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Seven Day Challenge

“You know, you don’t always have to hang on to her every minute.”


Rick turned to glance over Rosita. The raven-haired woman was seated on her porch, squinting out at him from beneath her government issued hat.

“Michonne,” she nodded, tilting her chin in the direction in which Rick’s wife had just walked off. “She’s not going anywhere. You don’t have to hang onto her every second. You two are getting gross.”

“Gross?” Rick was more amused than anything by the diminutive woman’s statement, but he kept his face impassive.

“Always holding hands, kissing on each other,” she pulled a face. “It’s disgusting.”

“Didn’t realize you were watching us so closely,” Rick folded his arms over his chest, wishing that Michonne had lingered just a moment longer. He wanted to see her reaction.

“Don’t have to watch closely. Everyone sees you two slobbering all over each other.” Rosita raised one brow.

“No one else has complained,” Rick shrugged.  

Rosita tilted her chin defiantly. “I bet you guys couldn’t go a week without touching each other,” she challenged.

“That’s a safe bet,” Rick cracked a salacious grin. If he was sleeping next to Michonne, he was sure to be touching her.

“What you get up to in your bedroom is up to you two. I’m talking about in public.” Rosita stood up, walking slowly to the edge of the porch steps. “7 days. If you can pull it off, I’ll cover your guard duty for a week.”

Rick paused, considering the possibility of a full week of nights with his family. “You’re on, Espinosa,” he nodded at her, turning off to walk back home.

“I’m getting everyone in on it,” Rosita called after him. “No touching! We’re watching you!”


“No touching?” Michonne paused, toothbrush midway to her mouth.

“No touching,” Rick confirmed, pulling his shoes off and kicking them beneath the bed.

“For a week?” she asked, disappearing back into the bathroom.

“7 days,” he nodded, flopping backwards onto the mattress.

“You think you can do that?” she shouted, peeking her head around the doorframe.

“Me?” he sat back up, glancing at her skeptically. “You’re the one always reaching for my hand.”

“Is that so?” Michonne emerged, wearing only his dark brown t-shirt. “Should be pretty easy then, since you won’t have to control yourself at all.” She smirked at him, tucking a loose loc behind her ear.

“Rosita will cover a week of shifts for me if I win,” his mouth had run dry, but he got out the most relevant information.

“A week?” Michonne crossed slowly over to him, intrigued.

“A week of nights at home,” he smiled, running his hands up the back of her thighs as she climbed on top of him.

“That’s some serious motivation to win,” she settled down in his lap, leaning forward over him.

“Lots of possibilities,” he agreed, running his hands upward beneath his borrowed shirt.

“There’s only one way to win this,” Michonne pursed her lips, glancing at him through a curtain of dark hair. “When does the bet start?”

“Tomorrow. She’s got everyone agreeing to watch us. Even Carl is in on it.”  Rick rolled his eyes. Rosita was tenacious.

“So, that’s…ten hours?” Michonne twisted his arm gently to glance at his watch. “Think we can get in a week’s worth of touching?”

Rick grinned, smacking her bottom playfully. “We can do this.” Without preamble, he rolled her over. Michonne giggled, wrapping her legs around his waist, pressing her mouth against his.


“Are you kidding me? This is totally cheating!”

Rosita crossed her arms over her chest, regarding Michonne and Rick with a murderous expression.

“Maggie needs help at the Hilltop,” Michonne shrugged, adjusting her pack on her shoulders.

“Let me guess, for the next seven days?” Rosita sucked her teeth.

“Seven days seems like a good enough time to spend with our godson,” Rick nodded at his wife, stationed safely a few feet away.

“Seems fair,” Michonne agreed, smiling.

“Cheater,” Rosita smirked despite herself.

“Next time be more specific.” Rick chortled at her.

“Whatever,” Rosita shook her head. “Just kiss your wife goodbye.”

