next up is waterloo

London Night Vale Meet!

By a narrow margin, Sunday 29th of June has been decided on for the next London, UK, Night Vale meet up!

Location: Jubilee Gardens, near Waterloo Station and the London Eye, as before.

Start time: early afternoon, sort of midday/ one-ish, and no fixed end time - either we finish when we finish, or the stragglers head back to mine to watch Flash Gordon and make cocktails again. I can only offer two sofa spaces for anyone who stays late and has train trouble, and I do have to know you from previous events for that.

That said, anyone at all is welcome to come to the meet, find other fans, say hello, and join us for the day! Cosplay is entirely optional, but encouraged if you’d like to dress up. Feel free to reblog this for your friends or UK followers, too.