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Home Is Where The Heart Is

A/N: This was based on a prompt I got sent but It’s really long so I’m not gonna actually post it, but you should get the basic premise of it from the summary

Word Count: 1.9k 

Warnings: attempted rape, bullying 

Summary: Phil is the nicest kid in school, but even the nicest people have difficult pasts. Phil’s past just happened to cause him to become very sensitive and scared of people touching him. The only person that he’ll let touch him is his boyfriend, Dan. If anyone else were to lay a hand on Phil, he wouldn’t take it well. So what happens when someone does? (very light pastel!Phil and football!player!dan)

Phil sighed as he adjusted the flower crown that lay atop his head. He wasn’t having the best of days. Phil’s most frequent bully, Charlie, was pestering him more than usual. Not to mention that it was pouring rain outside, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that he had to walk over a mile just to get to school. Phil was just happy it was Friday because he wasn’t sure how much more he could take of this shitty day. Plus, he got to hang out with his boyfriend every Friday, which he loved more than anything.

Dan - Phil’s boyfriend - was also his best friend and though they went to the same school, their social statuses varied quite a bit. His boyfriend at the top while Phil lay nearer to the bottom. So they never hung out at school, which was completely Phil’s doing because he didn’t want Dan to ruin a perfectly good reputation. Dan had objected more than once claiming he didn’t care what other people thought, but somewhere deep down, Phil knew he would regret it, and honestly, Phil would regret it too.

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Situation: The last day of the roadtrip, we were all just chilling in a field. Talking about what will happen next.

“Look.” I held up a flower crown made of a wide variety of flowers. “Who may be crowned as the new flower king or queen?”

“Oh pick me!” Alicia raised her hand. “Pleaaaassseee!”

“Okay okay.” I stood up and walked around my circle of friends. “But we live in a democracy, so we must vote. With a great flower crown comes great responsibility.”

“Then everybody should be up to be voted on.” Angelina stated.

“Agreed, but the voting must be done anonymously. Only Melissa can know who voted who.” Lee added. “Plus you can’t vote on yourself.”

“I don’t know if we can trust her with our votes. What if she’s bias?” Fred winked at me.

“Then you should have nothing to worry about!” George laughed.

Only a couple minutes later it became a clear tie between Fred and Lee.

“My dear followers and candidates for the flower crown.” I spoke, circling them with a political pace. “I am afraid the results were inconclusive.” Everybody gasped.

“Oh no!” Fred held his hand in front of his mouth, trying to hide himself holding in a laugh.

“Oh yes.” I continued. “That is why the council had decided to crown themselves.”

“What?” George sounded slightly offended.

“But you are the entire council?” Alicia asked with confusion.

“I must say, democracy is an illusion. I am your true flowerqueen.” I placed the flower crown solemnly on my head. “Bow down, my loyal servants!”

“NEVER!” Angelina chuckled.

“Don’t make me tell your mother!”

“Nooo! Not my mother!” They all did as I said and bowed down.

“Now I’ll need a partner.. A partner in crime so to say. Any volunteers? ”

“Don’t do it! She has a heart of ice!” Fred told the others.

“You fool! They were not supposed to know that.” I was trying my hardest to contain my laughter at this point.

“I’ll volunteer. I bet I can meld that heart of hers.” Lee stood up.

“Good.” I picked up some flowers and threw them on Lee’s head. “So my flowerking, what will be your first order of business?”

“Make our followers make us dinner. And the ginger one over there,” Lee gestured his head towards George, “He has to give me a foot massage.”

“Good choice.” I nodded.

Meanwhile Fred’d made a flower crown himself.

“This man is an imposter, my queen! It is not him, for I am the true FLOWER KING!”

“Don’t flatter yourself. You are not nearly as fabulous as my real king.” I winked at Lee.

“Then I will battle YOU for the flower crown.” Fred replied.

“I.. I don’t need to prove myself.” I tried, but the others were now chanting “”Fight! Fight! Fight!”

“NEVER!” I shrieked as I started running across the field, chased by Fred. Unlucky for me, the others were on his side. I was so busy looking back at Fred, that I forgot to look where I was heading. I ran straight into George.

