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“The Shadows Sing” - Azriel

@hermajestymanon It’s all or nothing. 

Azriel closed his eyes so tears wouldn’t fall. Tears were a weakness and the High Lord already knew too many of his weaknesses. He knew four in total, all people. All people for whom he would give his life. 

The High Lord’s own son, his own daughter, his mate. 

And of course, Cassian. 

Azriel blinked slowly, opening his eyes. His nightmare had not disappeared, in fact, if it could get any worse, it just had. The High Lord stood there, a slight smile pulling at his lips, darkness coiling up and down his arms. 

Azriel swallowed, his wings pressed firmly against his back. He felt the shudders roll through the tight muscle, vibrating against his back. Their tips brushed the ground and if Azriel had them fully out, they would reach the ends of the room. 

“The sooner this is over, the sooner I will get you back to…” The High Lord sneered, his face contorting in an awful expression. “Your mother” He spat the word so hard Azriel flinched. He hadn’t meant to give the High Lord that satisfaction, but there was no taking it back. 

He didn’t want to do this. 

He didn’t want to do this

Azriel clenched his fists, staring at the marring scars that decorated his knuckles, painted the back of his hands, and damaged his palms. The High Lord quirked his eyebrow, a laugh just barely making it past his lips. 

“Do it, Azriel” The High Lord growled, his hand shooting out to wrap around the throat of the person Azriel was supposed to torture. The male’s neck bent back and Azriel could see the vein pulsing, could see the tight swallows. 

In his other hand, the High Lord held out a blade. He tipped it over and over again against his knuckles, delight dancing in his eyes. He was enjoying this. Enjoying making a boy torture for him. Enjoying breaking Azriel into tiny pieces and he would enjoy throwing those pieces back to the wolves. 

The blade soared through the air and Azriel had no choice but to catch it. The blade dug into his palm and he hissed, watching as his blood slide down the Illyrian metal. He looked at the engravings, quickly reading the language. Truth Teller. And on the other side, In truth, everything is there

It was mocking him. His own language, staring back at him. His own language, coated in his blood. Azriel swallowed and he gripped the hilt of the blade, letting the weight settle in. He spun it around gently, getting used to the jagged angles, the curves, the way the weight shifted. 

Don’t do this, a voice screamed inside of him. Don’t do it! Don’t let him destroy you!

“You promise?” Azriel asked. “You promise you’ll leave Cassian alone” Azriel’s eyes hardened, glazing over. The High Lord laughed, shaking his head. He stared down at the male - the prisoner. Azriel’s throat bobbed and he waited for the High Lord’s word. 

“I swear on the stars”

“Not good enough,” Azriel said, taking a step closer. “You swear you won’t ever hurt him, touch him, do anything to him you wouldn’t do to your mate” There. Azriel figured that covered all the bases. This monster was a long ways away from loving his mother, but he wouldn’t hurt her. You couldn’t hurt your mate. Physically. And for the High Lord, he couldn’t hurt his mate mentally, as his powers would allow him to. 

He had hurt her enough emotionally to last life times. 

Azriel wasn’t worried about that. 

Not yet. 

The High Lord’s eyes narrowed, blackness slowly swallowing them. Azriel lifted his chin. He wouldn’t break. Not when so much was at stake. The High Lord growled and his eyes returned to those horrible violet hues. Rhys’ were much lighter, held kindness; emotions his father would never experience or know of. 

“I swear on my mate” The words seemed to hurt him a great deal. 


“Okay” Azriel said. He closed the distance between himself and the male. He didn’t want to know his name. He had no need. He was selling himself to the High Lord. He would do this whenever he was summoned. Bodies upon bodies would fall at his hands. 

He had no need to know each name. 

“Kamarien,” The High Lord grinned. Azriel cringed. The High Lord had slipped past his shields. They were weak compared to the High Lord’s powers, but he was able to hold him off for at least a minute. To empty his thoughts of anything he didn’t want this…this thing to know. Azriel threw them back up. 

He wanted to forget this four syllable name. But he knew it would be in his nightmares. Azriel gripped the male’s chin, angling it down. He had to be centuries old. Centuries. Azriel was still a child. 

Not after this. 

The High Lord’s hand connected with his cheek and Azriel heard the crack long before he felt it. Blood slowly slid down his cheek, a two inch gash on his skin. It ran down his neck before Azriel wiped his cheek slowly. 

“Let your shadows sing” 

The High Lord’s fist connected with his other cheek and Azriel’s head snapped down and he groaned as his shadows slowly poured out of him. He closed his eyes, trying to drown out the man’s screams as his shadows dug deeper and deeper. 

