Aaron Tveit story time. 

A few summers ago I was in Central Park waiting in line to get tickets to Love’s Labour’s Lost at SITP. After I got my tickets I had an hour to kill so I went over to watch Broadway Softball. Once and ROA was playing against each other. It was crazy hot out so I went and sat near a big tree. As I’m sitting there minding my own business, a guy comes and sits beside me. At first I didn’t really pay attention cause I was listening to; get this, Next to Normal on my Ipod. They guy kind of waves and I take my headphones out and go sorry. And I look at him with dear caught in the headlights look. And he goes ‘that’s my mom’ I tried so hard not to freak out. He kind of giggled and started to put his shoes on. We talked for about 15 minutes. I asked him stuff about getting into the industry. We also talked about how I had just been in a production of N2N. We then chatted about some other stuff. His career. And dogs. 

Anyway. He is such a sweet lovely individual. And that’s my story. 


Really Massive Playbill Giveaway Extravaganza!

Ask and ye shall receive: it’s time for another giveaway

Playbills being given away:
  • Spring Awakening Original Broadway Cast (Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, etc.)
  • Spring Awakening (Hunter Parrish, Matt Doyle, etc.) signed
  • Spring Awakening 1NT (Andy Mientus, Ben Fankhauser, Taylor Trensch, etc.)
  • Spring Awakening 1NT (Kimiko Glenn, Andy Mientus, Blake Bashoff, etc.) signed
  • Next to Normal (original cast except for Aaron Tveit) signed
  • Next to Normal tour (w/ Alice Ripley)
  • TWO American Idiot Original Broadway Cast signed
  • Catch Me If You Can signed
  • How to Succeed (Nick Jonas playbill) signed
  • Peter and the Starcatcher
  • Bring It On
  • Carrie Off Broadway revival (Marin Mazzie, Derek Klena, Andy Mientus, etc.) signed
  • The Book of Mormon tour (starring Gavin Creel) signed
  • Wicked tour (Amanda Jane Cooper as Glinda/Mamie Parris as Elphaba) signed


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  • Likes do not count as entires, but feel free to like it for bookmarking purposes
  • I will use a random number generator to pick winners
  • Contest is open to everyone; I will ship internationally!
  • Ask box must be opened and you must be willing to give me your address
  • There will be FIVE winners. First winner will be contacted first and can choose three playbills. After they answer, a second winner will be contacted and can choose three of the remaining, and so on. Each person must answer within 24 hours of me contacting them.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have (if you want more names from casts, etc.)

Giveaway ends November 15th, 2015. Good luck!

why you need to watch next to normal

next to normal is a rock musical about a woman with bipolar disorder and how it and her attempts to heal affect her and her family. other themes in this musical include: learning how to grieve and cope with a loss, suicide, drug abuse, undiagnosed mental illness, doubting reality, and the ethics in modern psychiatry

and here’s why next to normal is so special, without giving away any spoilers:

  • it treats mental illnesses with respect and it doesn’t dance around anything. she is bipolar and that’s what the show is about
  • her family members all also have their own issues and each of them learn how to start healing and ask for/accept help and not cut themselves off from each other and that admitting you have a mental illness is not by any means a sign of weakness
  • her psychiatrist is not a villain. he’s just a doctor trying his best to help her with the methods available. an actual quote the psychiatrist says about the main character’s bipolar disorder: “you have a chronic illness. like diabetes or hypertension, if you leave it untreated, it could be catastrophic.”
  • it won the pulitzer prize for drama and is only eighth musical to ever do so (winners average out to one musical per decade; the last winner was rent back in 1996. was next to normal the best musical of the 2000’s? who’s to say)
  • this show is brutal and intense and deals with a lot of dark stuff and if you can’t handle the themes mentioned up above please do not watch it (but it’s also very funny and just. real. if you have a mental illness or disorder there’ll be a lot of moments where you’re like “same”)

here’s where you can watch next to normal. prepare to be fucked up

New Fan of Musical Theatre Was Pretty Fucked Up By Next To Normal

Southern Ohio is usually a hub of activity. But sixteen year-old Kyle Hays’s house was quiet last night after he finished watching a bootleg of the 2010 Broadway cast of Next to Normal for the first time.

“It just hit me really hard. I don’t know what I was expecting,” the young man said. “It wasn’t really like Grease. But it wasn’t really like Phantom of the Opera, either. It kind of fucked me up.”

He paused before adding: “Did you know her son was dead the whole time? Oh man. That fucked with me so much.”


there’s a lot going on in this video

  • carrie fisher presents for next to normal, a show about bipolar disorder and substance abuse and family (things she has spoken about a lot in relation to her own life)
  • the cast knocks their performance out of the park
  • at the end, aaron tveit looks like he’s about to fuck the woman playing his mother
  • and at the very very end, a young lin-manuel miranda appears

catch me i’m falling //  songs from the stage for those theatre kids who can’t remember how to be okay

before the lobotomy/extraordinary girl - american idiot // without you - RENT // see i’m smiling - the last five years // everything else - next to normal // quiet - matilda the musical // how did we come to this? - the wild party // days and days - fun home // no more - into the woods // as long as he needs me - oliver! // i dreamed a dream - les miserables // touch me - spring awakening // lifeboat - heathers the musical // i miss the mountains - next to normal // the moon - once the musical // drink with me - les miserables / 21 guns - american idiot // say it to me now - once the musical // light (finale) - next to normal

listen here