next year i'm going


artistic boys are so cute tho

when they are painting and excitedly show you the new color they mixed and don’t care that some of it got on their fingers because it’s the perfect shade of green

when they are molding clay and scrunch their eyebrows while concentrating on smoothing the sides

when they are sketching and are pressing softly like the paper is your face and they are counting your freckles

boys who are artist are adorable and i wanna date one right now


“ I didn’t want to tell you. “
“ Hey if this relationship thing is gonna work then it goes both ways. “


12.13.2016 - honestly i enjoyed my bujo spread from last week a lot more than i enjoyed last week because it was such a hectic week. so many things were going on and that’s not fun when you also have food poisoning (dumb dining hall food). hopefully this week goes better.


the calendar // panic! at the disco


As long as you’re with me, there’s no Servant more powerful than I!

Taylor writing for other people is both really exciting and scary. I’m proud of this direction her career is moving but I think I recall her saying she would do this when she retires and um! she’s not allowed to retire

Look, things seem dire at this point.

But, my friends in blue, if we can’t come out of this night as winners we can come out as fighters

If we are truly the minority opinion in this country right now then we need to brush ourselves off, stand up tall, and fight even harder for our rights. It’s going to be so fucking hard. But the best thing we can do is stay strong! Rally together! Make sure that we don’t just disappear!

I’ve spent so much time tonight raging against the Trump supporters and all the people who refused to vote for Hillary.

But, all of you who voted for Hillary. You are amazing. You are truly wonderful and I’m so happy that you are here in this country with me. Please don’t give up. Please meet tomorrow with pride. 

Thank you.

Hey everyone! So it’s been a year since I started this blog, and I have to say, out of the almost 6 years I’ve spent on tumblr by now and the many, many blogs I’ve run so far, this blog is the one that means the most to me! 

At first, I want to thank all my followers for making my tumblr experience this amazing! I’m going to close my birthday gifts “project” now, but within the next days/weeks, I will post something about a new thank you “project” for you because of hitting 2k+ followers, so keep your eyes open ~

And besides that, I’m not a big fan of real “follow forever”s, but I also really want to thank my awesome mutuals and all the amazing friends I’ve made over the course of the past year! So yeah, if you’re tagged in the following, we’re mutuals, I consider us friends (I still do, even though I might have not replied to you in forever because I suck at being social T_T), or I’ve made a mistake^^ 

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I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! And since I haven’t talked to some of you in a while, it might be that you only know me from my previous account, so if you don’t know who the hell I am, feel free to message me :D


Happy New Years!!