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I’m so screwed for the next 2 weeks pls send help

oKAY SO theres this fic called The War in our Worlds on ao3 and holy shit is it aMAZING.. so naturally i had to sketch those two nerds

also it has alien!bill and ufologist!dipper thats worth mentioning i think

Vitae’s Origin Planet: Glacellos ( PART 1 )

Although Vitae is unaware of his origins, and his genetics make him an interstellar mutt, the majority of his bloodline can be traced to a medium-sized planet in the far northern regions of space: Glacellos. Presently, this planet is Galra Empire owned and occupied.

In it’s early incarnation, Glacellos was a violent stew of oceans and massive, active volcanoes. A particularly large eruption triggered a chain reaction of smaller ones, creating what was essentially a volcanic winter; at the same time, volcanic heat vents along the ocean floor sustained life. While the planet has come a long way from those days, and the atmosphere is no longer a mess of dust and ash, now dormant and dead volcanoes combined with the initial freeze have cooled it off considerably. Interestingly, most of it’s land mass exists toward the top and middle of the planet. 

As a result, Glacellos is an ideal location to witness aurora phenomenon. It’s extended winter nights create brilliant displays you can’t miss.

It’s terrain can be described as a series out mountain ranges, caves, and valleys, run through with rivers carved by glacial drift and snow melt. It’s atmosphere is oxygen-rich, and with the exceptions of it’s frigid oceans, most bodies of water on it’s surface are freshwater. Due to it’s volcanic history, and runoff from the annual snow melt, the soil below sheets of ice and snow is very fertile– especially the river silt –and a stark black.

Many of it’s original volcanic vents are still active, especially in the sea and in underground cave pockets. A few can be found on land, creating heat vents and natural ‘ hot springs ‘ often utilized by natives and visitors alike.

As it’s an older planet, the trees here are positively ancient, and with fertile soil conditions and hardy adaptations against the extended frost, grow massive and relatively dense. The Winters here run about as long as all the other seasons combined.


I thought about it all night. All of the reasons why I should break up with you. My family, my husband and my career. However, I wasn’t a part of it. I don’t want to lie to myself and give up on my feelings any more. I want to be with you if it’s alright with you.

Let the panties hit the… FLOOOOOOOOR

(⁎❝᷀ົ ˙̫ ❝᷀ົ⁎)

Worldbuilding June Day 1: Introduction

I actually planned on doing this a while ago but I forgot about it ntl i just saw somebody else’s worldbuilding post on my dash Oops. This month I will be writing responses to the worldbuilding june list of prompts for my setting The World With No Name. 

The world with no name is essentially just my response to a fantasy setting, a more complex and unique endeavor than the generic fantasy that tends to bore me a lot. It is a setting with very few mammals, where arthropods and reptiles dominate the world, a very mesozoic planet very much like ours but also quite different. The most dominant race are the lizard people, scaly and slightly feathered reptiles that range from the pseudo-slavic to the desert nomads in a land that was once an ocean on land, and it is a world which I try to make just as complex and interesting as our own, but with elements of the fantastic and exaggerated. It is a world that I am still constantly in the process of developing, and which has gone through several very distinct iterations on its journey to become the setting it is, a wacky and absurd world of monsters and strange locales, an early modern world of dinosaurs, worms, bugs, skeletons, lizards, and wizards.

University is like a bubble

You go there, and you spend a certain number of years.

All the while, you know what you want to do when you leave, but it always seems so far away, it’s useless thinking too much about life after graduation.

And then out of nowhere, five and a half years of study boil down to one final project, and it becomes real in a way that it hasn’t been until now.

And you know you should focus, and get it done, so you can relax.

But what’s a university assignment without leaving it to the last minute?

Best Witch Trio

We should discuss this because yes, while Akko’s group has Sucy (let’s face it, half the show is Sucy)…

And Diana’s posse has Diana…

…in fact, it’s just Diana (the other two are just fillers, not that hard to replace)…

Neither comes as close to entertaining as Amanda’s gang.

First, bravo Announcer-chan whom I still don’t know the name of.


I’m too impressed and amused to be annoyed, lol.

Also, I want one! 8D

Next, Jasminka.

Let me just say that I LOVE HER!!

And she’s got such a pretty name.

When I get a cat, I’m gonna name her Jasminka. :3

And I agree. Sidesaddling a broom while eating potato chips and making it look effortless?

What magnificent technique!

Why isn’t there a point system to award these kinds of things? *wrings hands* URGH!

I feel this on a spiritual level.

Finally, Amanda.

