next to tommy and laurel


The creauture had made them see their deepest and darkest desire. 

Jax had seen his mother; cheering at him at the bleachers as she scored the final point and made his team victorious.

Ray, had seen Anna, alive and next to him; leaving the life that they had planned together. 

Cisco had seen Dante; the only thing he wanted was his brother to come back. 

Felicity had seen her and Oliver, of course, leaving a happy and domestic life together. 

Mick had seen that his friend was still alive; kicing ass with him and being a king by his side, on 2046. 

Amaya had seen her team; her friends, oh how much she missed them.

Bary had seen a life free of metahuman powers; his mother alive an everything, perfect-just how he imagined flashpoint in his adolescent mind. 

Oliver had seen his team all together again; Felicity by his side and Laurel there, next to Tommy. 

Caitlin had seen her and her mother; spending time together and having the relationship they should have had.

Kara had seen that she made her mother proud and that her family was alive and in earth with her.

John had seen that his brother was still alive; meeting his nephew and being a part of his family. 

Winn had seen him and his father; going toy shopping together and him being there for the little boy.

Thea had seen Roy, coming back to her and Laurel being there to celebrate with her. 

Martin had seen that he returned home to his wife Clarissa, who was waiting for him as if he never left. 

James had seen him and Kara; something that seemed really far away now.

Alex had seen her and Maggie, and that was what confused her the most. 

Nate had seen that he was making an actual difference to the world with his work; helping people.

But, Sara, she had seen what no one thought she would have. 

She saw a normal life. 

Getting Laurel ready for her wedding with Tommy; Oliver being the best man, and she being the maid of honor.

And as the couple sawyed to the music, after the ceremony, Leonard Snart’s arms snaked around her waist and his lips grazed her ear. 

“You want to to dance, Sara?”

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Curious for your thoughts on this but what would Arrow be like without Felicity (since EBR was originally a guest star)?

A dark, depressing show? Dead in the water?

Ha. Brevity aside, I honestly can’t even imagine Arrow without Felicity Smoak anymore. I mean, I literally cannot picture it.

I have no idea what the show’s original direction would have been throughout season 1 and beyond had Felicity either not shown up at all, or shown up for her one scene and then disappeared. Well, I do know, but I can’t picture it.

See, the thing is, the pilot set up the proposed trajectory of the show quite neatly, if not exactly successfully. Oliver was back from the island, he loved Laurel but didn’t know if he could ever be with her. Laurel meanwhile had a thing going on with Tommy, his best friend, who was in love with her (whether she was in love with Tommy at that point, I don’t know for sure. Certainly the potential was there). Season 1 had this whole cliched love triangle drama going on (and why the detractors of the show’s current direction never complain about that is both mind-boggling and enlightening) and had the show not changed course mid-way through thanks to Stephen and Emily’s electric chemistry and the promise of something “more”, it would have continued along that path for at least the rest of the season, if not beyond.

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Moments of Impact

Believe it or not, this entire idea came to me after seeing a picture of people at a Neon Splash paint party. I have no idea how it morphed into … this. It just sort of happened. This piece is dedicated to effie214, because she makes me laugh and has an uncanny way of encouraging me at just the right moments.

I hope you like it.

Spoilers: None. This one is AU.

Summary: There will be another eternity.

FF: {X}

AO3: {X}


Life is a free fall, Felicity thinks; an endless spinning drop through a momentary eternity. Some people fight the weightlessness, terrified by the knowledge that nothing falls forever, and they must eventually collide with something; others embrace the freedom of it all, laughing and grasping at clouds as they go.

Felicity prefers to build her wings on the way down, and hang suspended in the moments of impact.


She is twenty-one, and her girlfriend has persuaded her, through unfair means, to go to a paint party. Neon Splash has come to Starling City, and Sara has made it clear that Felicity doesn’t have a choice in attending. They are going, and they’re going to have a great time, and she should just accept it already.

In truth, Felicity thinks it sounds like fun. She has never been to a paint party but Sara is so excited that she can’t resist teasing her. Felicity pretends to groan and protest, and Sara answers by threatening to throw her computers out the window if she doesn’t go.

