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I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been working probably more than I should, and somehow totally forgot how to paint???  Here’s my sore attempt to get back into the swing of things and also draw GOT fanart. Hopefully I will finish this soon/eventually!


A little thank you to all of you who have been so incredibly supportive this week. You’re the motivation that keeps me writing.

The air outside was sweltering, the heavy heat of the day pressing down on her like a fist. Humidity had never been Michonne’s favorite natural occurrence when she had lived in a world of air conditioning. After the turn, it was nearly unbearable. She took a break from patrolling, lowering herself to the cool grass beneath a tree, resting her back against the bark. Alexandria was quiet today. She sighed, willing her body to relax.


Michonne flicked her eyes open to be met with the sight of Carl standing in front of her. His face was obscured in part by his hat, in part by the long hair that was becoming a source of contention between he and his father.

“Hey Carl,” Michonne smiled at her adopted son, gesturing for him to take a seat beside her. Carl dropped down, his lanky limbs folding beneath him. She took in the wrinkles between his eyebrows, an expression she was well-versed in seeing on another face. “Something on your mind?” she asked.

“Can I ask you something?” Carl fiddled with a blade of grass, pushing it absentmindedly between his fingers.

“Of course,” she sat up slightly, tilting her head in his direction.

“Do you and Dad fight?” he exhaled his question all in one breath, his eye flickering to meet hers for the briefest of moments.

“Are you talking about what happened this morning?” Michonne was embarrassed even thinking about the situation. A sink full of unwashed dishes had launched a squabble that brought a blush to her cheeks. It seemed absurd to argue over a pile of dirty bowls. Even here at the end of the world, pettiness was not beneath either of them.

Carl swallowed, intent on studying the thin blade of grass lying in his palm. “Does that happen a lot?”

“Every now and again,” she admitted, watching Carl carefully. “It happens when two strong-willed people fall in love.”

“Do you fight a lot?” the questions continued.

“No,” it was the truth. “There’s enough going on out there to fight,” she gestured beyond the high walls in front of them. “You know that.”

“I do,” Carl met her eyes at last. “It’s just…” he began to tear at the foliage in his hands. “Dad used to fight a lot with my Mom.”

Michonne paused. She had never known Lori, never had the opportunity to meet the woman who brought two of her favorite human beings on Earth into existence. From what she could glean, the union of Carl’s birth parents had never been particularly blissful. Whispers of their contentious relationship had reached Michonne’s ears even at the prison.

“I can’t promise you that your dad and I will never fight,” Michonne began carefully, keeping her tone airy. “But I can promise you that we’re partners. Even when we disagree, I’m still with him. Even when he’s being a slob.” She chuckled, shaking her head slightly.

“You would tell me, if you started fighting?” Carl looked so earnest that Michonne felt her heart clench.

“I promise you, there’s nothing to tell.” She reached for her son then, dragging him towards her. Carl let the grass fall from his hands, hugging her instead. Michonne squeezed him tightly, kissing him on the top of his hat. “Where’s your dad?” she asked, tugging gently at Carl’s hair.

“He’s still at home,” Carl gestured behind him. “I think he’s waiting on you.”

Michonne rose to her feet at once, pulling Carl up behind her. “Isn’t Enid in town? Shouldn’t you be with her?” She delighted in the blush that rose at once on her son’s cheeks.

“I will. I just had to drop Judith off with Tara. And I wanted to check on you first.” He looked embarrassed again, his eye drifting back down.

Michonne grinned fondly at him. “Tell Enid I say ‘hello’,” she instructed, straightening Carl’s hat.

“Where are you going?” his final question was directed at Michonne’s back as she started up the street.

“Home,” she smiled at the grin on Carl’s face as she walked off.

The front door of the house was thrown wide open, attempting to coax in a breeze. Michonne removed her shoes as she crossed the threshold, tugging the door firmly closed behind her and throwing the bolt. The smell of cleaning supplies tickled her nose.

“Rick?” she called out curiously, her bare feet padding against the hardwood floors. She located him in the kitchen, his back bowed over the counters, his arm pumping furiously. She continued her silent approach, taking advantage of his position to wrap her arms around him.

“Michonne,” he spun around, surprise clear on his face. A sponge dropped from his hand, landing with a dull wet splash on the counter.

“You cleaned,” she swept her eyes over the kitchen. It hadn’t been this spotless since they moved in.

“I’m sorry about the thing with the dishes,” Rick started in immediately, rumbling out an apology in his rough accent. “I get why you’re upset. I promise, I’m going to start pulling my weight. I’ll get to the bathroom next—“

Michonne cut him off with brusque kiss, pulling his heated body into hers. His skin was flushed from the heat of the day, coupled with what had obviously been a morning of intense labor.

