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High School Shawn!

A/N: I have a request that still needs to be done. Don’t worry anon, i haven’t forgotten! So that should be coming either this weekend or next week. Anyway, I’ll try to post small things like this for now. Requests are still open. ENJOY!

High School Shawn would include…

- “Babe, can I borrow your chemistry notes? I didn’t go to my class”
- You rolling your eyes knowing that his gpa probably went down this semester because of the hockey season
- “You need to get it together, Shawn”
- Forcing him to go to the school library during your free periods so you can help him
- “Shawn, that paper isn’t going to write itself”
- Him Sitting in the back rows in class with his friends so he can goof off and not pay attention
- His teachers would eventually stop caring whenever he did that
- Shawn sneaking out of class when there was a sub so he can go see you
- Sitting in the parking lot before school with him, so you could discuss the latest gossip
- Smacking his chest every time he jokingly checked out a girl in front of you
- Him dressed in his sweaty P.E uniform
- Walking down the hallways with your fingers intertwined with his
- Knowing his locker combination so you could put your stuff in there and vice versa
- Seeing teddy bears and a balloon in your locker on the day of your birthday
- Being voted “cutest couple” in the yearbook

the agency that was supposed to call me back friday never did, so i thought i was fucked and went about this week miserable applying to jobs all over again, sleeping too much and just generally being a depressed piece of shit. BUT THEN they called yesterday and ya girl has a shit office job starting part time at 30 hours a week for 14 an hour until they decide if i’m good enough to go full time

and that’s a really really big deal because i’ve been struggling financially since this year fucking started. i don’t know if this temp job is gonna last, or if i’m going to like it literally at all. but the important thing is that i still got it. so yeah. not unemployed. seeing my old roomie this weekend. going to chicago next weekend. can actually afford all that and rent next month. i am still surviving!!! 


*Or How Ronan Got His Tattoo (I wrote this as a bridge between my two au fics, Something to Hurt You and Never Sleeping Again, but I think this could also work for a canon setting. More notes at the end!)

The tattoo design had come to Ronan in a dream. It was a thing of beauty: intricate, haunting, mysterious. When Noah had looked at image, which was painted in pure black ink on white parchment, he had put his hands over his mouth, eyes wide and glistening.

“Ronan,” he whispered, “it’s perfect. It’s…you.”

Ronan nodded wearily. He was still recovering from everything, his heart like a constant ache in his chest, his mind filled with loss and rage and hurt.

“Do you know where you’re going to get it done or when?”

“I have an appointment at Black Sheep Tattoo for next weekend. They said it’ll probably take at least three sittings, since it’s a full back piece.”

Noah traced the image, his fingers losing their way in the labyrinth of wings and claws, tree limbs and grasping roots. He noticed and understood elements of the tattoo that were still lost to Ronan; he knew the meaning of the three intersecting lines, of the tiny visions revealed in the knot work of the trees. Ronan would understand one day why the word remembered was scrawled on the edge of a branch. Noah tapped the word lightly with his knuckle.

“Will Gansey go with you?”

Ronan shook his head. “I planned the first appointment for when he’s out of town. I don’t want him to know, yet. It’s better if he thinks that this was a spur-of-the-moment, drunken decision.” There was a lot that Gansey didn’t know about Ronan.

“I’ll go with you,” Noah offered but Ronan turned him down; this was something he had to do on his own.

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just for the notice

i know i’ve been such a shitty simblr & follower for the last month. i am just a bundle of nerves right now, and i’m sorry for not liking your posts and texting you (timezones arghhh). i just wanted to say that i love you all, and i’m going to prepare a small followers’ gift, i promise, and soon. 

so please, wait for me a little more. i think that next week’s weekend will be okay, so i’ll make a lil surprise for you! stay tuned, guys.

queerklancing  asked:

I still can't believe the klance animatic you made is real beCAUSE IT'S JUST SO GOOD AND I ALREADY SAW IT THREE TIMES! Like wtf this fucked me up it's way too beautiful I cried through the whole thing. ( Also fml I just saw that you're at the dokomi anD NOW I REALLY WANT TO GO TO BUY THE KLANCE COMIC BUT I CANT! So I'll just sit here and shower you with love from afar and hope that I can at least buy the digital version when you decide to sell it! :D)

awww thank you so much for watching my stuff ; v ; and also liking it ?!?! I’m so happy!! Thank you so so much ´ v ` !! 

Yes I’ll be at Dokomi next weekend! And I’ll take the remaining klance merch with me to sell :D!! 

About the digital versions of the comic, I’m not too sure if we’ll be able to offer them anymore due to personal reasons, I cant really elaborate on that but right now the best chance to still get to read the comic is to snatch a copy from the rest that I have! 
if you wanna be 100% sure to get it maybe you can get a friend to pick it up at dokomi for you :’) 
Everything that I can’t sell at the con will go to an online store for you to buy after next weekend !

riverdale-juggie  asked:

Oh my gosh chapter 4 of self conclusion is amazing!!!!!!!! My eyes were tearing up at the end! Your writing is so beautiful and I check my Tumblr every day waiting for you to post another fanfic. Also I love the part with Betty dancing around in the kitchen, it was so cute! Ahhhh I just can't wait for the next chapter! Do you have any idea when it will be posted? Anyways have an awesome week:)))))))

You’re so sweet!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m really hoping to post the next chapter before the weekend! You’re gonna be on a rollercoaster with the next couple chapters!

I'm back!

Just got home last night from 10 days of road work. Gotta pay bills and it can’t always be playtime.
I’m shaved. Douched and lubed.
I’m so horny I’m about to fuck myself into a few orgasms with my dildo then relax.

The next few days are gonna be a virtually sissy heat fest. I will post and update. I and so god damn horny. Plus I’ve got pals coming over for the next few days this weekend. Party time!!!

I’ll post pics when I can this weekend.


Some things are really hard to watch.

who wants to fight against gravity?

Sometimes you need to just say what’s on your mind. Take the leap and say how you feel. The other person could surprise you. They could say everything you’ve always wanted to hear. Truth is, you never know until you speak up.
—  Me, 6.2.17, “Me and the Hipster”