next up the dudes

imagine being at the gym and this really ripped looking dude comes up and starts lifting weights next 2 u. this dude is seriously ripped and he is pumping serious iron without breaking a sweat. he turns around and you make eye contact and it’s singer-songwriter sufjan stevens listening 2 the bible on audiobook

Sana: One time when Nayeon was asleep I watched reading rainbow on full blast volume and she woke up just to yell at me to “Turn that shit off” like an old ass man.

Nayeon: I woke up because your ass scared me out of my peaceful sleep to hear “READING RAINBOOOOOW” being screamed in my ear

Sana: I just wanted to watch reading rainbow and you yelled at me :(

Nayeon: Because the volume was up all the way! Who does that??

Sana: I’m putting u on blast

Nayeon: Lol k

{a couple hours later}

Nayeon: Also, I would like to point out that it isn’t like she was watching this on full blast in another room…no, she was right next to me and I was sleepin’

Sana: Shut up dude

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Dude, stop. By calling anyone who disagrees with B+Y a homophobe you make yourself out to be a heterophobe. I don't ship B+Y but I do ship Y+W. Get your head out of your ass. People can dislike B+Y or like B+S and not be homophobe. Jesus Christ do you call J+P and N+R homophobic ships?

i was not expecting to wake up to this today

yup, you’ve got me, i’ve been found out, i, a 23 year old straight man, am a heterophobe. because that’s actually a thing, because that’s actually a problem in the world. heterophobia

if you’d actually looked at any of my other recent posts on that subject, my major problem is, specifically, with the obnoxious overly vocal shippers that refuse to acknowledge the connection Blake and Yang have in canon to the point where they take lines out of context in Armed and Ready, which specifically references the connection the two canonically have, to be about Ruby. but thanks for missing the context, i guess

and the discussion in general has been about how either Yang is reduced to that one aspect of her character by a lot of these shippers in order to justify Blake and Sun because “Yang being in love with Blake would invalidate her love for Ruby” when no such excuses would exist if either Blake or Yang were a guy (which surprisingly enough is homophobic). or how those lines in Armed and Ready are taken out of context to justify shipping Blake with someone else by denying how strong her connection is with Yang because it makes her (canonically platonic) connections with characters like Weiss (as mono shippers tend to be the most obnoxiously vocal about this subject) pale in comparison, and they can’t have that

apparently i have to make myself clear, i don’t have a problem with people who ship Blake and Yang with others besides each other (unless it’s gross, obviously), i take issue when obnoxious, insecure people feel the need to loudly and vocally deny what’s right in front of them, because of deep seated homophobia and/or indignation that their ship likely won’t be canon because there’s little to no canon basis for it. to take what we’ve been given and twist it to fit their narrative with so much reaching, to deny that an F/F ship is a genuine possibility and reduce a character down to one single trait in order to do so

also these people don’t exactly give me much room to maneuver in what to call them - but y’know, clearly i’m just as bad, being a heterophobe and all

as for Jaune/Pyrrha - ehh, i can take or leave, i think Pyrrha deserved better but i can see it. Ren/Nora i have absolutely no problems with, they’re an established dynamic with a lot of moments and clearly have a strong connection

but yeah, thanks for making generalised assumptions because you ignored the context and then making hilarious accusations about things that aren’t real

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((so like.. smooth animation right? Have you seen a quirky little show called superjail?))

Yess!! Superjail is a little miracle, I love it.

My animation professor Doug had this funny story where he was at some animation festival and they were playing Christy Karacas work, and he didn’t know anything other than the name, so he said out loud, “Oh my god, I LOVE this girl’s work, she’s so good”, and then later on when Christy won something, the dude sitting right next to Doug stood up.  It was Christy, of course.  