“I got her!” George said and Angelina quickly snatched the crown of my head and placed it on Fred’s. He then hooked arms with Lee and they started strutting around the field.

“Look darling.” Fred put on his post accent. “This is all part of our kingdom now.”

“I know, my queen.” Lee replied.

zevran #4

when you are sad, think about:

  • zevran teaching brosca to dance, letting them stand on his feet until the movements settle into their muscle memory
  • zevran shivering in the fereldan winter nights, and the warden’s mabari snuggling up next to him to keep him warm
  • leliana making flower crowns and giving them to each of the party members, zevran the only one who wears his proudly into battle and checks at the end of the fight to make sure it’s still intact
  • alistair polishing his boots incorrectly and zevran gently, kindly demonstrating how to take care of leather
  • oghren drinking in a pub one night, with zevran sidling up next to him and offering a non-alcoholic ale – “all of the taste, none of the hangover, eh?” – and oghren giving him a heavy thankful look
  • zevran, immediately able to recognize morrigan no matter her form; when all other party members flee from her as a bear or spider, he merely scoots over on his seat and makes room for her
  • the warden injured by a poisoned blade and sleeping fitfully, wynne watching over them; zevran approaches and offers his knowledge on antidotes, and wynne nods, and for a moment they set aside their differences
  • zevran and sten, noticing the shadows that each hides in their own secret ways, sitting silently together by the fire when neither one is in the mood for talking

storiewriterkalyn  asked:

Um. Um. how about. Tora or Ben or Alcor (or any combo thereof!!) in. Gosh. in fanmade korato x alcor shirts. or things. Or maybe flower crowns because flower crowns are A+ good things.

Poor kid!!!!!!! He really just can’t catch a break!

(Bentley agreed to wear the shirt in public after Dipper ate all of his secret candy stash he WAS TOTALLY SAVING AND NOT HOARDING and he needed a means for some good ol revenge)

Flower crowns coming up next!!!~~~~~


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.14.16

theme: floral wedding finds
the hadley flower crown by lovesparklepretty

bring on the flower crowns … i often wish i had gone boho-hippie for our wedding six years ago, which was more classic-eclectic, so i could have worn a flower crown. i love this ivory and white floral halo with leaves and baby’s breath. one more beaut from this shop up next, plus more beautiful floral halos!

anonymous asked:

Can do a flower child Harry rec? I know it's not really popular anymore but I love those fics and I would be so happy.

Of course I can! SOrry it took so long I have had the worst internet the past few days and its sucked a WHOLE LOT. ok so click the read more and theres like 20 fics. :-))

Violets and Paper Aeroplanes~

Harry likes Louis very much a lot and Louis’ a bit of an arsehole.

A little less sixteen candles, A little more “touch me”~

Louis has always dreamed of owning his own house, and fresh out of university, he finally achieves his dream. Only splurging on tattoos and piercings, Louis is well off, and he’s just in luck, because he practically shares a room with the boy in the flower crown next door.

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Dear Returning Fannibals

(and those of you who never left, and anybody else who posts a bunch of Hannibal stuff)

With season 3 is almost upon us, I’m sure loads of you are going to be popping up all over this website in the next week like adorable, flower-crown-wearing mushrooms on a buried diabetic. I only began revolving my life around discovered this show in the thick of the HeAteUs, so there’s a good chance I haven’t met you yet. If that’s the case, you are cordially invited to my dashboard.

Just reblog or like this post and I’ll follow you. If you feel like you need more fanart/ general Hannibal-related nerdery in your life, you can follow me and I’ll follow back.

Looking forward to savouring the hunt with you,

<3 madamantler

anonymous asked:

So the other day I was like "What if Enjorlas loses a bet to Grantaire and he has to wear a flower crown for an entire meeting"? and I thought maybe you'd like it and could expand on it bc I just really love Enjorlas' curls. They are just begging to have flowers in them <3 (bonus points if its e/R fluff bc Im a hopeless fangirl)

I really liked how this was turning out until I got to the last bit and had no idea how to finish it well. But here you go, anon! :D

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