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‘The Book of Nimrod’ is this web series I just discovered about a drug dealer who winds up having to raise this little girl after her mom basically sold her for drugs.

Yeah it’s real low budget and there’s technical problems but the cast and crew are so passionate about their work.
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top 50 otps of all time ☆ #11. Julie Taylor & Matt Saracen

“It’s about getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.”


please don’t let me name my MC (jks hey winks @ Alan)

Like Father, Like Son.

Everyone felt it that day.

The castle was quieter than it should have been, and quieter than it had ever been before.

It was Father’s Day.
And someone was missing.

Breakfast was silent, and Keith didn’t e bother to show up. That had become the norm for the red paladin though.

Pidge sat quietly next to Hunk, eyes red from lack of sleep and probably crying too.

Hunk are slower than usual, looking around at the members of the table but never making eye contact.

Coran was trying to get Allura to eat something, for he knew how today troubled her. Alfor was gone, but this was her first Father’s Day without him after 10,000 years since the last.

Lance sat at the end of the table, away from everyone. He stared at his food goo but took no particular interest in actually eating it.

Shiro was missing, the most father like person he had was gone. His hero.

Lance and the others had planned it all out; once they found out when it would be in space.

They were going to make him a food goo feast, and have a sort of celebration in the training room.

The mice rehearsed a show, and everyone made gifts or cards of sorts.

It would have been the best Father’s Day once could have in space. That was until Shiro went missing weeks prior.

Lance was also missing Fathers Day back at his home on Earth, and he knew for sure the others did too.

They all had a Space Dad to miss, and actual Dad’s to miss. The castle was quiet.

The blue paladin stood, taking his plate and putting it in the washer. He wasn’t that hungry anyway.

With head bowed, he padded off to the observatory, where he had been everyday since Shiro went missing.

Everyone stayed away from each other, unless it was time for a mission or there was an attack.

Pidge in her room.
Hunk in the kitchen.
Keith in the training area.
Allura and Coran just… about.

As the door glided open and Lance entered, he let out a sigh and went to sit in the middle of the room.

“Show me Earth.”

The holographic map of the solar system covered the room, and right in front of Lance flowed Earth, brightest of them all.

Lance smiled sadly, “Hey there.”

He sat down, and just watched it spin in time. Lance wondered what it was like back there.

His mama would be cooking all day. Making snacks and dips and punches of all flavors.

His papa would be out, sent off away from the house as his day was prepared.

All of his brothers and sisters would be cleaning the yard, cleaning the pool, or cleaning the house.

It would be very busy.

Lance always preferred to stay in the kitchen and cook with his mother.

When father would come home, he would always scoop Lance up, no matter how big he was or how old he had gotten, and place him on his back.

“Lance! You ready to get in the pool?”

It was fun.
The blue eyed boy missed them.

His reminiscence was interrupted by the door open, and Lance looked up to see Coran approaching him.

“Lance, my boy, I saw you didn’t eat your breakfast this morning. Are you alright?” He came over and stood next to the boy, a twinge in his eyes.

The paladin smiled a bit, “I wasn’t really hungry. Thank you for asking, Coran.”

He turned and stared back at Earth, cheek resting on his knee.

A few ticks of silence based, and Coran broke it by sitting next to Lance. He tilted his head at Earth. “You know…”

Lance looked over at him.

“… I regard you like a son, Lance. I might not be Number One, or your Earth father, but I love you like my own and I want you to know that.”

Lance’s eyes widened a bit, looking to the red haired Altean next to him. “I… Thanks, Coran.”

The gorgeous man shrugged, “If you’d like I can take you to do some training.”

Lance groaned, “Keith is in there.”

Coran seemed to think for a moment and then looked to Lance with a grin, “How about we get in the pool?”

The blue Paladins heart skipped a beat and he sat up, staring at the Altean next to him.

How did he…?

Lance wiped his eyes, discovering they had teared up a little, and he smiled.

Coran wasn’t his biological family, but he was the next best thing. He remembered something he’d seen on a tv show once.

Family don’t end in blood.
Such wise words.


Coran helped the boy to his feet with an offered hand, “I can show you how to flip the pool too, if you’d like.” He suggested as they walked.

He winked, twirling his mustache, “One thing you can know that Keith doesn’t to twist is undies, eh?”

Lance laughed, “Yeah, I guess so.”

He hadn’t laughed in forever.


오늘 많은 분들께 걱정을 끼쳐드려 정말 죄송합니다. 빅스 공연을 보려고 경주까지 먼길 오신 분들도 계셨을텐데 정말 죄송합니다. 다음에는 건강한 모습으로 오늘 못 보여드린 무대까지 최선을 다해 보여드릴게요 정말 죄송해요.

I’m so sorry for making many people worry today. There were people who came from far away to see the performance in Gyeongju, so I’m so sorry. Next time I will do my best to show you the performance I couldn’t today in good health I’m so sorry.


NEXT CLASS MEME: Five Romantic Ships

↳  [1/5] Grace Cardinal & Maya Matlin

Opposites Attract

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One of the best things about your relationship with Seokmin was your seemingly endless amount of differences. Seokmin was loud and funny, you were quiet and not exactly a laugh riot. Seokmin was outgoing and could converse with a brick wall if he needed to, you were introverted and could barely hold a conversation with someone you knew. Seokmin was very expressive about his feelings, you were more reserved.

The saying ‘opposites attract’ couldn’t have created a better example than the two of you.

Somehow, despite your differences, the two of you worked well together. You made one another happy and you kept one another grounded. You provided that much needed balance for each other and you both continually thanked the universe that you were somehow brought together.

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You should be with her - Jughead x Reader

Request: Reader is jealous of jughead and Betty’s friendship, distances herself from Jughead.

A/N: Part 3 for Addicted may be out at some point tomorrow guys :) Also I hope this is a good read :) Feedback is welcomed

Word count:

Warnings: Anger and fights etc

2 hours.

2 hours you sat at your regular booth at Pops with your friends, 2 hours you watched your boyfriend of 3 months talk to only one person, and it wasn’t you.

Betty Cooper, recently she had re-opened the Blue and Gold, she also asked Jughead to help co-write for it and investigate Jason Blossoms murder with her. Since then, you couldn’t help but notice Betty and Jughead were a perfect fit for one another, she made him laugh, smile and he even snorted once during a joke she told, meanwhile you could hardly get a chuckle out of him nowadays.

“Y/N” you were brought out of your thoughts by the sound of your name, you turned to your closest friend, Veronica, she was sympathetically smiling at you, “Yeah, V?” you replied, smiling back, trying to signify that you were okay. “Wanna head to mine?”

Ronnie’s mother was away for the weekend and Ronnie had invited you and Betty to come stay, Betty canceled due to a ‘huge break in the case’ that needed her and Jughead to discuss all weekend apparently.

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