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Coco reminds me so much of my old cat! We got him from a rescue, he was an old grandpa who no one wanted so of course we had to have him. He was such a sweetheart, super lazy because he was already 18, but loved ear scratches and snuggling up next to us. Little dude lived to be 21, which is incredible. I'm so happy we got to give him a happy retirement. Anyway, your cat is super cute, give him a lil ear scratch for me <3

That’s awesome! Over the past years we’ve rescued several dogs and cats from our local shelter and they always make the best pets. Coco’s a rescue that was found in a barn at my Mother in laws farm. We weren’t sure if he would survive when we got him. He was extremely under weight (the mother wouldn’t feed him) and he had a broken tail, but he did just fine with some visits to the vet and TLC. Love this rascal. Now if we could talk about his selfie game. Lol

ayoko. talaga. ng. nagtatanong. sa. internet. facebook/twitter/tumblr. kung. pwede. ba. maging. girlfriend. alam niyo yun? parang nakakababa siya para sakin, yung dating. ‘Di ba ko pwedeng ligawan in person? Tangina pang-internet lang ba ko? Nakakainis kasi parang gago ayoko ng ganon. Ayoko ng playtime or what, I want something real okay. I want someone I can hold, I can hug, a shoulder to lean on mga ganon. I want the real shit not just a piece of shit okay? Dami ko nang na-unfriend sa facebook dahil sa ganito, baka next time sa Tumblr na din. Man up naman dude, yup sige kilalanin niyo yung girl sa chat pero 'di yung after 30mins niyo i-chat, tatanungin na “pwede ka bang maging girlfriend?” luh ano yun? Idk pero personally ayoko talaga ng ganon huhu siguro kung mag-boyfriend ako ulit, gusto ko yung friend ko or yung friend ng friend ko or yung schoolmate ko or taga-dito samin or basta, yung kilala ko at kilala talaga ako. well sa totoo lang yung ex ko, sa Facebook lang talaga kami nagkakilala pero kasi dito siya nag-school malapit samin, so nagkikita kami ganern, pwede maging instrument yung internet to meet other people. Pero yung tipong internet girlfriend lang? No thanks, bye.


Sam and Dean are sitting in their motel room when Sams phone starts to ring. He checks the caller ID then answers.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” Sam says as he continues to work on his laptop.

“Sammmmmmy, Sam!”  You whisper into the phone, Sam’s eyebrows scrunch up in confusion and he lets out a laugh. “Yes, are you okay?”

“Oh, I gotta tell you…I feel fantastic right now.”

As you begin to ramble, Sam puts you on speaker phone and gets up to sit next to Dean. “Yo, dude listen.” Sam grins at Dean and Dean whispers to him. “Is he/she drunk again?”

You slur your words and can’t stop laughing. “Dean, Deanoooooo! Listen..” You keep pausing from laughter then continue. “I need the biggest favor ever guys really ’tis important..pinky swear.” 

At this point the boys can’t control themselves, they’re extremely amused. “Yes Y/N?” Dean says while putting his fingers on his lips, holding in his laughter.

“I say, we get baby and go for a late night diner run, crazy plan for some crazy ass people, who is in!? Dean, Dean, I know for a FACT you’re in, now Sammy my boy it is all up to you…deal…or no deal?” The boys can practically hear you rolling around in bed. Dean glances at Sam. 

“Well, ‘Sammmmmmy’,” Dean mimics your voice. “You in?”

Sam just shakes his head and laughs. “We’ll get you in 10 minutes.” He says into the phone.

“WOOOOOOOOO yes my boy Sammy! Always coming through!!! I’m going to go change into my pjs and wait for my boys!” You practically scream into the phone and Dean convulses with laughter. Sam hangs up and they both stand up, shaking their heads. 

As Dean shuts the motel door he can’t help but smile. “You know, Y/N is the only person who can calls us completely plastered, and it being completely okay.”

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I met the most clueless straight cisdudebro at work tonight.

Also propably the worst Where’s Waldo-player in the history of humankind.

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Hello my bois what up? I have an exam next monday and its ESSAY WRITING. My dudes if i could have one of you by my side cheering me on... i would take that chance!

Matt: I mean I could send you a ch-

Edd: We don’t send cheat sheets to people in school, but good luck.

Candy Land part 5 Voyeurism in the Gumdrop Mountains

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

Pairing: SamxReader, GabrielxReader
Word count: 2,399
Warnings: Oral (reader giving and receiving), smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up, dude), voyeurism
Author(s): Brittiny and Mel
Tagging: @ezm1995

The next morning, it only took you a couple hours to reach Gumdrop Mountains. By the looks of it, this would take the longest to pass. Sighing, he stretched and glanced at Gabriel. “I wonder how Sam and Dean are doing.” Since they had obviously not encountered the evil Mr. Mint, probably well. Not as well as you, though.

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