Grinning, Rick moved towards Michonne. Michonne burst out laughing, retreating a few steps.

“Rick,” she admonished.

“Right,” he stopped suddenly, cheeks flushing.

“I’ll see you in a week,” Michonne winked at him, waving as she departed through the gate, Aaron in tow. “Love you,” she blew him an exaggerated kiss.

“Love you too,” Rick smiled, already imagining an uninterrupted week with his wife.

Rosita watched them, looking equal parts irritated and amused. “Like I said,” she scoffed, already wandering off. “Disgusting.”

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Wonho x Reader


Warnings: Language

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You had been avoiding Wonho ever since that incident. You had talked to I.M but you weren’t sure if he was telling the truth either. Why the fuck would he admit to cheating IF he really was… Then suddenly your mind wandered to Wonho’s confession. You felt your heart pick up and you felt overwhelmed with sadness. You felt your heart hurt both at the thought of you avoiding your friend and at the possibility that I.M could be cheating on you.

You laid down on your bed and pulled the blankets over your head groaning. You missed Wonho..

Wonho POV:

“What should I do Hyungwon?”

Hyungwon was rummaging through my pantry looking for any snacks. “Mmm, well you already confessed what more can you do?”

Kihyun looked over at Hyungwon. “Hey! There’s so much more that he could do!” Kihyun then looked at me and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t listen to him. Just because you confessed already doesn’t mean it’s the end. She’s your friend. You have to help her see that I.M is cheating on her.”

Hyungwon suddenly came over with some chips and sat down. “Oooh, like Cheaters? I’m down.”

Kihyun rolled his eyes. “This is not a game. These are Wonho’s feelings. As his closest friends we have to help him. As her closest friend you have to help her. Even if it does hurt her in the end.”

I nodded solemnly. “But what if she thinks I’m doing this all for my own personal gain?”

Hyungwon looked at me. “Unless she’s stupid she won’t think that after we’ve caught him. You guy’s have been friends this long. If she seriously thinks that you’re doing it for personal gain and not for her benefit then you deserve better.” He shrugged. “That’s just my opinion. Not trying to dump all those years of loving down the drain or anything.”

Kihyun face palmed at Hyungwon but he didn’t seem to care. Just continued eating his chips.

“Alright. Let’s get him.” I cracked my knuckles for effect. Which resulted in Hyungwon laughing at me.

Then I stood up, ready to go catch him in the act when it suddenly occurred to me, “How do we catch him in the act?”

This only made Hyungwon laugh more, “You were all ready and pumped to go catch him but you don’t even know how to start.”

Kihyun hit him again. “Well, we know I.M likes to party… We can try to aim for parties..”

I nodded thinking about how I caught him last time. “Alright it’s a start.. Do we just record or take pictures?”

“You could call Y/N over saying you want to talk about what happened.” Hyungwon said looking into the now empty bag frowning.

Kihyun perked up, “That’s actually pretty smart..”

I patted Hyungwon’s back, “Thanks buddy, I knew you’d do something useful rather than just eat all my food.”

He rolled his eyes at me. “You aren’t that useful seeing that your house is out of stock on food.”

I looked at him, “And who’s fault do you think that it?”

He looked at me, “Yours.”

Kihyun smacked the two of us. “Stop, we can go get food and I’ll make it here before we go. It’s still too early for some parties to start anyways. Also we can always ask Shownu to ask Jooheon where he and I.M might be going. They’re buds.”

I nodded. That was true. I got out my phone and texted Shownu. In which after we returned from the grocery store I got a reply from him. He must’ve been sleeping or something because that took him a while.

Shownu: Jooheon said that they’ll be going to this frat house party.

I could hear Kihyun starting to make food, I swear he’s such a mom, and I could hear him scolding Hyungwon for attempting to grab snack before food was ready.

After confirming the location and time of the party, I sighed out in relief.