Azriel knew what they did. Entered your mind, your thoughts, your only salvation, and turn it upside down, inside out, destroying it, destroying you

The man started to sing. Not literally. But he spilled everything the High Lord wanted to know. The High Lord grinned and nodded. Azriel had a sick feeling the High Lord already knew whatever Kamarien had done or hadn’t done. 

“Kill him, Shadowsinger”

Azriel cringed at the title and the blade shook in his right hand. He lifted his head up, his hazel eyes holding tears. He gripped Kamarien’s hair and tilted his head back, before slowly dragging his blade across his throat. 

The High Lord’s dark chuckle almost drowned out the sound of Kamarien choking on his own blood. Almost. 

“You are fine property, Shadowsinger, very fine” Azriel grunted as the High Lord’s fist connected with his nose, then his jaw, then above his brow. Three quick punches before Azriel even knew he had moved. 

Then he was slammed against the wall and his fist connected with Azriel’s abdomen. Once. Twice. Thrice. Azriel groaned, blood pouring down his face, dripping out of his mouth, leaking from his nose. Once. Twice. Thrice. Fists connecting to his back forced him down on his hands and knees. Once. Twice Thrice. Azriel couldn’t feel where these blows landed. Or the next three. Or the three after those. 

Azriel knew why he was beaten in threes. Rhys, Cassian, him. Once. Twice. Thrice. Azriel’s shadows dragged him under far too late to save him from the pain the High Lord was already inflicting on his body. 

His shadows sang to him in the darkness. 

Shadowsinger, Shadowsinger, Shadowsinger, they sang. 

World War Maas II.

No one has to die for you guys to feel pain. 

But don’t be mistaken, I have written fanfics where characters die. 

You’ll just have to wait and see who. 


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oKAY SO theres this fic called The War in our Worlds on ao3 and holy shit is it aMAZING.. so naturally i had to sketch those two nerds

also it has alien!bill and ufologist!dipper thats worth mentioning i think

I’m so screwed for the next 2 weeks pls send help
In Another World - Chapter 11 - actualbabe - New Girl [Archive of Our Own]
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God, he feels so stupid.

Nick’s sitting on the edge of his bed in his little shoebox of a room, his beat up cellphone in one hand and an embellished bundle of glorified popsicle sticks in the other. He runs his thumb over the red plastic feather glued to the end. This is dumb. He’s a grown-ass man. He doesn’t need some glitter-covered twig to make him brave.

chapter 12 :)

Always and Forever

a loose retelling of the myth of Eos and Tithonus 

The first time Castiel saw Dean he knew he was lost.

He’d fallen in love with humans before, of course. He was the god of the dawn, bringing light to all he touched, and sometimes when the light of dawn fell on a human his heart just exploded with love for her. Or him. So he’d appeared before them in his winged glory, and (with a few, notable exceptions) they’d loved him in return. It never lasted, of course. Human lives were fleeting, like the sparks that flew upward from a fire and then vanished into the darkness. Castiel, being a god, was eternal.

But then there was Dean.

Dean was a hunter. Castiel first saw him on a summer’s morning, his brown hair turned golden in the sunlight. He had an arrow nocked on his longbow, the string drawn back to his freckle-kissed cheek, aimed at a small doe a good distance away. Castiel knew before the arrow was loosed that the shot would fly true. His hunter–for he had already begun to think of the hunter as his–could be nothing less than perfect. The hunter smiled when the doe fell. “Good,” he said to himself (for he could not know Castiel was listening), “she will feed my brother and I well.” The sound of his voice was as music to Castiel’s soul.

He knew he should approach with caution, but Castiel could not hold himself back. He leapt down from his perch in the treetop, landing lightly on his feet, brilliant white wings unfurled behind him. He smiled his beatific smile.

Before Castiel could speak, the hunter had a knife at his throat.

Even then, Castiel felt his love grow. Such bravery! He knew, of course, that no mortal blade could harm him. The hunter must have known that as well, for almost as soon as he’d begun the motion he was withdrawing his weapon.

Falling to his knees, the hunter spoke. “Forgive me, Bright One. These woods are not always safe. It was only instinct that caused me to draw a blade. But I would never harm you. I could never…” His voice trailed off as he stared into up into the face of the god.

Castiel drew the hunter to his feet. “I am Castiel.” he said simply.

Dean’s eyes widened. “God of the dawn? I have aptly named you Bright One! You bring light wherever you go. Flowers bloom for you. Birds and bees fly in your wake. Mortals…” He paused, blushing. “Mortals sing songs of your beauty.”

