next time ill try to make it

There’s the girl that I like.
Now, more than ever, she gives me butterflies.
It makes my stomach queasy every time she walks by.
I know I can be cool if I try.

i actually draw the bg okay, i tried, but i failed drawing those pine trees im not satisfied with the one i made :((( ill try to draw it again next time

plus i made some poor simple animation idk im bored sorry but i just upload this early just in case


Meet Joshua

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Hiatus (?) 📖 🖋

i really need to study so that my stupid ass can at least graduate and if im extremely lucky go to the college i want.. i spend my days either in class, at the library or at home sleeping so it’s becoming hard to be active on tumblr (even making my daily queue takes too much time an effort im so tired gjhjjghk) i won’t be here a lot for the next few weeks/months but ill try my best to answer asks and reblog stuff you tagged me in! i love yall 💞👼🏻🌷✨

anonymous asked:

how do you deal with relationships and mental illness?

hello starlight!
idk if this was meant to go to this blog or @self-healing but i’ll answer here

having a mental illness can be tough to handle while also being in a relationship. oftentimes you may find yourself in a place of insecurity almost constantly, and it can affect your relationship or how you behave.

i don’t know what it is that you have specifically, but know that it so important to vocalize how you feel to your partner: if you are both mentally ill, make a pact whereas you are both open with each other. it’s okay if you don’t pull through with this all the time as your illnesses may prohibit that. it’s okay. forgive yourself and try again next time. try not to be so dependent on your partner either. please don’t place your self-worth in their hands. please don’t confuse your companionship with validation that you can be loved. you are loved regardless. i say this because being mentally ill can make you feel incredibly insecure while being in a relationship. just make sure that you talk out your feelings with your partner and let them know if you need someone to vent to. they should be there for you. be patient with them too though! they may not always be there with you in the exact moment that you need them to, and that’s okay.

also realize that your partner shouldn’t be your only source of help/validation. talk to others as well. it helps talking things out with separate people. this doesn’t mean that you are bothering your partner, i just want you to be refreshed & be in a panic if your partner is not available at the time that you need them. if anything, i’m here and ready to listen!

treat yourself kindly. feed yourself compassion and allow yourself some warmth. be your best friend, too. don’t forget that. let your intuition speak to you. if you feel like you’re in danger, please reach out for help. you are worthy and deserving of everything you want.

ill try to reblog relationship related stuff on @self-healing. otherwise, love, i hope you have an amazing day. you’ll be okay, i promise. give yourself time when you need it! (which is a lot of time, don’t worry. your health matters above many, many things) i love you! stay safe 💓


I was bored and I dunno what I did. I just “winged it ” so to speak. I wanted to do something similar to like when hell starts taking over and Lucifers face just crumbles away .The problem was i only had purple and not so similiar contacts so I did something along that way but a bit different hahaha . Still looks pretty cool to me . *

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Joe Sugg imagine || Surprise ||

Anonymous said:
Can you write an imagine where youre pregnant and surprise Joe with the news somehow and film it????????

A/N: So, I wrote this like three times trying to make it cute and fun. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Looking around the flat you had to yourself for the majority of the day, you knew today was the day, several weeks ago when you’d gotten back from VidCon, you fell somewhat ill – figuring it was the post-con plague everyone seemed to encounter you thought nothing of it, until you missed your next due period… You started to wonder and think back.

You could recall one time a few weeks before VidCon when you’d accidentally missed your birth control pill by a few hours. Figuring this could actually be a pregnancy you took a test, which did tell you pregnant, but you weren’t too sure. So you went to the Doctor who (hehe) confirmed it for you, you in fact were pregnant with a baby Sugg.

You kept wanting to tell Joe and tell Joe, but you couldn’t bring yourself to it – or it wasn’t the best time, so you decided to wait until after twelve weeks just incase anything happened, you wanted the risks to be much less before exciting everyone.

Taking a deep breath, you picked up your vlogging camera, “Hey guys!” You said brightly into the camera giving a small wave. “Today is kind of special… I’m going to be surprising Joe with something kind of neat, I hope he likes it.” You explained, before turning the camera off.

You couldn’t help but feel anxious the majority of the day, close to when Joe was due back, you set up three go-pro cameras around the living room and the main filming camera. “Oh, I’m nervous.” You said to yourself, it was caught on video in about four different views.

“That’s Joe texting now.” You said, hearing a certain text alert sound go off, you were standing in front of the main camera, taking the phone from your pocket, “he asked if I needed anything.” You said aloud, while typing, “I told him no and that I had been filming in the living room today so don’t mind the mess, so he hopefully wont get suspicious.” You explained, before going about your business.

The front door open and you almost died, “Hi babe!” Joe called from the door, putting his backpack down, “hey.” You said coming up to him, giving him a welcome home kiss, he wrapped his arms around you squeezing you tightly as he returned the kiss.

