next to gordon ramsay

on the late late show next week

gordon ramsay: someone on twitter sent me those pictures of the chicken niall horan cooked.. he forgot the seasoning!

niall on snap : hE fOrGoT tHe SeAsOnInG stfu it was properly seasoned 

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Which tv shows would Jean, Levi and Erwin the most likely to binge-watch ?

Jean: Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. He’s way into pop culture and probably couldn’t stand not knowing what happened next on the most popular shows on TV.

Levi: Anything with Gordon Ramsay, his favorite is probably Master Chef though because he gets an immense kick out of watching how poorly Ramsay treats them (think the tiniest of smirks and chuckles while he’s making tea).

Erwin: Erwin likes crime documentaries, so he’ll sit around and watch something like 48 Hours or Forensic Files or Unsolved Mysteries for hours. He likes to try to figure the case out before they reveal it.

every kitchen nightmares
  • owner: i just dont know why we dont have customers please help
  • gordon: the food is crap
  • owner: i think youre wrong our food is good
  • waiter: listen to him it sucks
  • [cue shouting]
  • gordon: [checks the fridge] what the fuck
  • gordon: im shutting the place down
  • everyone: [spends night cleaning]
  • gordon: we've cleaned up the kitchen but we havent cleaned up our relationships
  • [therapy session]
  • gordon: now that theyre ready to accept the challenge my team and i have gone ahead with renovations
  • gordon: take off your blindfolds
  • owner: this is more beautiful than i ever could have imagined im crying thank you gordon ramsay im naming my next child after you
Cups of Tea (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Summary: You are a member of the Avengers when you fall ill and Bucky takes good care of you. 

Warnings: none, just fluff. (some mentions of gross things that happen when you’re sick)

A/N: I decided to churn this out since I am currently grossly sick and wish that I had a Bucky to make me tea and soup. Enjoy!

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You lie against a tower of pillows on the couch and drape your blanket over your lap before turning on the TV. You have the tradition of watching cooking shows while you’re sick, so that’s exactly what you plan on doing.

Your sinuses were completely congested and your throat felt raw from your constant coughing from the night before. Luckily your nose stopped running but you had to suffer through the fact you can’t breathe through your nose at all.

The rest of the team were out on a mission, leaving you alone at the tower. Tony had joked that you would help in the mission by entrapping enemies with your snot. Steve quickly shut down the idea and you weren’t even upset because you honestly didn’t want to leave the tower.

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Ok Swan I know this is random as hell but hear me out. I was watching kitchen nightmares I was looking away from the screen next I heard was Gordon Ramsay saying "How does that taste?" In a really degrading way and then he said it again "How does that fucking taste?" I couldn't help but picture Ignis. Like he's getting head from someone and he taps his dick on their tongue and glances down at *insert character here* with a smirk on his lips. I'm busting approx 47 nuts over here- save me(」゚ロ゚)」

Hahaha no that’s pretty great, but he’s the kinda person who I see with a silent rage. Buuuuuttttttt I love a god face fucking 👌👌 tbh my fave fics have that happening to Noctis or Prompto haha. If you could recommend some I wouldn’t be mad *cough cough* 👀

It’s funny you bring that up today, just last night Dys and I were talking about face fucking haha

If you’re ever having one of those moments where you’re super apprehensive about something but still really wanna do it

Just imagine Gordon Ramsay standing next to you, motivating you super aggressively like he does to people he respects in Hell’s Kitchen