next week is going to kill me ugh

i’m just????? i’m so shook? how do we only have one fucking episode left!???! i’m so sad and hurt and stressed like there are so many things that need to happen next week. theres always so much shit going on at once but ugh i’m so heartbroken that the series fucking finale is actually here i’m going to cry thinking about it. i’m already so sad and emotional watching these teen wolf specials and awards that highlight the best scenes from all the seasons like ugh memory lane is going to kill me

klarolineforevermine  asked:

a part 2 for your "Klaus and Caroline own a restaurant" AU where Klaus makes Caroline soup because she's sick (or anything really, I love that drabble so much. Well actually anything you write but I'm getting off topic hehe)

Ooh, I like that one too! Thanks, Sara!

Food (And) Fights - Part Two

Klaus is careful to keep his steps quiet, to avoid the creaky spots in the floor. He’s learned the hallway to Caroline’s office well in the last two years and he has a sneaking suspicion that she’s hiding in her office this morning for a reason.

It’s a Thursday, one of their busiest evenings of the week. Their reservation list is full and service starts in a few hours. Klaus hasn’t seen Caroline yet which is something of a first. Her assistant, April, had popped into the kitchen to check on things periodically. Klaus had never thought much of the timid mouse of a girl – she tended to avoid him – but he’d been reluctantly impressed by her stealth. He’d only ever noticed her as she was slipping out the door, if he’d know she was there at all.

It was almost as if she was purposefully avoiding him.

Klaus was fairly certain he knew why.

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selfish (part 4)

pairing: jungkook x reader x jinyoung

summary: in the fast-paced world of idols, newly debuted groups must fight to be on top. you are one of these new recruits, seeking success but paying the price when you find yourself entangled with jeon jungkook and park jinyoung.

previous chapter // next chapter✏︎

a/n: i know i said i wouldn’t update but i have some free time rn and i felt the urge to write!!! wowwwwwwwwww i hope this satisfies y’all, it’s been quite some time since i’ve updated, so this is a tad bit rushed but i hope it’s not too bad :)

Originally posted by nnochu


To say that the week after your “relationship” with Jinyoung was revealed was pure insanity would be a colossal understatement.

The night the episode of Weekly Idol was broadcasted, you momentarily forget what day it is, and go to sleep carefree.

The next morning, you wake up to the sound of screaming from your groupmate screaming as she enters through the front door.

“Y/N! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” She yells, and you groan, throwing your pillow over your head to brace yourself for her rant that was sure to follow. “Why didn’t you tell me about Jinyoung? How did you keep it secret? How long has this been going on? Ugh, I should’ve known by the music video…and you’ve always thought he was cute, and—-“

You tune her out and roll out of bed, stepping around her furiously gesturing self and getting ready for the day’s schedule.

“Y/N, are you even listening to me? I have so many questions! For one, how could you not tell me? Did anyone in the group know?” She continues rambling behind you in the mirror.

“No, and I’m sorry, the company told me not to tell anyone until it was publicly announced. I really wanted to tell you, I swear.” You lie through your teeth, turning and patting her on the shoulder in a futile attempt to console her.

“Okay, but you better give me the details about all your dates and whatever shit you do with him from this point onwards or I might never speak to you again!”

You nod somewhat enthusiastically in response and hurry along with your preparations for schedules. With a flourish, you grab your keys and head out the door, calling out a brief goodbye to your group mate.

Hailing a cab, you hop in and scroll through your messages until you find the group chat with Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jungkook. You see a couple of messages from Hoseok about your newly announced relationship, and you close your eyes, letting out a deep sigh as you tilt your head against the headrest of the taxi. This would be a hassle to explain to the boys, and especially after your confusing hookup with Jungkook.


A sense of dread seeps into your stomach as you think about the perplexing situation that had occurred about a week before. You hadn’t come into contact with Jungkook since, as the boys were busy in preparation for their comeback this week and thus had no time for Soundcloud sessions. He hadn’t sent any messages to you, and you found yourself typing out countless messages to send to him but erasing them without sending.

Nonetheless, you had to see him today as you were all meeting up to brainstorm the next cover, as well as discuss the response of the audience.

The cab comes to a stop at the curb and you pay the driver hastily before heading into the studio. Upon knocking, the door swings open to reveal a very stoic-looking Jeon Jungkook.

