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people should be aware that personality disorders are not like other mental disorders

because they’re maladaptive, they don’t feel at all like impairments until we work out which environments, thought patterns and impulses are responsible. a lot of the time, having a personality disorder just feels a little…off. We know we’re not getting what we want out of life and we know we just don’t seem to relate at all to most people. A lot of us live in regret because of past actions, yet lack the executive function to avoid making the exact same mistakes again, and again, and again. A personality disorder is just like a security blanket. It keeps us safe from a seemingly hostile world by using fear, fury and fantasy. We don’t have the pragmatism to count our breathing when consumed by rage or anxiety. Yoga and a Healthy Diet™ does not permeate enough aspects of life to be totally effective - as soon as we’ve left our bikram class or shuddered down our kale and avocado smoothie (which is light years away from our comfort zone) we immediately regress into our symptoms again when we encounter the next situation. splitting feels cathartic at first to somebody with BPD. approval satisfies the lust of HPD for as long as it lasts. Staying indoors feels calming to a person with AvPD or PPD. Fantasy is the only way a Schizotypal personality can cope with the restrictions and realities of real life. The psychiatric term for these conditions is “ego-syntonic” - we feel numb and disorientated, not better, when we step away from our maladaptive instincts. please be considerate of this and try to assume that we’re doing our best, even when it doesn’t seem that way.

Sharing Is Caring (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Seokjin
Genre: lowkey pwp, um…this is literally filthy smut with my faves lol, oral, lowkey cum play, slight spanking, whole lotta dirty talk, explicit language (eg: cum slut, whore etc), slight thigh riding, dry humping, minor breathplay, minor gagging/choking, bondage, mentions of DP/anal, mxm themes, threesome, mutual masturbation, slight rimming, orgasm denial, Model!Reader, CEO!JinKook, Dom!JinKook
Word Count: 5.8k+ (holy crap…)
A/N: Okay this was supposed to be posted on the 1st, but I only finished editing and writing everything now ;-; yes this was my birthday present to myself lmao. Feedback is always appreciated! I really hope you enjoy because I literally died while writing it

  • Summary: “We love to share everything baby girl. Isn’t that right Jungkook?” The younger man nodded, the smirk not having left his ridiculously handsome face just yet. Jin pressed himself against you, fingers undoing the zipper of your skirt with ease as Jungkook helped the flimsy material slide off your legs, pooling on the floor. Jin slyly ran his fingers across the top of your already soaked panties. “Mind if we share your mouth tonight? You know what they say; sharing is caring.”

Jeon Jungkook. An young man who supported dark locks, cheeky smirks and quick fucks with his secretary, or rather, his secretaries when time allowed (which to his delight, was every morning and at every lunch break - unless he had meetings of course). As the owner of Jeon Magazine, a company that was entirely dedicated in making models look their absolute best and create monthly editions to sell in the shops meant Jungkook was practically living in money, but that also meant he was constantly under the spotlight, his every move being captured.

Every women he ended up sleeping with (which would be two of regular secretaries), would rave on about how good he was, how great his mouth was, how great his hips were when they were being pounded into the bedsheets at ghastly hours of the night, probably managing to wake up the neighbours next door, only managing to fuel Jungkook’s ego. If anyone threatened to tell the press, he wouldn’t hesitate to threaten them back - either that or he’d pay them a shit load of money so they could keep their mouth shut with something that wasn’t his cock.

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Where are you going, Viktor?

I meant to follow up my post about the happy bits of chapter 2 of OBSABH with… a post about the angsty bits. And I do want to, and I intend to, but then I couldn’t do it.  Not yet anyway.  It’s all just too sad.  So I ended up redirecting my thoughts to a different matter, one which I’m sure is not far from anyone’s mind… where is Viktor going when he leaves his hotel room in chapter 9 and gets jumped by Yuuri

So on a more lighthearted note… in no particular order here’s my list of 20 places Viktor Nikiforov might have be going to on that fateful night (and it is fateful.  If he’d left two minutes earlier or later, things would have been so different):

(I have put a cut here again because it ended up being long)

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I’m ovulating right now and I feel like I’m in heat. All I can think about is being bred. I wish I was brave enough to present my cunt to the very next man I encountered, regardless of who it was. I need to be bred so badly nothing would matter, not age not appearance, not whether he was a complete stranger or someone close to me. I’d beg him to give me his baby, relieved to finally embrace my purpose as a hole for his cock and womb for his seed.

Dean vs Essential Oils

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1124

A/N: So basically my headcanon, is when Dean is introduced to anything self care related he automatically hates it. At least outwardly. He does indeed find merit in these things and finds he can’t live without them. When “busted” he becomes defensive (i.e. the vegetable water S12), but depending on who he may admit that he does indeed enjoy whatever it is.  *Note this is unbeta’d* As always feedback is encouraged, helpful, and definitely wanted!