“I love you,” she declared this against his lips when they came up for air, cupping his face between both of her hands.

He smiled, still somewhat unsure. “I know that. I love you too.” He licked his lips nervously.

“Good,” she released him, taking a step back. “Then you’ll help me with something?”

“Anything,” his sharp eyes followed her as she slowly fiddled with the buttons of his shirt.

“I cleaned our bathroom yesterday,” she started, warmth flooding her as Rick watched her eagerly. “But it’s a hot day. We should probably clean you up next.” She bit her lip, running her hands along his arms.

Rick’s eyes darkened immediately, his voice dropping in timbre. “What’d you have in mind?”

“Come upstairs with me and find out,” she challenged.

She turned on her heels and ran, leading Rick to their bathtub with a giggle.

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How would iKON react to their girlfriend crying in front of them?

Jinhwan would be super upset seeing you cry. As Jinhwan himself is very sensitive, he would probably tear up seeing you. He’d let you talk and he’d give you advice if needed, if you didn’t feel like talking, he would simply lay down by you.

Yunhyeong would do his best to cheer you up, he’d flash you his beautiful smile and tell you everything is okay. He’d make sure you take a break the next day for a self-care day and give you all the snacks you wanted.

Bobby is all about physical contact. He’d pull you close to him and rub your back in small circles try to calm you down. His main concern would be putting a smile back onto your face. He would probably tear up seeing you so upset. 

Hanbin seems to be inexperienced when it comes to others crying. Crying in front of him would be awkward at first but eventually, he’d come to his senses and wrap an arm around you. He would probably ask you what’s wrong and accidently make it worse, once he realizes he isn’t helping he’d just sit next to you quietly with his hand rubbing up and down your arm.

Junhoe probably would pull you into a hug and just let you cry on his shoulder till you calmed down. He isn’t very good with comforting words so he’d wrap a blanket around you and put on your favorite movie.

Donghyuk would be really sweet. He’d make sure you have plenty of tissues and a big comfy blanket to wrap up in. He would put on a movie and snuggle up next to you.

Chanwoo would silently sit beside you, he would let you talk about your feelings. He’d try to make you feel better by putting on your favorite movie and making your favorite snacks, then he’d let snuggle up next to him on the couch till you fell asleep with him stroking your hair.

I Sort Of Fucked Up | Part 2

< Part 1

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You’re in the elevator with two foreigners, thinking that neither of them speak English. And you take advantage of that - except you were wrong all along.
Warnings: A few curse words, DEFINIETLY SEXY TALK, sort of phone sex but not actually, more like phone teasing, a nervous reader, idk
Word Count: 1518

Y/N: Your Name

Author’s Note: IT IS HERE! Part 2 is actually here. I didn’t actually think I’d make it, but I did. I’m thinking of making this into a three part series instead. Hopefully you guys are okay with that <3 There isn’t any actual smut in this one, but I promise there will be some in the next part!
NB! I have only gone over the fic once, so there might be a few mistakes.

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“L-Lord Scorpio! Please d-don’t say unnecessary things to anyone! Especially to Vega!

Hidden Words

A/N: Okay who’s gonna volunteer to come here and give me back tickles because I now have a craving

Words: 695

Adam Parrish had few weaknesses, and even fewer of them were known to others than himself. One thing that he could never hide, however, was the fact that he all but melted as soon as someone started running their fingers over his back. Simply touching him there left him longing for more, and it took Ronan a surprisingly short amount of time to figure that out. See, even if Adam loved it, it wasn’t something he was used to ask for.

He would always be grateful for the fact that Ronan could read him as well as he could. Just one look at Adam’s face and Ronan’s hand was on his back, trailing his fingertips slowly over the material of Adam’s shirt. Adam shivered, whatever troubles he was having vanishing into thin air for as long as Ronan kept touching him. Ronan knew this. Oh, he knew.

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14th of January: “Percico Ocean Nights”

Since I already did a Solangelo, Jercy and Jasico piece, I thought I’d add Percico today.

Also thought it would be a good idea to try out how to paint water.
I’ll have to work on that ;)

Though I like how the splashy bit in the very front turned out ;3

Nico+Percy © Rick Riordan, PJO/HOO
Art © Tári

BTS Reacting To: You Going to the Hospital for an Injury

- Requested by Anon

(I think the suddenness would be more dramatic and also, I feel like with illness it’s like…oh you’re dying slowly…um…)
*supposing you’re in a relationship*

Jin“You worried me! Don’t do that again!”
if he can make it to the hospital to see you he will, until then he’ll be far too distracted to perform well (maybe he’ll stress eat or not eat that’s how much it would worry him) unless you call him and tell him you’re okay. If you’re not conscious he’ll probably leave to go be with you in the middle of practice. He’ll bring you flowers if he happens to pass by a stand, remembering your favorites, but in a rush he might just run in without a plan and only calm down once he knows you’re going to be okay.

