I remember watching this air for the first time on television, hearing the new intro by Sir Patrick Stewart, taking in the new effects, and having a bit of an internal conflict between the “Ooh, shiny!” and the “Not my ship, not my captain!” It didn’t take long for it become my favorite of all of the Star Trek series. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation - (theme/intro) Encounter at Farpoint (1987) 


“Spend five minutes with this sarcophagus and you’ll witness a whole night—and a passionate one at that. Zeus, somewhat put out because Selene (goddess of the moon) had fallen in love with the mortal Endymion, cast the beautiful young man into an eternal sleep. But that didn’t stop Selene from visiting her beloved every night. You can see her at the center of this sarcophagus as darkness falls, stepping off from her chariot. But as you look to the right, beyond the slumbering Endymion, the next day begins to dawn (too soon!), and the horses must rush the goddess of the moon away, until the next evening’s amorous encounter." 

Recommended viewing for slowartday from our antiquities curator, David Saunders.

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Sarcophagus panel (detail), about A.D. 210, Roman. Marble, 84 ¼ in. long x 21 3/8 in. high. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 

I can’t wait for the next Blake and Yang encounter in Volume 4. It’s gonna be so emotionally charged, so tense and with so much anger, and I honestly hope Yang lets out all her pent-up fury. She’s lost so much; so many people have left her. Her mom, for reasons unknown. Ruby, to chase the enemy. Blake, because as far as Yang believes right now, she’s a coward. Weiss, because her father took her away. Pyrrha, killed, and Penny, as good as killed. Her uncle to alcohol and her father to depression. She even lost her arm, her greatest asset and weapon - she lost it for Blake and yet her partner left anyways, without a word of thanks or sorrow, as far as Yang is concerned, because she was still unconscious when Blake apologized. She must be so conflicted over the whole thing. Whether you believe it’s platonic or not, Yang loves Blake, and vice versa. The last thing she saw was Blake being stabbed and then her own sacrifice, and now Blake is gone- without a single word. She must believe Blake truly doesn’t care at all, and she’s hurting so, so badly over that. You can see how distant she looks, how angry - like a part of her did die back at Beacon. Her vibrancy is gone. 

I hope that this final abandonment is the catalyst to her righteous anger and that it forces Blake to look beyond her own emotion this one time. I’m all for bumbleby, but I would hate for it to be rushds, and for all of her anger to be overlooked because honestly, Yang is so entitled to it at this point. 

Simple Spell to Attract a Lover


  • Dried Lavender
  • Fire
  • Rose Quartz
  • Two Candles,1 Red and 1 Pink
  • Paper
  • A Writing Utensil


Light your pink and red candles. Write the initials of your intended lover on a small scrap of paper. Take the dried lavender and the paper and burn them to ashes. Roll your rose quartz in the ash and use it to draw lines on your pulse points and over your heart.

Lay down and place the quartz on your forehead in between your eyebrows and invasion your next encounter with this future lover. Picture the electricity leaving your fingertips when you touch the person. Release your desire and affection into the world through your forehead and the crystal.

Carefully remove the rose quartz when you feel relieved of any burdening energy and slowly get up.