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I'm already thinking about the next chart lmao Tbh I rather him have great following weeks than a #1 debut and then just drop like it happened to a lot of 1d songs. I'm hopping he'll get even better radio play. And I have no classes on Thursday and Friday so you bet Imma stream non stop during those days and the weekend

okay but the problem with that thinking is that this is the /only week/ that he is going to get the huge rush of sales from 1D fans - next week the sales will be more stable and he won’t have those epic first days. so you can say you’d rather him build over time but why not utilize that momentum from this week?? i don’t understand that train of thought. you’re basically letting a /hundred thousand/ purchases go to waste with that attitude. to me, it makes more sense to push as hard as we can this week - so steam & request!! while we’ve got those sales figures!!

not to mention, you only get one solo debut ever. why not help him make it as high in the charts and be as successful as possible??


I’ve been away from tumblr for a few days because from Thursday to Sunday I was in Philadelphia for the American Occupational Therapy Association annual conference!! This year also happened to be the 100th year of the profession, so it was really exciting to be there!! While it was an exhausting 4 days, I had the best time. It was pretty amazing to be surrounded by 13,000 occupational therapists from around country, and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I could go on for ages about how amazing this conference was, but I’ll leave it at this.  💕💕

Still trying to decide when to bring Elwin back and I have zero motivation tbh

okay sorry I didn’t live blog episode 10 of do bong soon, but in my honest opinion it really wasn’t that good besides the last like 5 minutes. hopefully they don’t pull ANOTHER scam for next week because shit actually looks like its going down next friday but….the whole kidnapping case n semi focus on the gang members getting beat is so fucking borin. the fact that they’re like halfway through the series but bongsoon isn’t in love with minhyuk yet is so unnecessary….they could’ve easily mashed what they planned for episode 11 (based on the preview) into episode 9, because now its just becomin a drag waiting for bongsoon to look @ minhyuk the way he looks @ her :-(

but we all know how the underarm webbing came to be, right. like Tony and Peter are just chatting about how Peter’s powers work and the webslinging comes up and Peter casually mentions how scary it is when his webshooters go empty

and Tony’s like: wait, what? what do you do when that happens?

and Peter’s like: um, panic?

and Tony just- blanks out for a few seconds, his brain BSODs and has to restart and Peter actually gets a little nervous before Tony snaps back and suddenly starts reclaiming the suit like, ok, yeah, I’m gonna need this for a couple of days, don’t stress it, you won’t even realize it was gone, Happy, could you make sure this kid stays firmly ON THE GROUND for the next week ok thanks

  • Me in less than a week.
  • Mum: Can you please do these things today -
  • Me: No Mum, I'm sorry, I have to watch the Supernatural season finale.
  • Mum: And it's going to take you the whole day to do it?
  • Me: Yes. Yes it will.
  • Mum: ... it goes for 45 minutes.
  • Me: Mum... I need to watch it 3 times, make gifs, reblog posts and cry. It's definitely gonna take all day.
  • Mum: *some comment about how I'm too emotionally invested in this show*
  • Me: Still doesn't stop the fact it's gonna take all day.
Episode 4 of Lucifer

Yoooooo! This episode has been the best so far that I’ve seen yet for Season 2. It’s just so much fun! 

Who knew that Lucifer playing with his phone is the cutest thing ever? And him juggling? Oh, I’ve seen that somewhere (Tom and Ben in the Fox Lounge chilling out and Tom juggling balls in there while talking about his man crush that’s where!)

You got Girl’s Night Out and it all went right including that epic girl fight with Mazikeen not breaking a sweat as she pummeled people to the ground. Chloe trying to act as the cop only to get tackled made me laugh. And Ella really does love those pina coladas!

What’s even better is that we get to see the boys all hang out too. And Dan refusing to believe he looks like a cop. Heck, he basically screams cop. Even I can admit that as Amenadiel would say. Cop. 

Amenadiel getting shitfaced drunk first (and disturbing Lucifer in the process) is like the icing on the cake. Like who knew, that if you look back in Season 1, that the same angel who tried to send Lucifer to Hell would bond a bit with his brother and get drunk first. FIRST! I can’t with these people.

And Chloe and Mazikeen along with little Trixie living in the same apartment. Oh gosh that would give me life. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in that apartment especially when Lucifer comes crashing. 

Okay but that preview. Holy shit. Uriel is coming and he is a bastard. Like shit. Shit is about to go down for real next week and its only going to get even more heated from there. 

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