Without a word, he grabs your arm and pulls you into the room, shutting it behind you.

“W-where’s everyone else?” You stutter, feeling all the pent-up dread hit you as your stomach erupted into a twisting sense of anxiousness in the presence of Jungkook.

“They’re on their way, they went back to the dorm to shower after practice. It’s just me right now.” He takes a seat on the armchair in front of you.

“Oh, okay.” Nervously, you tap your fingertips on your thigh as you stand in front of Jungkook.

He stares at you with an unreadable expression and the air hangs heavy with silence and awkwardness.

Just as you open your mouth to say something, Jungkook shoots a question at you.

“Why didn’t you tell me about him?”

The question, although completely predictable, somehow infuriates you.

“Why did I have to tell you about my relationship? I barely know you. And it’s none of your business.” You shoot back.

“Fine, fine.” He motions for you to calm down. “Tell me this, though. Were you dating when you and me happened?”

This question, on the other hand, hits you. Your mind races with possible answers.

“Are you accusing me of something?” You give your best attempt at a glare.

“No, no! I was just guessing because…I saw the music video and your chemistry seemed really real, and I was just wondering if you’d already been dating by then.” Jungkook looks down bashfully at his hands, which are folded in his lap.

“Well, we only started dating super recently, and we met for the first time when we filmed that video.” You find yourself lying yet again.

“Oh, okay. So I guess what happened between us means nothing to you…” He mumbles.

“No! It’s just…things are really complicated right now. I can’t say much but please trust me.” You plead.

Jungkook seems somewhat satisfied at your response and nods. The room returns to the uncomfortable silence that had occupied it before.

Somehow, it feels even more nerve-wracking than before.

You pace the room until finally you hear the sounds of footsteps and light chatter approaching down the hall.

Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon stroll in leisurely, greeting you loudly.

“Y/N! It feels like it’s been so long!” Yoongi smiles at you warmly, grasping your shoulders in a side hug of sorts.

You feel the hot gaze of Jungkook on you and you look to see him giving Yoongi an intense glare. Quickly, you peel Yoongi’s hand off your shoulder and give him a small smile.

“Yah, it’s been so long that you went out and got yourself a boyfriend, and without telling us, too!” Hoseok bounds over, swatting at your arm lightly.

“Everyone keeps asking me about that.” You groan, covering your face.

“Spill the details!” Namjoon hoots.

“There’s not much to say. We just hit it off after the music video filming, and that’s that.” You find yourself squirming under Jungkook’s gaze again.

“Okay, whatever you say.” Hoseok shrugs, and the group of you resume talking about the project to take on next.


A few days later, you find yourself being transported in a large van to the Music Bank filming set, where you were to visit Jinyoung. Swarms of fans greeted you as you stepped out, many of them squealing about how cute it was that you were visiting him and bringing him coffee.

You clutched the two americanos to your chest tightly and made your best attempt to seem very excited and genuinely happy to see your “boyfriend”.

Once you were backstage, you were greeted by a cameraman who simply stated that he was to film you for a backstage video. You, of course, agreed, and continued on through the area to find Jinyoung.

A couple of artists are all mixed up and hanging out around in one area, and you weave through them in search of Jinyoung, greeting people all along the way.

Finally, you see Jinyoung, and you spy the cameraman in the corner of your eye, so you bounce over and hug him from behind.

He jumps lightly in surprise, looking very puzzled until he sees the cameraman. Immediately, Jinyoung turns on the charm and embraces you warmly.

“Jagiya! I didn’t know you’d be here!” He smiles, his eyes twinkling.

“I brought you coffee. I wanted you to have a little extra energy before you go on!” You return the smile.

The cameraman speaks up. “Jinyoung, what’s your favorite thing about Y/N?”

Jinyoung responds without a moment of hesitation. “Her thoughtfulness. Just look at what she did for me just now! She’s always thinking of little ways to make me happy.”

Just then, you spy a tuft of platinum blonde hair in the background, and your eyes quickly locate Jin, which means that Jungkook is not far off.

The cameraman turns to you. “And your favorite thing about Jinyoung?”

You stutter a little, but pretend you’re thinking hard. “Hmmm, it’s hard to say just one thing. He has so many good qualities, I can’t just pick one.”

You turn and look up at him, and he grabs your hand and intertwines your hands.

The cameraman zooms in, and you find yourself blushing just because.