Suga: “Hey. I’m glad you’re okay.”
he’ll be super concerned, but he’ll shut everyone out, and pretend he’s okay, but it would be totally visible that he’s worried. He wouldn’t be able to stay still until he knows more details, and once he gets to be with you he won’t move. He won’t sleep until you’re okay and he’ll probably end up falling asleep in his chair next to you while holding your hand. Afterwards, he’ll probably end up being extra careful with you and cherishing more than ever because your injury totally spooked him. He’ll tell you he wasn’t worried because he knows you’re strong but he’s so obviously still worried and being the most religious he’s ever been in his whole life. 

J-Hope: “I was so worried, I think you made me age 100 years!”
he is going to cry. He’ll actually worry a lot and end up crying if he doesn’t know what’s going on. Once he sees that you’ll be fine he’ll bawl, and then be super dramatic and scream about how he almost lost you, even if it’s something minor. He’ll ask if you’re in pain and give you a lot of kisses. He would also want to cling to you a lot but won’t if he thinks it’ll hurt you, but he’ll bring you a lot of food and have a death grip on your hand. Afterwards he’s going to baby you like there’s no tomorrow and he will probably offer to give you a sponge bath. 

Namjoon: “I just… if you’re gone, then… is it possible to die of a broken heart?”
he won’t be that emotional because he’s not going to be able to process it for a while, and he’s going to deny that you’re seriously injured. Still, his work is going to suffer because his mind will go blank and he’ll just be numb because he can’t even think of a world without you. He’s going to look like he’s thinking hard, and being sad, and he is but really he’s just shutting down because he doesn’t open up to many people so if you’re gone he’s all alone. He’ll avoid the hospital until he knows you’re okay, (also out of fear of breaking equipment necessary to helping you) and then bring you flowers and kiss your hands a lot. He’ll probably use this as inspiration for a song though… 

Taehyung: “Omo, I’m glad my baby is okay!”
he’ll probably call his dad. He won’t know how to deal with so much worry on his own. If he can’t talk to you he’s going to call his dad and cry. He’ll pace a lot too, he might be a little strange usually and all smiles but he’s going to having the saddest face you’ll ever see in your life. He might try to force a smile at anyone who tries to reassure him but he’s still going to worry. He’ll ask the other members to go with him to the hospital because he would want to shower you with as much love as possible. Expect sloppy kisses all over your face once he seems you, if your injury is anywhere in his range he’s going to accidentally hurt you with his kisses. 

Jimin: “Ah, jagiya, I’m going to take care of you, okay?”
I feel like he’ll be so emotional he might come across as angry? He’ll scream and probably punch a wall before breaking down and crying. The others will crowd around him and hold him because they all love him, and he’s so loving to them so they’re going to try to help him out but he’ll mentally block them out and he’ll wallow. Once he calms down and gets good news he’ll be so releived he’ll chuckle at himself as he sits on the floor in a corner, tired after crying his eyes out. He’ll probably still cry out of happiness. He’ll pout at you a lot and blame you (playfully) about making him seem less manly when he was worried. 

Jungkook: “As your boyfriend, it’s my job to protect you, okay?”
he won’t be as loud as Jimin, but he’ll cry a lot too. He’ll try to control his breathing, and be calm but since he’s so young he might not know what to do so he’ll talk to somebody about it. He’ll be by your side quickly, and wait patiently, either frozen or pacing, for news. He’ll say he’s okay, but he’ll constantly be on edge when a doctor comes near him, hoping they have an update. Once he knows you’re okay, he’ll continue to worry and if he can he’ll run his fingers through your hair and give you a lot of kisses. He won’t let you out of his sight for a while, and make sure you’re always safe because he doesn’t want you to ever be in any pain. 

*Thank you for requesting, Anon! I’ll post the others you asked for soon!*


011. Eevee

I don’t usually work in pencil, but I found this old thing in my folder. I was planning on painting it sometime by hand… if I ever get the guts, haha!

012. Parent/child studies.

I’m quite awful at drawing humangs, so I probably should do more practice sessions like the one I had Wednesday night (next up: probably hands and feet, uggh)!

Vintage photos are a great place to look for fun poses. :)

Looks Like He Can Surf

They spend the summer before university in an old beach house. Luke meets the human embodiment of sunshine. Just like the ocean waves, sometimes people are unpredictable. (lashton AU)

[I] - [II] - [III] - [IV]
[V1] - [V2] - [VI]
[VII] - [VIII]

Here is an update! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