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Latina!Annabeth Collab pt. 1

remember you guys… these are headcanons. 

So @demidorks and I did a thing… hope you like!!

  • Annabeth moves to the United States when her dad gets a job at the University of Virginia. Annabeth’s only 4.
  • By the time Annabeth is 7, her father marries a gringa and have a pair of twins together.
  • Annabeth doesn’t like her little brothers, they cry too much, but she especially hates her stepmom.
  • She’s Japanese-American, but she only speaks English, and she forces Annabeth to speak it, too.
  • Annabeth hates it and her and she refuses to speak in English. She understands it perfectly, and she can speak it, but she will not give into this awful woman’s will.
  • One day her stepmom gets so fed up with her never speaking English, and hits her across the face, hard.
  • Annabeth doesn’t even cry, she just goes to her room and secretly packs a small backpack.
  • That night she leaves home.
  • Over the next two weeks, she encounters so many monsters, she begins to lose hope.
  • That’s when she runs into two strange gringos, Luke and Thalia.
  • They immediately recognize her as a half-blood, but they don’t know how to communicate with her.
  • They “adopt” her, and all three of them travel together for a couple months.
  • During that time, Luke and Thalia pick up some Spanish phrases from Annabeth constantly muttering under her breath.
  • The first time Luke tries to speak to her in Spanish, Annabeth just starts laughing because his accent is so horrible.
  • Thalia and Luke are shocked, because they’ve never heard her laugh like that.
  • Soon they’re all closer and Annabeth starts using really simple English words, like “yes,” “no,” and “hungry.”
  • Thalia and Luke try and speak in Spanish as much has they can to make her more comfortable.
  • When they meet Grover, they all become a (somewhat) bilingual family.
  • After Thalia dies, Annabeth reverts back to the silent, shy girl she was before she met them.
  • She sneaks out of bed at night and whispers the day’s happening in Spanish to Thalia.
  • She remains in a slump for months but she slowly opens up to some specific campers.
  • Specifically the ones that speak Spanish.
  • No one really knows that she’s fluent in English after a year.
  • She doesn’t really open up to anybody in English except for Chiron, and Percy when he comes along.  
  • tbc…

Steve Dodd ‘The Age of Rockets.’ Steve started this one in 1980 but never completed it. In a burst of artistic energy he finally finished it this year and I’m honoured to be able to show it here. I love those floating city ships. They echo the jellyfish-like organic spaceship in Star Trek The Next Generation first episode Encounter at Farpoint in 1987.

carpe omnia

pairing: reader x min yoongi

genre/components: very light angst & fluff // yoongi has photographs of everyone and everything he loved, except you weren’t in any of them

count: 3360 words

a/n: because i love photographer!yoongi and cheesy yoongi in general; carpe omnia means to seize it all // © image

Min Yoongi, everyone knew, could find the beauty in all the ordinary.

His hands produced magic within every photograph, with every click and shutter of his lens. He could be found standing in the glow of the afternoon sun, scarf wrapped around his neck, beanie on his head, his camera raised to his face as he attempted to seize the little moments. The short, flitting moments in time that went by unnoticed to most but Yoongi saw otherwise.

“There’s always something in all the nothing.”

That was his philosophy. Photography was the reason you managed to find him. When you saw his photographs displayed in an exhibit, your breath had been knocked straight out of your lungs. There was the depth to his compositions, shadows positioned perfectly to highlight his subjects. They were unedited, you had been reminded by the brochure. All of these photos were untouched. Pure. There was beauty in that fact. Too often you’d find photographs altered to enhance the tiny potential. But Yoongi, instead of relying on human-produced tools, had drawn out the potential of ethereal reality through his lens. This was the reason why you’ve been trailing after his work for so long, trying to pick up the puzzles of every piece he made.

“Do you like it?” A man had stood by your side, headphones hanging loosely around his neck. He looked a little young, fresh-faced.

“I love it,” you smiled honestly.

“Why?” He asked, curiosity in his tone.

You had laughed, biting down on your lip, “I honestly can’t say much about technique since my strength isn’t in photography. But there’s something raw in all of these that just gets to you. Something so incredibly normal about it that makes it a little abnormal. In a good way. Does that make sense?” Turning to face him, you had been taken aback by the look of sheer surprise in his face.

“Good to know someone understands,” he murmured under his breath. Before you could respond, he was already walking away, headphones over his ears. You hadn’t known then that the mysterious, enigma of a man, Min Yoongi had been standing right next to you.