A familiar feeling of being watched hits you, and you look up again to see Jungkook with blazing eyes looking at you and Jinyoung from a few feet away. You become hyperaware of the fact that your hand is locked with Jinyoung’s and you desperately feel the need to pull away, but you can’t because the cameras are there.

Jackson storms over loudly, breaking the two of you apart as he makes a commotion about how Jinyoung has abandoned him for you. You thank the lords for Jackson and his variety skills and step aside, making eye contact with Jungkook.

The rest of the boys are behind him, and Taehyung, Jimin, and Jin step forward to greet you, as you hadn’t yet met them. After a brief moment of distraction by greetings, you search for Jungkook, who has disappeared somewhere in the short time.

You spot him walking towards a dressing room, and you quickly weave through the people to follow him in. Once you’re in, you close the door behind you.

His face is expressionless as your eyes meet, and whatever words you had planned to say to him are quickly forgotten.

“I-I can explain.” You find yourself feeling the need to. “I’m not actually dating Jinyoung. It’s all a ploy to promote Splendid and GOT7. No one told me about it until like the day it was announced and I’m trying really hard to play the role but you’re making it exceedingly difficult for me and I don’t know why but I feel like I owe it to you to explain and —-“

You’re cut off by the feeling of Jungkook’s lips against yours. The warm, familiar feeling rushes through your body from head to toe and you find yourself tingling.

“Thank you for telling me. I was honestly going to rip his head off. I knew that night meant something to you because I felt something and I know you felt it too.” Jungkook rests his forehead against yours.

“It did, I promise.” You gush.

“I want you to be mine, Y/N. Don’t you?”

“I do, I do with all my heart, but I have to do what the company tells me to do. It’s for my own good in the long run.”

“I don’t like it, but I understand.”


You and Jungkook depart with a mutual understanding that you want to be together, but can’t momentarily. Jinyoung was a small obstacle that prevented you from being together instantly, but would eventually allow for it.

For now, you agreed to act as professional as possible in order to prevent any suspicions.

But the next morning, you wake up to find your phone flooded with texts for the second time this week. You open the scariest text from your manager, Ms. Jo, that accompanied a slew of missed calls.

Come in ASAP. We need to fix this immediately.

Fuck. What happened?

You read more texts that inform you that you should probably read the news. As soon as you open up the entertainment news page, you see the biggest headline that reads: SPLENDID Y/N CHEATING ON BOYFRIEND GOT7 JINYOUNG?

What? You quickly open the article and scan the contents.

You gasp loudly, clicking on the link to an audio recording in the article.

I’m c-close, Jungkook.

Bad girls don’t get to come.

Please, Jungkook, let me come.

How much do you want to come? Show Daddy how much you want to come.



Are y’all ready for this because I am SO salty, so here we go lmao.

When I watched this show, and Erin won the first few competitions, she had one or two cute things. But her quirky “Wow, I’m so fun and weird. Can you tell I’m so fun and weird? Because I am” died out real quick lmao. But you know, I don’t even blame her for this. She was a decent person on the show, a little annoying at times. Kinda reminds me of these girls at my liberal arts college I kinda get tired of seeing, but it’s fine. That’s her. Do you booboo.

My beef isn’t with her so much as the judges. Like jfc, hop off why don’t you? And every single time she was on the bottom, they kept her. Heidi, what happened to that spiel on season 14 about Edmond “I go up there and I say in fashion, one day you’re in and the next you’re out” right before fashion week? 




What kills me is that I think what tripped what tripped Laurence up was that they got on her hard about the shoulders and the black and she really took that to heart, changed it up, and they were like “No, bitch wtf is this?”

Every time Erin did something, it was “Brava, I love it. Ugh, I’m gonna fucking nut!” Like??? And when they didn’t, they couldn’t bear to part with her because they just loved her so much, even if she sent crap down the runway.

I need new fucking judges. NOW. lmfao

Dean - One Obstacle After Another

After an exhausting day of work, you returned back to your hotel room and threw yourself onto the king-size bed lifelessly. You spread out your arms and legs, staring up to the ceiling. Right now, you were in Los Angeles because you were booked as a choreographer for a famous American artist. Lately, you had been on the move a lot, either doing workshops or performances. You couldn’t even remember the last time you spent some quality time with your family and friends back in Seoul. But you weren’t complaining, you loved traveling.

