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Elf Ear Tips

I’ve had some inquiries about elder scrolls elven facial anatomy and bone structure and I thought I’d start out by showing how I tackle elf ears since they’re the most prominent feature in comparison to humans. This is my general approach to elves in general.

Since I mostly draw male dunmers I’ll be focusing my examples on them. Also this is just one of many possible approaches and not a rule.

First off, elf ears come in many sizes, shapes and colors in Tamriel and here are just a few comparison shots from in-game dunmer.

From left to right: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online

Now lets take a look at a human ear. I used one of my paint studies of a regular ear (my ear to be precise). It should be a lot brighter than in my drawing but I tried to give it a bit of contrast to wrap my head around it.

The landmarks tend to be broken down into a ‘hook and a ‘y’. Now to apply this to an elven ear I usually just ‘push out’ the tip and give it a crease (like a bent hook). I usually readjust the ‘y’ to ride along the upper ‘ledge’ but sometimes I attach them further apart. When I doodle I often skip the ‘y’ part.

I use the first one the most. I usually use the second one in combination with shorter elf tips since they can look very chubby and cute with the more rounder and soft shapes.

And some edits to my study to make it more ‘elf like’.

And here are some examples of how I’ve drawn some elf ears in the past; 

Thank you for reading! and if you’re struggling with anatomy or the likes I can really recommend Proko’s site and channel cause he doesn’t only show how to draw something but also how its built up and function.

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I really believe that, from the dramatic show I give every time I talk with my therapist, she must think that I suffered a serious trauma in my childhood and that I’m unable to open up about it. But no. I’m just stupid. And overly dramatic. It’s just that tiny things that happen in my everyday life are too much for me to handle. I’m sorry.

Out of the 14 dolls I currently have in the works, 9 of them are Hook.  Try to guess who my best seller is??

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just because you're trans doesn't mean you get to be a fucking asshole to people who disagree with you about subjects you don't have a say in.

This is about my “whites shouldn’t make white ppl jokes” post and I think you fail to realize that…. I’m not saying this Bc I’m trans but…. I’m saying this because I’m not white

Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations episode 8

<p>Okay, so I just got done watching this week’s new Boruto episode, and I was so excited too. I heard that Boruto was going to tell his family about his eye, but that was not the case. Instead, I got a Boruto that was thought he really did have the byakugan and was acting.. (could I say “hero”?) strange. Of course when Hinata told Shikamaru and Naruto that Boruto was acting weird, of course they would react quickly think it was dark chakra thing. To be honest, Boruto was seriously me in this episode 😂😂. <br> Anyway, Toneri was the one who made Boruto all crazy basically! (I’m just pointing all fingers at him.. not hate..) <br> I love it how they made Hiashi and Hanabi the awesome grandpa and aunt. Now, I totally want to be like Hanabi when I’m an aunt! And of course, Boruto doesn’t like them or thinks Hiashi is scary..? I don’t know anymore.. <br> yeah, so I’m kind of scared to see what’s going to happen in the next episode since Hiashi told Boruto to fight him since he has a ‘byakugan’. <br> *sigh* WHHYYY!?? I feel like this is an accident waiting to happen, and Boruto didn’t even bother to tell Hiashi and Naruto that his eye doesn’t do the thingy on command. Oh! I love it how we got to see more Naruto. I was defiantly happy with that. <br> Well, I guess I’m going to have to wait a week to see what’s going to happen and if Boruto makes a idiot out of himself. We’re gonna have to wait.


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#mood but YIKES are you ok??

IM OK GUYS. listen: i take self-defense classes. i was sparring at the dojo and a beginner who didn’t know how to pull his punches landed me square in the eye,,,,, (i wasn’t in a fight; i was never in danger or anything). he got reprimanded for not following the rules but tbh i think it was an accident 

It’s 2:35am and i’m awake and i’m still mad they wasted a Granger memorial B-plot on characters we neither know nor have any attachment to (Hetty we know and Chegwidden JAG fans will, but I doubt there’s a massive overlap between la and jag fans) and so we didn’t get responses from each of the team members, and nobody thought to tell his daughter, either?? 

That dancing episode was a trashfire but honestly the way they handled their Granger remembrance story was the worst thing they did all season. You could have had the audience in tears over him, or in hysterics over him if you wanted it to be lighthearted, and instead you bring in a bunch of cliche old spy stereotypes and steal the audience’s connection away from the story. 

I wanted to see the team pay tribute to him, not a bunch of strangers. He deserved a better tribute than that.