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Echelon - [BTS] Jungkook Heir!Au

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[A/N] It’s lonely at the top and at the bottom.

If you were to describe your father, you would say the word ‘attentive’. He had his own version of morals in life in which you find inspiring. And that’s probably one of the reasons why you’ve stayed single this long. Words like, 'responsibilities’, 'good-natured’ and 'righteousness’ always come up when he happens to talk about marriage, particularly, on the mens’ side.

You decided that you won’t settle for less. Your father is always concerned about his family’s’ well-being, always make sure that everything is there, although you don’t have a lot, but you always have something and it was the kind of life that you cherished the most. You’ve just started working in a new area, in a new town, a suburban upper class city where everyone dresses up like Instagram models and food costs more than what you make in a week. But complaints aside, the new workplace was stressing you out so much that you return home every weekend, even if Sundays were your only day off.

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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Request from an anon, Keith + “Don’t make me do this”

2k words. Angst, foul language and mentions of death and walking dead AU.

You were a runner before all of this happened. You were the wind.

Scheduled training was respected, effort, time, blood, sweat and tears was put in just to make sure that you were in shape. It wasn’t training to become the fastest woman in the world, just enough to stay fit and not fall behind in gym class.You weren’t the best, a boy or two, sometimes three were ahead of you but you had a reputation for your long strides as the girl version of Speedy Gonzales.

Blood, sweat and tears were sacrificed for you to keep that nickname at school. It stuck and you liked it.

But the world just had to ask for more.

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Grog's Character Arc

I have to say, Grog’s story arc coming full swing with the Earthbreaker Groon appearance has so much depth to it when you think about it.

Earthbreaker Groon is a **Monk and (likely)** Cleric of Kord, the (chaotic good) God of strength (athletics, courage, sports). Kord, who resides in Ysgard, is hugely muscular with a red beard and long red hair. He adorns gauntlets made from hide of an ancient white dragon, boots from an ancient blue dragon, and a fighting girdle made from an ancient red dragon. He carries an intelligent adamantine greatsword known as Kelmar (it can talk normally and communicate telepathically as well). While the sword carries a bane against all dragons, both Kord and Kelmar despise Lawful Evil dragons (blue, green). It is told that Kord can strike down a lawful evil dragon in a single hit with Kelmar.

To get the attention of clerics of Kord, the main route is to display great strength. The attention of Kord himself can be drawn with incredible feats of strength such as climbing a great mountain or slaying a lawful evil dragon, to name a few. Since clerics of Kord are expected to be leaders, they must value strength, but not domination. Kord believes that the strong should lead the weak and that bravery is the greatest trait anyone can possess.

So let’s look at Grog Strongjaw. There is much to say about the goliath barbarian, who was thrown from his wandering herd for not killing an elderly gnome. In his adventures with Vox Machina, Grog has obviously shown his strength. (Pre-stream) VM encountered the first of the chroma conclave (though they didn’t know it at the time) when they investigated the home of General Krieg, a respected Taldorei councilmen. They ended up walking into a lair full of a massive treasure hoard and triggered Krieg when they touched one of four orbs lining the wall. They ended up facing and slaying the blue dragon Brimscythe, the Iron Storm, a lawful evil dragon using Krieg as a cover to do his deeds.

You could argue that this is when Kord would have first taken stronger notice of Grog, having used his strength to take down a vile, LE dragon. Kord might be keeping an eye on him, but grog still had much to prove as he was reckless.

The next encounter would be in the crucible in Vasselheim. Grog faced against the great champion Kern and in an epic battle, took down half-orc. This is where Grog first gains the attention of Groon, as he watched the match. Grog offered VM’s service to Groon in his first discussion and Groon foretold of dark times coming (foreshadowing the rest of the chroma conclave).

Fast-forwarding to after the conclave attacked Emon, Grog once again returned to the Trial Forge, this time wielding a strange, dark blade known as Craven Edge. Grog was asked where he finds his strength for the first time and responds with his rage. After a short 3v1 battle with Groon (feat. Vax and Scanlan), Groon makes the point that he should place more trust in his friends and not on a dark blade like CE. Grog is told to leave again and to truly find his strength. This is likely the upswing in Grog’s outlook on life.

It is serving that, given the strike of the chroma conclave, that Kord would start to mix paths with Grog. VM sets out to gather the vestiges of divergence, powerful magical relics, and take down the CC once and for all. It proved to be a grueling sequence. Shortly after leaving the Trial Forge and Vasselheim, another test of strength and mind came in the encounter with Kevdak and his former herd. Here, Grog gets the first realization that his strength alone wouldn’t be enough to defeat such a powerful goliath. He calls on VM to fuck shit up and together, as a family, they slay Kevdak.

