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Singing in the Car


The Buttercream squad had found themselves wandering around London for the majority of the day. Realizing that they hadn’t spent much time together as a group, they decided to have lunch and see where the rest of the day will take them. And you can’t have an outing with the boys with theres not at least one person vlogging right?

On this particular day, everyone was vlogging. Everyone except Caspar, Mikey and Conor that is.  

“Will you please just admit that you’re a daily vlogger yet?” Caspar asked, as Joe turned off his camera, shoving it back into his pocket. 

“Not a chance mate. Because I’m not.”

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Cinematography in Carmilla

The webseries Carmilla blows me away every episode. Even though I could probably talk years about the incredible writing and acting, I wanted to focus on the cinematography for a change. A one angle camera-shot may not seem interesting at first, but it is actually pretty darn incredible. It is different from other webseries, because of the use of long takes and it differs from TV because it uses one angle. But it isn’t like theatre either. Okay, let’s explore this unique style! 

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BIG NEWS! I got accepted to Youtube’s Next Vlogger Program baby! 
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Hey!  Here are some updates, let me know what you think about them! YouTube is lying to either you or me… but it tells me I have 1032 so let’s go with that. Drink every time Snoop looks at me like I’m an idiot. And yes I’m aware there’s something on my chin. This video has a lot of stuff.

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Ps, no video til next Wednesday!

Do you ever get in a mood where you’re determined to become really popular in some way on social media? Like, “I am gonna be the next big vlogger. I’m awesome at tweeting everyone will follow me I’m gonna get verified.  All my text posts on tumblr are going to get notes” and then you try to do something about it and make a post and everyone ignores it and your soul is just CRUSHED