You felt your eye lids becoming heavier with every passing second and you almost dozed off, if it wasn’t for you chiming phone. Grabbing your phone on the night stand next to the bed, you took a quick glance at the display. You felt your heart beating faster in excitement upon seeing the ID of the caller.

“Dean!” You greeted him enthusiastically and you heard his soft chuckle on the other line.

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Kinky Conversation- Luke Hemmings Imagine (smut)- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-   Loveeeee your writing! could u do a v long phone sex with luke with lots of dirty talk and he surprises u at the end and you two have kinky sex

Pairing Luke & Y/N

Words- 1400+

Summary- You and Luke attempt to have phone sex while he is away on tour

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask.

Masterlist / Ask

“There is nothing to do when we aren’t working,” your boyfriend, Luke sighs down the phone, “I’m seriously so bored all the time." 

 "You could watch Netflix,” you suggest as you climb the stairs to your room. 


 "Play on your psp?" 

 "I did. The battery died." 

 "Take a bath." 

 "I had a shower earlier." 

 "Okay I’m out of ideas." 

 "I might have an idea but it involves you." 

 "Me?” You frown, adjusting your phone as you flop down on to your bed. 

 "Well me and you.“ 

 "I’m listening,” you reply, and you will never admit it to him but your heart rate has increased a little. Something tells you that his next words are going to be very interesting. 

 "What are you wearing right now?“

 "Why are you asking?" 

 "I think you know why baby." 

 "Oh I think I do too,” you confess, “but I want to hear you say it." 

 "Ugh Y/N do I have to?" 

 "Tell me Luke or say goodnight and hang up. It’s your choice." 

 "Okay, okay,” Luke surrenders, “I’m horny as fuck, Y/N. I haven’t been touched in three weeks and I keep picturing you with your legs wrapped around my waist and it is killing me. I need some kind of release." 

 "So you want to have phone sex?" 

 "Only if you do too." 

 You ponder for a second even though you already know you want to. You tug off your pyjama bottoms and your oversized t-shirt.

"Y/N?” Luke checks, fearing you’ve hung up. 

 "You know those black crotchless panties that someone through on the stage and you gave me as a joke?“ 


 "That’s what I’m wearing right now. Just them." 

 You heard him swallow and you could picture him struggling to keep himself calm and collected. 

 "Fuck,” he grunted in to the mouth piece. 

 You weren’t lying. It was laundry day and you had been left with no choice but to wear the super kinky but very uncomfortable underwear. 

 "And I shaved,“ you admit. 

 "You mean? Down there?” Luke stuttered. He was so easy to rile up. 

 "Yeah,“ you replied and you gave a soft moan, running a finger over one of your nipples. 

 "What are you doing?” Luke’s words sounded both curious and desperate and you smirked to yourself. 

 "Touching my nipple. It feels so good,“ you admit. 

 "Shit babe that’s hot. Rub those tits and make them nice and stuff." 

 "Is that what you would do if you were here?" 

 "Oh yes. Then I’d lick them over and over until you were begging me to bring my mouth down south." 

 "Ugh,” you moaned at the picture in your head of Luke between your legs, lips soft and wet against your core.

 "My nipples are hard and I’m so wet,“ you inform him and a low breath escapes his lips in to the mouthpiece of his phone. 

 "You are making me so hard,” he moans. 

 "I wish I was there,“ you reply, knowing exactly what to say to draw him further in, "I’d lick up that drop of pre cum that’s on the top of your penis." 

 "Fuck,” he whines,“ then what?" 

 "Then I’d lick your balls until you were begging for me to take you deep in my mouth." 

 "Shit Y/N. You are such a freaking tease." 

You replied with a simple groan. 

 "What are you doing?” He whispered, his interest peaked.

 "Fingering myself,“ you admit. 

 "Ugh. How many fingers?" 

 "Just one. Tell me what to do Lukey? Make your girl feel good." 

 "Fuck Y/N. Put another finger in." 

 You obliged and your back arched of the bed as you moaned in to the phone loudly. 

 "That feel good baby?” Luke asked and you could hear the smirk on his face in the tone of his voice.

 "So good,“ you replied in a shallow breath. 

 "Now rub your clit with your thumb.” You did as he asked, whimpering loudly for his benefit. 

“God you sound so hot when you whine like that,” he groaned. 

