Event | End of the Year Gala + Library Dedication

Gala in the Great Hall | garp: gala 
The seventh years will be celebrated at a gala held in their honor. It will be a formal event held in the Great Hall. Only seventh years are permitted to attend this event. Fifth and Sixth year students are allowed to attend the gala if they are asked by a 7th year to accompany them.

The Anti-Gala | garp: anti
The younger students (and those seventh years who may not be the formal dance types) are welcome to attend the unofficial anti-gala held in the Forbidden Forest. Teachers should not be aware of this event, so it’s to be kept a secret between students only.

Event Option for the Adult Characters | garp: dedication
Hogwarts faculty may attend the gala as chaperones, but staff, university students, and other adult characters are welcome to attend the dedication celebration of the Marauders’ Memorial Library at Ashworth University, held at the University. Head Auror Harry Potter will be dedicating the library in the honor of his late father, James Potter, godfather, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. We’d prefer to keep this an adults-only event, however, if your character has family ties or another reason to be at the library dedication, your student may attend both the dedication and the gala, or anti-gala.

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Would you rather?

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49. “I’d rather die” + scorbus (with Rose third wheeling them)

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Word Count: 358

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“ Would you rather swim in the Black Lake on winter or eat a raw egg?“

"Eat a raw egg. What kind of would you rather question is that, Rose?”

Albus, Scorpius and Rose were sprawled across the couches in the living room of the Scamanders, they often came here to scape the rest of their families during summer when things got overwhelming. As usual, Luna and Rolf were off in one of their travels to research magical creatures so that meant it was just them for the rest of summer.

Rose watched Albus play with a golden snitch he had captured during one of his many games as the Slytherin seeker while he shamelessly flirted with Scorpius. 

That was another reason why they came to the Scamanders earlier than predicted this year, Harry hadn’t been overjoyed when he found out about his son dating the Malfoy kid, what was even weirder was how accepting Draco was (Rose thought it was because he had been through so many things due to his parents expectations that he just wanted his son to be happy), even Astoria squealed a little when the boy came out to them (she knew there had been more to their friendship). In fact other than Harry, everyone had been happy with the news, Rose was too, most of the time.

But sometimes she wished they’d stop being so cute, so she’d feel less like a third wheel.

“Albus, darling, I have a question.” Scorpius said.


“Why don’t you dye your hair something lighter like green or pink?”

I’d rather die than have my hair be pink, it sounds like one of James’ pranks, but I can help you pick out the next color you use to dye yours.”

As they got deep into conversation about Rosé-Gold versus Blorange, Scorpius got more excited and began wildly gesturing around, which in turn made Albus grab both of his hands just so he wouldn’t be hit in the face.

Rose smiled watching  the boys, their happiness was very contagious. She then took a picture of them with her enchanted Polaroid, sometimes third wheeling had it’s good moments.

Déjà vu

Based on THIS textpost

McGonagall: *looking over the write up of what the boys were caught doing. she sighs*

James: Actually professor, Sirius is my middle name.

Mcgonagall: *stares at both of them, feeling the absolute worst Déjà vu*

James: Yeah, Minnie, you look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.

McGonagall: *pauses, suddenly seeing two different boys in front of her…*

*The two boys leave the office*


James Sirius Potter/James Potter played by @space-marauder

Teddy Lupin/Remus Lupin played by @kapitan5o

okay but imagine this, james and teddy are in a secret relationship. they’re at the burrow for big family dinner and someone makes the “all potters marry redheads” joke. while everyone is busy laughing teddy morphs his hair to red and james chokes on his water


I decided to try creating some “Next Gen” characters, which is the term I see people use for children of the MLP cast.

I don’t really see Rainbow and Fluttershy as the types to want children, but I also think they’d both be passionate about taking in a little one in need of a loving family. And so I thought, what if they adopted someone who really needed their unique talents? So, a baby griffon!

Gull-Wing has Rainbow Dash’s tenacity and bravery, as well as Fluttershy’s respect for nature and care for weaker creatures. She’s curious but also gets bored easily, especially if she’s not allowed to be physically active. She feels torn over her nature as a carnivore and sometimes struggles with disordered eating, though her parents are understanding and supportive.

albus potter test? sort of? i guess?

Albus: I fell off my broom…again.

Albus: Landed on my face.


Rose: Hey, Albus, remember that time you liked VOLDEMORT’S daughter?

Albus: Rose, what are you even doing in the boys’ dormitory, didn’t you say you- oh, Scorpius, you’re back! how were your - erm, ancient runes?