“What is your name, hunter?” asked Castiel, smiling.

“I am called Dean,” the hunter replied, and Castiel’s heart leapt again.

“Dean,” Castiel said, savoring the taste of the name on his lips.

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OC asks

@iradiata was absolutely sweet and sent me this ask! Thank you very much!!

At the very same day that I got this ask I wrote the first script for the replies and as I get very talkactive about OCs it became 5 pages with not all questions answered yet. This is, why I decide to split the questions into different posts (and I need time preparing the pictures as well :D )

My ask box is always open for more asks (especially OC :D), here’s the original post for the questions~

So this is part 1! Let’s get started!!

11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”?

I have replied to 11 with my character Kei (who you will meet again soon) before in this reply, so to make up for it I will just go for number 9 :D

9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?

That’s highly unlikely. I grow very attached to my babies, so… 

I once collaborated with someone and it was a challenge to handle their way of dealing with “our” OCs for me, so I’d rather not ^^;

13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?

Yes. I have troublemakers who do stupid shit in their story and I have troublemakers who’re just horrible to draw :’D

The one who started out to be the most stereotypical troublemaker is probably my character Takanaga Mira (from Sieben Sünden, eng. seven sins, mentioned him before in this reply) - I designed him as a school ditching, sex obsessed young teen. But he changed a little during his development. I made him older and stop the school ditching since being successful became his sole reason of living. At the same time I liked him having that big contrast between someone who was successful at school but at the same time living a really problematic life outside (referring to selling his body mostly).

Despite him trying his best at school, having friends was not one of the aims he has. In contrary he’s quite cold towards anyone who tries to get close to him. He might even count as a bully, tho he’s mostly indifferent to what others do. He doesn’t really respect his parents as he feels they are making it impossible for him to spread his wings. His mother is only doing what his father says and his father is bossing everyone around since he’s “the only man in the house and the reason why you have money”, so naturally Mira’s also rebelling against his parents (probably even worse bc of puberty).

In the story’s side story called Sweet Revenge Mira actually lives his bully side towards his cousin Mika. Mira was sent to live with his aunt and cousin after his family found out about him selling his body to men and women. Mika is crushing on a boy himself but not yet hated by his family (the family doesn’t really know about that but it doesn’t matter to Mira). It’s jealousy…

Luckily for me he’s only a troublemaker in his story and not for me when it comes to drawing :D

blurrredpages  asked:

You can do it Yulin!!! ♥️♥️♥️ I‘m sure you‘re exhausted but I believe in yoo, you can finish this project and you‘ll do a great presentation ^-^ I‘LL BE CROSSING MY FINGERS AND I‘M SENDING JONGUP OVER TO CHEER FOR YOU~ IMAGINE HIM GIVING U A BOUQUET OF ROSES AFTER YOU‘RE THROUGH WITH EVERYTHING ♥️ You‘re the real queen, own it 😘

oh oh oh thank you sososo much lovely yara!!! ;; ♥️ I saw this before my presentation and it made me feel a lot better (’: and it did go well! I accidentally memorised what I was gonna say since I practiced it by myself yesterday (whispered it in my room lol)… and the tutors and people in my group understood my abstract ideas and gave me good feedback on my painting experiments ~ it was really chill and I got to talk to the people I never talked to before which was nice! I’m usually bad with small talk but after talking so much in the presentation words just flew out of me like word vomit (in a good way i hope) 

but AAAAA this message is so sweet  (jongup + roses??? I) ♥️ thank you thank you I’m swooning i lov u hgfhsdgfhg !!!!


So I headcannon Hero likes to draw. Then I remembered RGB’s invisible body. Everything went downhill from there.


I thought about it all night. All of the reasons why I should break up with you. My family, my husband and my career. However, I wasn’t a part of it. I don’t want to lie to myself and give up on my feelings any more. I want to be with you if it’s alright with you.

Imagine Kuroo having a long time crush on Akaashi and getting confessed to on his birthday. Of course he accepts Akaashi’s feelings and they agree to start to date.

Kuroo exclaims that this is the perfect birthday present, that he never expected this and that it’s a coincidence that worked out the best way it possibly could. Akaashi stays quiet at that, pulling his face into a completely expressionless mask and Kuroo knows something is up.

“You knew it was my birthday, didn’t you?” Akaashi still doesn’t give anything away, but Kuroo can feel a laugh bubble up in his throat and throws and arm around Akaashi’s shoulders to hug him close.

“You can get me a present next year,” he says, to which Akaashi agrees, because he can definitely see them still dating a year later.