This girl always had my attention since they introduced her in the second film.

Isn’t it a little uncanny how she slightly looks like a tomboy version of Chariot? Did this occur to anyone else?

She’s free-spirited, spunky, and so full of personality. She’s the only person to surpass Diana in riding a broom.

In the next world over, she’d be the MC.

We should demand a spin-off for her.

Gutsy, too.

Like playing with the jaws of death for the heck of it-type gutsy.

Meanwhile, I feel bad for that poor guy back at the store. I hope didn’t get chewed out too bad for losing that broom. ^^;

In a lot of ways, I felt Shooting Star should have gone to Amanda instead of Akko.

For one thing, Amanda actually wanted it badly enough to steal it (don’t do this at home, kids).

For another, like she said, they are of similar natures. Shooting Star won’t just let any witch ride it and Amanda isn’t a person who would listen or abide by others. So they’re perfect for each other.

And anyway, it’s not like giving Akko the broom will improve her magical capability anyway. Just like how it was never Akko’s power that saved the day but rather the magic housed within the Shiny Rod that did.

This gives me an irksome feeling that for the most part, Akko will cheat her way through witch school which does not sit well with me at all. >:\

But I’m getting side-tracked.

Oh, I believe you but I wouldn’t call that thing any old broom.

It looks more like an elongated anchor with feathers if you ask me. >.>;;

And it goes just as well as you’d expected it would.

Gotta love watching her fly, though. It makes me wonder how the race would’ve turned out if there weren’t any sabotaging involved, everyone flew on standard brooms and multiple people weren’t fighting to claim the overly sentient one. I imagine it would’ve been a close call between Amanda and Diana.

And here I foresee these two getting into a squabble in the future over who Shooting Star really belongs to only for the broom to knock the both of them onto their asses and just go with whoever it favors depending on its mood.

C’mon, give me something interesting instead of having everything conveniently go to the MC! xP

Haaah, such a shame they are only minor supporting roles since they are sooo much more fun to watch. But I suppose they’re more interesting because they are minor characters.

Ah well. If we’re getting an episode or two to focus on that parade (if they’re going to put it into this canon, anyway), they’ll be getting more screentime so let’s hope for the best.

Ooo, I would also love an episode that tells how these three oddballs became friends as well. They certainly do stick out from the other students.

Imagine Kuroo having a long time crush on Akaashi and getting confessed to on his birthday. Of course he accepts Akaashi’s feelings and they agree to start to date.

Kuroo exclaims that this is the perfect birthday present, that he never expected this and that it’s a coincidence that worked out the best way it possibly could. Akaashi stays quiet at that, pulling his face into a completely expressionless mask and Kuroo knows something is up.

“You knew it was my birthday, didn’t you?” Akaashi still doesn’t give anything away, but Kuroo can feel a laugh bubble up in his throat and throws and arm around Akaashi’s shoulders to hug him close.

“You can get me a present next year,” he says, to which Akaashi agrees, because he can definitely see them still dating a year later.


So I headcannon Hero likes to draw. Then I remembered RGB’s invisible body. Everything went downhill from there.

The Beginning of Forever

This was written of timepetalsprompts weekly drabble, centering around the word/emotion “restless”.

Tentoo x Rose

~250 words

In which the Doctor anxiously waits for Rose.

The Doctor shuffled from foot to foot, glancing around the lush and crowded backyard of Jackie and Pete’s home in search of a clock. (The irony was not lost upon the Doctor). But there were no time-telling devices in sight.

He exhaled sharply and resumed his shuffling. His heart was thudding heavily in his chest, its beat echoing in his ears and against his ribs.

“Oh, no you don’t, mate,” Pete said from beside him, shooting him a warning glance.

The Doctor sheepishly lowered his hand from where he’d been about to pull at his hair.

“It always looks messy anyways,” he muttered, settling instead for scratching the back of his neck.

Was it just him, or did the air seem thinner? He tugged at his bowtie as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

“Settle down, would you?” Pete asked, laying a hand on the Doctor’s forearm.

The Doctor was about to snap something witty and clever back to Pete, but his voice stuck in his throat when the music started up.

All 150 people (they’d had to reign Jackie in) in attendance stood, and turned to face the back door of the mansion. As did the Doctor. His breath caught in his throat as he looked at her. She was radiant, in her flowing white dress and with her hair loosely pinned up in a chignon. But her smile was bright and beautiful enough that she could be dressed in a bin bag and she would’ve been the most beautiful woman on the planet, in the universe.

Suddenly the Doctor began bouncing again, eager for the love of his lives to become his wife.