I’m going to end this I.M and take what’s rightfully mine. Because Y/N.. you will be mine by the end of this I’m done playing the nice. I’ll have it to where you don’t want to be calling me ‘best friend’.

Your POV:

You sat there on the couch binge watching TV shows. You kept getting up to grab snacks. Every time after getting back from the kitchen you would lay on the couch in some weird position. You would scroll through your phone every so often checking for any messages from either Wonho or I.M but there would never be any. You sighed, ever since that day you’ve just been locked up in your house. You haven’t talked to either Wonho or I.M today. You still weren’t sure what to believe or who to believe. You felt awful about what you said to Wonho though. He is your best friend and he wouldn’t lie to you… You shook your head then at that thought. No but I.M wouldn’t do that too you.

Denial is a fucking bitch. You’ll learn that the hard way.

A/N: This was a short update but tune in next time on Cheaters LOL.

Sand between our toes, Sammy

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Dean and Sam finally take the vacation they talked about even without a big win under their belt.

Word Count:1741

Warnings: None really fluffy and drinking, profanity .if I missed anything else me know.

A/N: Cam, I hope you have an amazing birthday and that all of your birthday wishes come true!!!! This is the first try at writing, I am not sure I love it but you have to start somewhere….. I would love some feedback.

Written for @babypieandwhiskeyCam’s Creative Birthday Challenge”~

GIF Prompt: 

You smile as your favorite bartender pours you a drink. “Thanks, Justin,” you said with a smile as he walked away. You moved the St Croix about 2 years ago and now you are part of the family. While the island is one of largest in the USVI it has one of the smallest population, looking around the bar you realize that you know all of the 15 people in there. Maybe not their names but their faces. As you look around you smile and nod to everyone, even waving to some. However, you aren’t in a social sort of mood. You only came down from your house to forget about your shitty day at work.

“Holy, fuck me please, “ Lynn the waitress whisper as she walks by you nodding her head for you to look at the entry way. Shipwrecked is similar to a lot of bars on the island. It doesn’t really have walls or a traditional door but rather a walkway between the stage and the building next door. As turn you take in a deep breathe you think to yourself, fuck me is right, taking in the two divine beings walking into the bar.

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This is my final version of a long list of words the boys have been called. I was going to write “HOMOPHOBIC” on Liam’s one too. Drug addict is something Louis is also related to. “Cheater” for Zayn. 

Next time you read something about them remember that sometimes people aren’t the way they’re portrayed on newspapers. Remember that we, as people, have the power to create a Public Opinion about everybody and everything so be careful on making statements based on what you think you are seeing. The formation of Public Opinion can be done in seconds and the media has the power to spread that opinion like fire. 

So, don’t let these kids burst into flames.

- All the love x.

Self conscious about your breast ~ Cameron Dallas Imagine .(requested)

I somehow can’t find the request for this But i did write it down so I hope you like it :) 

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Also i am being a bit more active on this Blog rather than my Omaha one because i have more request to fill for this one don’t worry I have something coming soon for My Omaha !


You stood in the kitchen washing the last bit of dishes you had to wash . You were so tired and sore . You heard the sound of you baby girl Sophia crying .

You kept the Baby monitor attached to your Waste , One of your biggest fears was to miss one of her cries you would never forgive yourself . Even though you can her hear cries all the way on the other side of the house .

You crept up stairs her cries getting quieter ,  opening the door to her room slowly , You looked inside to see Cameron rocking her back and forth you smiled at the sight of him with her . 

‘She’s hungry ‘ Cameron looked at you, You nodded walking into the room sitting on the white rocking chair . Cameron handed you Sophia as well as her blanket. 

You bounced her up and down gently trying to calm her ‘shoosh baby girl ‘ You cooed . ‘you need help ?’ Cameron looked at you confused , ‘No I got it it’s just can I do this alone ?’ You asked as nice as possible . ‘umh yeah I guess’ Cameron walked out of the room closing the door slowly behind him .