Albus: You’ve got something on your face-

Albus: -er, sorry, didn’t mean to uhm yeah *coughs awkwardly*

(for @space-marauder also i swear i’ll do better, it was just a quick test)

i made another child?…I know there are a lot of existing children for them already.

i designed her long ago and i really liked her design.she is a fell!palette x goth child and her name is nina.I have some of her personality down though I’m not sure if I should really provide her with a back story or something. i might redesign her next time.

i need to stop making more now.

Fell!palette belongs to @angexci Right?..

Goth belongs to @nekophy

So sorry for tagging both of you in this,feel free to ignore~

So I saw a post about how James Potter would never grow old and had an overwhelming feeling of “FIGHT ME”, and then I realized that the fandom never talks about what it would be like if he grew old, they just say they’re sad he didn’t…so here are elderly James Potter headcanons.

  • He’s super, super vivacious. It’s like he never ages except he clearly does because hair is gray and he has a cane and has some back problems. But he never loses his zest for life.
  • He goes to equality protests with the rest of the Marauders (which DOES include Lily) all the time, and tells the leaders that “he’ll hit anyone with a cane”.
  • Which he would, because he has
  • He fantasized about getting a sword installed in the cane. He once spent twenty minutes looking up places to do that, only to have Lily confront him later with a “please get me a sword, too”
  • So he did, and sometimes they do battles in the front yard until something happens to someone’s back.
  • James is that old guy that goes to quidditch matches all the time. The Chudley Cannons are in town? Whup, let’s go. He has this thing where he screams at the teams and waves his cane and the players never mind because it’s just like “it’s that Potter fellow again”
  • Whenever he sees teams, he’ll make them sign two things: his apparel for them and a shirt that he will intentionally buy the week before and keep the receipt so he can prove he saw them recently. 
  • He and Sirius have a thing where they’re in contest for “coolest grandparents”, and he wants to prove that he really is the coolest by having a shirt he bought “last week, my clone, see?
  • He always calls James his clone because the two of them find it hilarious, and then he asks James about the Marauders and James will tell him stories
  • He has inside jokes with all his grandkids.
  • Him and Lily Luna have a contest to see who can unintentionally wreck the Potters’ front yard the most because they both kill every growing thing (but they try!), so whenever he greets her, he says, “wreck any yards recently?”
  • Albus Severus is almost done memorizing the key sections of Hogwarts: A History so James and Albus have battles with memorized sections of Hogwarts: A History against Quidditch Through the Ages. They always have some joking talk about it when Albus arrives so they can both get their game up.
  • They like to do weird accents as they do them, as well.
  • Harry records all of these and sends them to Hermione and Ron because “hey look, Hermione, someone’s actually reading Hogwarts: A History
  • James’ messy hair never balds, it only goes gray. 
  • Although he HAS suggested to Lily that he follow in his father’s footsteps an make a magical hair dye: one for Lily and him to share, because she’s graying too. It’s very visible since she almost never puts her hair up.
  • She laughs and says she’d rather him share with Sirius.
  • The people at the Muggle grocery store love him, because he sits there and tells all his wizarding stories for hours and no one can tell if he’s serious or not, but he’s such a good storyteller that it doesn’t matter.
  • Whenever Harry and his kids come over he tries to help Lily bake something. It always turns out to be a disaster, but it always means he has a new story to tell them.
  • He gives the grandkids gifts every time they visit. The real question is who will get a prank gift and who gets a real gift. 
  • He does a similar thing with candy dishes by filling all of them with Bertie Botts. 
  • He still rides out on his broom whenever he can.
  • He has an old leather recliner. Because yes, of course he does.
  • The Marauders meet up every week. They talk and they do projects and basically are an entourage at this point.
  • Remus decided to grow a beard, which ends up looking like a few silly little wisps on his chin that bother all of them. Peter one day comments about how easy it would be to get rid of it in his sleep and so Sirius and James create a plan to hack it off
  • (a plan that never works, because Lily tells him the next day and Remus decides to cut it off before Sirius and James can)
  • James and Lily talk every single night and spend time together every single day. They never, ever run out of things to talk about.
  • They have a chore rotation.
  • Every night, before they go to sleep, he makes tea for Lily and himself (she likes chamomile with honey, his favorite changes every week). It’s the one thing he can cook besides Indian food, they food he grew up with, without entirely messing it up.
  • He goes to sleep at nine thirty so he can get sleep and have a great day tomorrow, too, because he learned that you CAN be too tired to enjoy life, and he doesn’t want to waste a minute of it.
  • He focuses a lot on experiences and friendships and relationships now, and he feels so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people that he loves, especially after the war.
  • He went to treatment for PTSD after it was over. Harry had to, too, but there are nights when Harry wakes up screaming and James and Lily are there to comfort him and calm him down because they know what it’s like and they love him more than anything else in the world.
  • James Potter lives a beautiful life as an older man and no one can tell me otherwise.