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I Wanted It to be Real

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I’ve been through a breakup once before, with Agatha. It was right at the beginning of the school year, when she said she thought we loved each other as friends, not as something else. I didn’t have to think about the way I should react at the time, how upset I should be, what I should say, because I’d already known for years that we were going to be endgame.

It turned out I was wrong.

I don’t have to think about it now, even though I should. I haven’t done this before, breaking up with someone over a fight, going back to hating someone I should have hated all along. It’s not hard, acting like I’m mad at Baz. It’s not the first time.

Penny is unusually quiet when I tell her about the fake breakup. Agatha rushes to console me, offering hugs and extra dessert and a shoulder to cry on if I want it. I have to keep reminding her that we were never really dating, and the breakup was staged, so of course I don’t need any of those things.

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they gasp before darting down side streets and pressing into the shadows the best they can all the way down to the waterline. They stick to alleys and unpaved roads until the shadows along those seem to be crawling with them, and they anxiously dance away from each building.

It’s the penultimate chapter of @lifeinahole27‘s fic Wait for the Moonrise and it feels like the adventure has just begun for these two as everything comes spiralling to a head all at once. Next week will be the last entry in this @captainswanbigbang project, so make sure you catch up or save a link before it slips away from your weekly dashboard updates and we’ll see you next time for the finale.

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i’ve had my blog for a year+ now nd i’ve been a monbebe for 9 months and … i just wanna say …….. im so happy i discovered monsta x ? they’ve kept me going through difficult times, have led me to make some of the most amazing people that i can call best friends and have taught me how to grow as a person and i really can’t thank them enough for shaping me to be the person i am today ? 9 months later i’m rly sitting here in front of my blog and i’m happy that 7 boys have become so important to me :((

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I found out that when I said “I couldn’t wait for him to be taller” I really couldn’t.