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All is well

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" Heeellooooo, new best friend! " Scarlet grins innocently and holds out a beautifully wrapped box. " Technically I shouldn't have to give you anything since I taught you a valuable lesson in humility today, totally free of charge like the do-gooder I am, but I thought I'd bring you something anyway! " She snickers then, and waves her hand. " Kidding. But I did think you'd like this. " In the box he'll find a book dedicated to growing fruits on by oneself, the pages on tomatoes dog-eared.

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Now she was just mocking him. Gloating over a victory that had been nothing more than a mistake. Should he ever face off with her again he had no doubt he would win. Scarlet had merely gotten in a lucky shot and the prince had already been at a disadvantage due to the amount of sun shining into his eyes at the beach.

He wasn’t making excuses. Not at all.

“Ah, yes. The valuable lesson of how humble and modest you truly are.”

A roll of his eyes before glancing down cautiously at the box. Was it some sort of trick? Was her fist the only thing on the other side of her gift? With hesitation he took the box into his own hands - soon enough spotting Scarlet’s which caused a wave of relief to crash on through him.

But still his hesitancy was obvious. Opening the gift to reveal the non-lethal book that rest in side. That was it?

Wait…that was it. That was just fine!

With a sigh he plucked the book from its compartment. Eyeing the pages with a slight smirk. Who had told her of his penchant for tomatoes?

“It would be rude of me to not thank you for this gift. So I thank you. But I do hope in the future you won’t start my birthday by challenging me to some ridiculous fight.”

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What happens when only 3 people show up for you next year?

Bro ALL the crew that will be in CM next year. All the drama crew will be there again and I won’t care as long as they are spending money in there places I say to spend money aka CM vegan and cycling shops. Bonny, joey, abdullah, Sam, Nicole etc will ALL be back in CM again next year you will see.

My advice is the best and people can’t stay away from the diet, income, travel and lifestyle information that I’ve showed them via my eBooks and 5000+ YouTube vids.

Chiang Mai is vegan Cyclist capital of the world right now.