next week's x ray

I once (like 4 days ago, haha) went to the antique store with my boyfriend. My only venture outside in a week. I wore pajamas because why not? Winter coats are good for covering up what you’re wearing. ;) #noshameinmygame 

I was ready to check out and the lady who owns the store was on the phone at the register. As I was walking around the store I overheard bits of her phone conversation. “Steroids” blah blah blah. “Need surgery on it” blah blah blah.

I walked up to the register where she should have acknowledged me and stopped her phone conversation to ring me up but instead she said nothing and just kept talking on the phone. About a minute later she just looks at us and continues talking on the phone. We stood there while she spent about 3 minutes talking on the phone! Btw Dan had to interrupt her while she was talking to tell her that I had a question about the item I was purchasing. 

First thing she says to us

“My body is falling apart. Don’t get old.” 

Ummmmmmm….. k? 

I’m standing here missing an intestine and my other one is failing on me due to chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction. I’ve spent more time in the hospital than she could imagine. Have grown up with illness and have gone through things that no one should have to. I just spent last week at tons of doctors appointments and I’m headed back for more next week because the X rays of my bones came back abnormal and now I need an MRI to diagnose what has been the cause of my severe pain this past year. So another diagnosis on top of the chronic illnesses I already have. 

But yes, I have no problems because I’m young. *eye roll*


You’re young and beautiful so you can’t be sick. Right? Just another day in the life. 

Yay for some progress being made! Hubby’s GP is sending a letter through to the specialist and classifying him as “urgent”. When he referred him the first time, his case was deemed as not urgent, and was put on a two year waiting list just to make an appointment with this doctor. He also took xrays of his chest/lungs and will have another appointment for blood tests and the results of the x-rays next week. At least we’re getting somewhere. He’s already been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, but I think they are even going to test him for narcolepsy as well.

Now we just have to finish off the ministry of housing stuff and the immigration stuff and I can finally relax. My sleep schedule is so fucked up right now, and I am just constantly tired. 

Think I’m going to go pass out now.

Again, thank you to everyone who has messaged/replied with kind wishes.  I’m sorry I haven’t responded to them individually, but there’s just so much going on I haven’t had a ton of time. But I did read them all and am extremely grateful for all of you guys <3


You and her are   f  u  g  i  t  i  v  e  s.


I have a horrible fear of going to the dentist. Like… damn near a phobia of it, okay? But I have dental insurance and I haven’t seen a dentist in far too long and after going through chemo and all the other shit I’ve had to endure with the MS and the Lupus, my teeth need to be taken care of so… I finally made an appointment for an exam/x-rays/etc next week.

I’m fucking terrified. What if he makes fun of me? What if he like… talks down to me or something because my teeth are kind of bad? I mean… I’m seriously afraid of going to the dentist… so much so, I want to fucking cry…

I felt very motivated to write this, thank you for the prompt, and while it’s not a full out story, I hope you were satisfied!

Gou opened the door and the sight of what awaited her, she rolled her eyes.
“Again Officer Sousuke!” She sighed, “This is the fourth time you’ve been here for the same problem.”

“What can I say Doc,” He smirked, “I just love seeing your pretty face.” 

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My sister is so amazing. She knew I was going for blood tests and chest x-rays next week so let me have one of my birthday presents early.

I now have this cute cuddly Ren peeking at me from my shelf. Though never call Ren cuddly or you’ll be poked by a lightsaber. Hux is still suffering from that lesson.

Or well in Hux’s case lightsaber is a euthanisam for something else…*winks*

so just another update on Sylvester. he has been more active and is jumping for couch to couch. he is still only eating treats but I’ve caught him eating food a couple of times. I’m taking him this week or maybe even next week for blood work and x-rays so keep your fingers crossed. please keep praying for him and sending good vibes his way ❤