next up on white privilege


It absolutely astounds me how white people watch my video about racism and think it’s about DIVISION. No hun, the video is litereally about HEY here’s what happened, let’s make things better and recognize existing power structures. It wasn’t fuck whitey. I’m so tired of how white people literally seem to not be able to hear about things that actually happened and always think criticism of racism is hate. Stop it.

Meanwhile, while you’re pretending that i’m perpetuating division between the races, ima go snuggle up next to my white boyfriend, who by the way, calls out white privilege a lot more than I do and is way more no nonsense about it. 

I’m not about division, i’m about unity and ignoring how racism has impacted our society is not how we move forward towards unity. Something tells me this commenter isn’t interested in unity, he’s interested in making his feelings, as a white man, more important and more pressing than the feelings of people of color. I love when white people disguise their racism as trying to seem like they’re more interested in unity. You’re not. If you were you’d realize that we have to tear down existing power structures so that things can get better for EVERYONE, not just white people in America.