 An idea occurred to you and you quickly moved the phone, snapping a picture of yourself in all your glory and sending it to Luke.

 "Hang on I’ve got a message,“ Luke announced. It was silent for a couple of seconds then you heard him loud and clear in your ear. "You’re going to be the death of me,” he growled. 

 "I wish you were here,“ you moaned. 

"And what would you do if I was?" 

 "Spread my legs and let you fuck me in to next week.”

 "Forget next week. I’m going to fuck you in to next year,“ he replies. 

 "What?” You frown.

 "Open your eyes princess.“ 

You do as you are told and jump slightly in fright. Luke is stood in the doorway, leaning up against the frame, phone to his ear. You don’t question it. You don’t wonder how he sneaked in without you hearing or why but you race from the bed and wrap your arms around him and for a second the heat just sizzles there between you as you rejoice in the fact that he is here. Your lips meet him and you intend to kiss him warmly, full of love but somehow it turns frantic. Like you can’t get enough. Like you are worried that if you don’t kiss him hard enough then he might disappear again. 

 He is fully clothed and still carrying his hold all but he drops it and his phone to the floor and grips you tightly to him and it is clear he doesn’t want you to slip away either. He takes a second before he hoists you up and you link your ankles around his lower back.

 He staggers backwards with you until your ass finds the edge of the bed then he lets go for a few seconds. He reaches behind his back and grabs the top of his tank, pulling it over his head. His shoes come off next, kicked roughly across the floor. You help him un do his belt and yank his zipper down. The sense of urgency is noticeable between you. You are both rushing in to this, hormones blazing in fear that if you longer then the opportunity will be gone. You are on contraception so a condom isn’t necessary but Luke runs a finger up your folds to check you are ready. 

 "God phone sex really turns you on doesn’t it?” He grins, “I don’t think you’ve ever been this wet." 

 "Shut up and fuck me,” you reply, growing impatient. 

 He doesn’t need told twice and he slams in to you. You wrap your legs around his waist again as he thrusts deep in to you, stuffing you with his throbbing length. You shriek as he lifts you suddenly and carries you across the room, bouncing you down on his length. 

 You are slammed against the wall and objects clatter from the shelve above you, narrowly missing you and falling to the ground. They continue to fall as Luke picks up his pace. Relentlessly fucking your entrance. 

 "I’ve though about this pussy for weeks. You are so tight.“ 

 "I missed you,” you whisper in his ear, “I missed this." 

 "Tell me how good I feel?” Luke begs. 

 "God you feel so good Lukey. Your so big and hard.“ You moan as he hits your sweet spot. The tip of his length is pushing against your g-spot with every thrust and his v-line is grinding against your clitoris. You can’t help the sensation that is filling you. It’s like your blood is on fire. "I’m close,” you whine and Luke thrusts harder. 

 "Come for me baby,“ you moan at his words and let go, your pussy gripping him inside you as you lose control of your body. 

 You grip Luke’s shoulders, nails digging in as you ride it out, screaming his name. Luke is still going and you whimper as you start to rise again. 

 "Luke,” you whine. 

 "Come again baby. Fuck it’s so hot when you scream my name.“ You obey and this time your vocal arousal pushes Luke over.

 He grunts furiously against your ear, your back thumping against the wall as he gets in his last few thrusts then, panting feverishly he lets go, spurting warm liquid up inside you. 

 You cling to him, scared that he will move and be gone all over again. 

"Welcome home,” you whisper against his neck and he lets out one of his adorable giggles. 

“Surprise?” He grins, leaning back so he can see your face. You grin back at him. 

 "Did you miss me?“ He asks. 

 "I just said I did,” you remind him. 

 "Yeah while I was fucking your brains out,“ he points out. 

 "Hmm well it’s still true,” you assure him. He smiles widely and pecks your lips.  

“Now about that bath?" 

 "I’ll run you one but only if I can join you." 

 "Eager for more already?” He grins, proud of himself. 

 "Always,“ you reply.


All this NaLu and Gruvia is going to kill me.
And the Sting and Lector ordeal was just too much to bear like that was so beautiful and sad and did I mention beautiful.
And then the ending song when (future) Lucy looks down at her hand and sees that it’s still there AND THAT LITTLE TEARDROP KILLED ME and then her face when she sees Natsu and Happy UGH.
Such a good episode.