Sara’s threats are mostly hollow, of course. One of the things she loves about Felicity is that she’s generally up for a good time – as long it doesn’t involve hurting anyone. Sara also knows that Felicity is about the furthest thing away from the grumpy old lady persona she’s adopted to tease her, so she just smiles and enjoys the game.

They are having lunch with Sara’s family the afternoon of the paint party. Felicity has lived in the city for just a few months and knows Detective Lance by reputation, but she has never met her girlfriend’s family. She knows that Sara is nervous – her family doesn’t know that she’s dating a woman, or even that she would want to date a woman – so Felicity fills the hours before the meal with laughter. She doesn’t care if the Lance’s know who she is to Sara, because she isn’t there for them, and she makes sure to remind Sara of that.

Still, Sara is nervous. When they pull into the parking lot behind the diner that the Lance family frequents, she kisses Felicity with an almost desperate affection.

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4 Arguments against Olicity

NOTE:  There is a heavy dose of sarcasm in this post.  AND I’m only posting it on the Olicity tag (for fellow fans to see) because I don’t want to incite any 'anger’ by posting it on a more general tag.

There are 4 main arguments against Olicity.  I’ll try to give my thoughts on this here.

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Bring Back Tommy Merlyn for Season 4.

I’ve been seeing so many Tommy posts in the past two days (and we shall not speak of why), but I want/need him to come back in season 4 and this is why it may actually be possible (in my opinion). 

                                             Damien Darhk

We know he has some of the water from the Lazarus Pit and we know that he was Ra’s nemesis. When Malcolm was forced to leave the League at the end of Season 1, what if he went to Darhk to try and bring back Tommy? (Or Darhk could have brought back Tommy on his own so that he could use him against Malcolm; Malcolm was Ra’s right hand man before the whole earthquake fiasco so he was still an enemy of Darhk). Maybe Tommy was brainwashed after being back or the Pit had a more of effect on him than Thea and he was trained to be the new Dark Archer. I mean Malcolm is known as The Magician and yes, they also called him the Dark Archer in season 1, but Tommy could still be called the Dark Archer now that Malcolm is leading the League. 

Anyways, what if he’s a member of H.I.V.E. and he has a more prominent role in season 4 to take out Oliver and the team? A subplot of the season could be to try and bring Tommy back to the good side. If Darhk is Felicity’s father, he will have a more personal relationship to her as the Big Bad next season, but with Tommy present, Oliver, Laurel and Thea will have more of an incentive to fight Darhk to get Tommy back. This also gives opportunity for Malcolm and the League to show up. If Malcolm and Darhk are now enemies (since he’s the new Ra’s), Malcolm could be invested in the fight to save his son (or make Tommy join him…and then they all kill Malcolm and Nyssa becomes the next Ra’s, hopefully). 

In my opinion, Tommy was the love of Laurel’s life; I’m Team Merlance all the way and bringing him back gives her something to fight for beyond just saving the city. It will give her a more personal connection to the enemy this time and give her chance to develop more as a character and as a hero. Plus, once they save him (because you know they will), Tommy and Laurel can live happily ever after

Also, a personal headcanon of mine is Tommy and Felicity being bffs. At least in season 1, Tommy was adorable, quirky, and light with a great sense of humor. If he was saved with the Pit and he could get back to being normal by the end of the season or during season 5, I would like to think he and Felicity would get along great; his humor and her babbling? That’s what bffs are made of. Plus, I can totally see him teasing Oliver and Felicity about their relationship and how in sync they are, about them being totally married, and beverything else. I want double dates with Olicity and Merlance, family dinners with the entire team and everything in between.

I honestly think that the theme of season 4 is  family. If that’s the case, then it makes it the perfect time for Tommy to come back. Darhk will, hopefully, have a connection to Felicity as her father, but Tommy will have a connection to Malcolm, Laurel, Thea, and Oliver. Diggle will have an extended connection to Darhk as well since H.I.V.E killed his brother. This pretty much ties everyone into the fight next season personally which hasn’t really been done before. We also know that season 4 is supposed to be somewhat lighter compared to this season and Tommy was definitely one of the lighter characters in season 1; he was fun, cute, and he had some of the best lines that season. Once they save him, he (and Felicity of course) will help keep that lighter tones with babbles and innuendos and the whole shebang.

So bring back