #meetthemoment #sportclimbing #spokane #getoutstayout #pnw #upperleftusa #tryhard #aacgram (at Deep Creek Trailhead)

My next celebrity-project was this amazing musician from my hometown: MØ. If you don’t know her, she’s the singer from Major Lazer’s big hit “Lean on”. I think she’s amazing, a girl who dares to be different. I’m not all that pleased with the end result of the sim though. What do you think? :)

Hair | Sintiklia

Eyes | Pralinesims

Eyebrows | Pralinesims

Lips | Screaming Mustard

Blush | Pralinesims

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I need inspiration/ideas/a pictures (any will do) for my next art project so hit me up if u want to be painted/drawn!

These are some of my last projects. The right is just a commission. I prefer doing charcoal cuz i guess im better at it lol so hmu with a good pic;)! The middle is just another charcoal self portrait. The left is for AP art next year. My theme is water, but i can also do other things just give me a cool perspective;)! Thx haha

Raptor daddy Bilbo and his girls. (◡‿◡✿)

Based off a small little minor part in this lovely fic The Lonely Isle which fueled my intense love for this AU even more gosh I have so many ideas to draw out for this I really want to but schoolwork!!1!!11 ANYWAY, PLEASE CHECK THE FIC OUT IT’S AMAZING. MY ART DOESN’T DO ANY JUSTICE TO IT. 


Colin Firth’s Filmography |  Another Country (1984)

scenes : 14/?