You started feeding Sophia she Had Cameron Big brown eyes but your hair which was the perfect combination . 

After feeding her you put her back to sleep .

You walked out of the room being sure to be quite , You made your way to you and Cameron’s room . This was the only time you were going to be able to relax, you decided to take a soothing bath . You walked to your closet grabbing your furry robe and a new candle .

You turned on the hot water throwing in a bath bomb and some bubbles , ‘babe’ You heard Cameron call ‘in here ‘ you called back .

shortly after Cameron walked into the bathroom leaning on the counter 

‘what’s up ‘ You asked placing down the extra item’s you had in your hand .

‘what was that ?’ ‘what?’ ‘you know with Sophia you usually don’t mind feeding her in front of me ‘ .You mind went to another place thinking of an excuse to tell him .

‘well i knew you were busy and had a lot of work to do so I thought it would be better for you to finish that ‘ You lied letting down your hair . 

‘Y/n tell me the truth ..’ Cameron gave you the look , the look that would make you admit to a murder you didn’t commit . ‘fine it’s just.. I didn’t want you to see me ‘ You said looking down at the bubbles in the tub . ‘what ? I see you feed her all the time ‘ Cameron chuckled .

‘No i mean like my boobs ‘ .

‘Y/n what are you talking about I Have seen your boobs more than enough time it’s nothing new .. I mean they are bigger but that’s beautiful ‘ Cameron smiled at you .

‘yeah But you don’t understand I think they are obnoxious I went from having barely a B cup to now DD’s I think they do not look right on my body, They have so many stretch marks and my veins are showing . My nipples are cracked I hate them ‘ Your body became full of hatred towards your breast and you hated feeling this way about yourself .

‘Y/n Nothing in the world is ever going to make me feel different about you, Your breast that were once and still are for enjoyment in the bedroom just not as much ..Now have a greater purpose to provide food and nutrients for our daughter . You feed her without having to do nothing and that is the most beautiful thing , and The size of them is impressive I mean That’s full of breast milk for our daughter and I love them still the same way I loved them Before Sophia was born , those stretch marks and vein are just a way of showing Just how beautiful you and your breast really are ‘ Cameron said Melting your heart he pecked each of your boobs with a sweet kiss making you giggle .

‘Thank you ‘ You said blushing ‘it’s all true, now what do you say we enjoy this bath together? ‘ He leaned in giving you the most passionate kiss you have had since Sophia was born . 

‘as tempting as that sounds she’s going to be waking up soon and one of us needs to be dry and clothed when she does ‘ you felt disappointed in turning down that offer . ‘your right ..enjoy your spa bath’ .

Cameron lent back on the counter ‘what?’ You said giggling .

‘go on don’t mind me at all ‘ He smirked .

you turned your back to him removing your shirt and pants stepping in the tub, “hey that’s not fare you cheater ‘ his cheeks turned red . ‘maybe next time ‘ You smirked at him resting your head back to enjoy your bath .


I have to admit this is one of the Imagines i am most proud of and i hope you like it just as much !

I feel like that post needed a visual: aka “ugh my character drawn on a separate layer doesn’t look like they’re part of their environment save me” 

Option 1: “the light source is wrong” 
I’m so sorry bb in this case–pick whichever one of the two (background or character) is easiest to redraw and have at it. Or fudge with a secondary light source and say to hell with logic. If it fails, lick your wounds and move on. You got a cool scar from the fight and will impress people with your careful planning next time. 

Option 2: “The colors or values are off” 
Crack out that cheater software honey we’re gonna fix this. 

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I am Waluigi

Wahh, Waluigi lose? Impossible!

Aw, everybody cheaters! Next time I cheat! Heh heh heh!

Look! I’m-a dance! I’m-a sing! I’m-a so happy! Hahahahah!

Uh-oh! What’s going on here?!

I hate this game!


I ate so much I’m gonna need a nap!