next week's x ray


You and her are   f  u  g  i  t  i  v  e  s.

so just another update on Sylvester. he has been more active and is jumping for couch to couch. he is still only eating treats but I’ve caught him eating food a couple of times. I’m taking him this week or maybe even next week for blood work and x-rays so keep your fingers crossed. please keep praying for him and sending good vibes his way ❤

My sister is so amazing. She knew I was going for blood tests and chest x-rays next week so let me have one of my birthday presents early.

I now have this cute cuddly Ren peeking at me from my shelf. Though never call Ren cuddly or you’ll be poked by a lightsaber. Hux is still suffering from that lesson.

Or well in Hux’s case lightsaber is a euthanisam for something else…*winks*