You can keep counting off occurrences of Grog’s strength being tested. Each subsequent dragon they faced was stronger than the last. They faced Umbrasyl, the Hope Devourer, an ancient black dragon (Chaotic Evil) and Vorugal, the Frigid Doom (also CE). Then Raishan, the Diseased Deceiver, an ancient green dragon (Lawful Evil), shows up as a supposed ally and they tentatively make way to take down the leader of the CC - the swolen, ancient red dragon (also CE) Thordak, the Cinder King.

Grog began to display wisdom, helping Keyleth control her own rage when negotiating with the slippery green dragon. He knows that, as a family, their combined strength can take down any dragon, but he sees the futility in letting hubris cloud the mind. They had all traveled the world, taking down increasingly difficult foes and collecting immensely powerful items after all.

Following the battle with Thordak and narrowly escaping death from Raishan, the group was uneasy. His buddy, Scanlan, had fallen for the first time and he was unsure of things. VM end up tracking Raishan through the use of spells and travel an unrelenting cave of the necromancer Opash. At the end, they faced Raishan and they took down the deceitful and highly intelligent dragon in a final stand, but this time it was different.

This time, after the dust had settled, his close buddy Scanlan was down for good. He screamed out for someone to fix him and punched down a wall in fury. After escaping the necromancers island (one that tried it’s best to keep VM in place), the time began to try and bring back the charming gnome he knew so well.

He sulked outside the raven queen temple, thinking he couldn’t do anything to help his buddy - he had no magical powers after all, but through the help of his friends he reluctantly went in to help. Here, he showed just how far he had come. In a heart wrenching speech, he told how his friends and family were the source of his strength and how even though he had these amazing weapons, he would be useless without the very people who stood behind him all these years. As fate would have it, it wasn’t the final song for Scanlan, as he was revived in an epic hour long ritual.

Finally, VM return to Vasselheim to pay a debt they owed to Cenokier and bury the ashes of his wife. Grog convinced VM to return to the Trial Forge, hoping to get his buddy pike some 1v1 action. Here, he met with Earthbreaker Groon again. He met after taking down the chroma conclave, sworn enemies of Kord and and last of which to fall was an evil ancient green dragon set to abuse the world. Earthbreaker Groon, asks Grog once more where his strength comes from and Grog firmly responds that his strength comes from his family and his friends, without whom he would be nothing. We leave off with Groon ready to give Grog his finally test of strength.

The whole story arc here is fucking incredible and I can’t wait to see this showdown.

anonymous asked:

Hey omg im sorry to bother but ? ive been seeing so much mcelroy stuff on tumblr and its rlly funny so i wanna watch more of their stuff but?? im not sure like. where ? do they have a youtube channel or something pls help me out fam ty

I’m so excited to share this with you anon! Welcome to my new obsession the brothers McElroy. Your oldest brother Justin McElroy, your middlest brother Travis McElroy, and your sweet baby brother Griffin McElroy! 

My first encounter with the McElroys was Griffin’s Amiibo Corner.

This is my favorite episode.

My next encounter introduced me to the Oldest McElroy brother, Justin. He and Griffin do this delightful show called Monster Factory. In this amazing entertainment nugget you can see the brothers create delicious content. Here is my favorite episode:

After binge watching all these episodes I stumbled upon greatness. The podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. An advicecast for the modern era. I was also introduced to the middle brother Travis here.

You can listen to every episode here:

After listening to hours of this show I found my new love. The Adventure Zone!

This is a DnD podcast starring Griffin as the Dungeon master, Travis as Magnus the fighter, Justin as Takko the elf wizard, and the brothers’ father Clint as Merel the druid! This show is just fantastic and Griffin is a masterful storyteller. I highly suggest you listen to it all because it has me on the edge of my seat.

So there you have it. The amazing McElroy Brothers have brought so much joy to me. BUT WAIT THERES MORE!


MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER AND ME!  A seeso show you can watch online here:


You’re welcome. I love you and please keep me updated.


Do you all think that this is their fight scene on Ach-to? Back to back. Sources said when filming, they did a scene where they were charging at one another. I know trailers are supposed to make you think one thing, but are another, so I’m not sure.

When he’s twisting the light saber it’s almost in a taunting way, like come get me. She almost seems like she’s limping. Thoughts?

How do you think their next encounter will go? I heard there’s a cliff scene. Do you think their encounter would be during beginning, middle, or closer to end (don’t think they’d wait that long). Will she be in new clothes? New hair style? Is he still recovering from their last battle? Will he be trained further by Snoke? Who will win? Are the Knights of Ren there? Where does Luke stand in all of this?

We need some more theories!