In which Castiel tricks Naomi into sparing Meg’s life.


I remember watching this air for the first time on television, hearing the new intro by Sir Patrick Stewart, taking in the new effects, and having a bit of an internal conflict between the “Ooh, shiny!” and the “Not my ship, not my captain!” It didn’t take long for it become my favorite of all of the Star Trek series. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation - (theme/intro) Encounter at Farpoint (1987) 

shoutout to everyone who has difficulty having sex because of bad experiences in the past. shoutout to everyone who is worried about having a panic attack during sex and embarrassing themselves because someone put their hands on you in the past. shoutout to everyone who prays their next sexual encounter won’t end up with them freaking the other person out because of this. for everything you go through im so proud of you.