“Have a good day?” You asked as the kiss ended, looking up at him, your hands on his chest – his arms still around you. “Very productive, Marcus says Hi.” He added.

You nodded, “I’ll have to text him, Hello later.” You laughed. “Did you film a lot?” Joe asked looking to the camera on the tripod. “I did, got a few videos done, sorry I just finished and didn’t have time to tidy up my mess.” You laughed nervously, hoping he didn’t notice the scattered Go Pros.

“Oh, how dare you not clean your mess, I might have to spank you.” Joe slapped your bottom and you giggled. “Oh stop.” You whispered, almost bursting you couldn’t take it anymore…

Siting down on the couch, Joe picked up the remote. “Thinking maybe we wait for Caspar and order a pizza later on?” Joe glanced at you over in the kitchen before looking back to the TV menu. “Sounds, good.” You nodded.

You pulled your sweater off and adjusted the orange t-shirt you wore, it was a plain orange t-shirt except for on your stomach there was a picture: an unzipped zipper and a little cartoon baby face sticking out from it.

“Okay.” You whispered to yourself, you casually walked around the counter and across Joe’s path, picking up your phone you left where you knew you’d have to walk by his patch, Joe glanced but didn’t pay much attention before you walked by again.

“What’s on your shirt?” He asked absently, you stopped walking and faced him. “What do you mean?” You glanced down like it was the norm. “That… Shirt makes you look like your pregnant or something.” He kind of laughed.

You didn’t speak, you kept looking at him and raised your eyebrow slightly watching as realisation set in and he slowly turned his head from the television back to you. “Are you, pregnant?” He asked.

You grinned nervously, “surprise?” You suggested. “You’re actually pregnant?” He stood up quickly the remote falling on the floor.

“Thirteen weeks.” You nodded nervously. “I’m going to be a dad?!?” Joe said brightly, letting it all finally sink in. “Yes, you are.” You laughed and squealed as Joe almost jumped over the coffee table, picking you up in a squeeze hug, he spun the both of you around in excitement.

“(Y/N) this is so amazing! I’m so excited!” Joe finally stopped spinning you, he kissed you on the lips before looking at the camera he now knew was recording. “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!” He exclaimed to the lens…

anonymous asked:

hey i hope u get the treatment u need!! ur blog is so Good and thanks for running it tbh? dw about taking a break from it!!!

aaaaa thank you!! the new meds are making the symptoms a lot more manageable, but they make me hella sleepy sometimes. and then ive still got chronic fatigue syndrome so i need to go to a different specialist for that i think? PLUS im probs gonna start physical therapy within the next few months so that i can maybe walk without a cane more often who knows. but here’s hoping! ill be busy/tired, but ill try and make time to keep the queue up and answer questions and stuff!! thank you so much for the kind words and support 💖💖💖

a collection of random thoughts just because

i worked on a new gifset bc some music inspired me so hopefully thatll be up soon, i miss giffing but i definitely have to dedicate most of my time to writing so i probably wont be doing it regularly and unprompted that much

i just love the various cracky conversations jess has about sams sexual habits or quirky little headcanons. every time i see a post like that it makes my day

someone left a comment on a fic of mine today saying my fics are their comfort in dark times and i told them the same thing, that their connection and support picks me right up. fanfiction is literally life saving

look out for a fancy schmancers post in the next week–bc of yalls encouragement i am gonna try to do commissions or start up a patreon to help pay for college. ill also make a dedicated tag for it i promise bc i know sometimes that stuff can be annoying

it has been a good and productive day im hoping my mental health will stay like this for awhile


SHIP AESTHETIC; for @falcnsam
↳ stormpilot (star wars: the force awakens)

“That’s my jacket!”

“Keep it, it suits you.”

Fuck off, Doritos.

I’ve been seeing that Doritos ad around again. You know, this one, where a guy does the following things to attempt to deter people from sitting next to him on a plane:

  • pretends to have a cold
  • plays a recorder
  • clips his toenails
  • sleeps over the middle seat
  • reads a book called “how to manage chronic ibs” (and says “so I do have it” out loud, to which an old lady makes a disgusted face and clutches her puppy)
  • flosses

Now…most of these things are just a dude doing socially unacceptable things to try to prevent anyone who’s not a stereotypically attractive hot blonde woman from sitting next to him. It’s funny because the woman he decides to stop his ruse for ends up having an infant who will presumably scream the whole time. Hee hee, ha ha.

The problem I have with this ad is that it makes a punchline out of a serious chronic illness. It’s hard enough for me to have unpredictable guts, to have to eat a stupidly limited diet to keep my issues in check, to have to try to figure out how to balance meds so I don’t make one problem go away only to end up with another, to look up where restrooms are before I go out basically anywhere for any length of time- I don’t need to also watch people on the TV be disgusted by my existence. 

And mind you, the old woman is disgusted. Everyone else gives the guy a weird look and walks away; she makes a face, makes a concerned sound, and clutches her puppy closer as she walks away. As if this guy having IBS is scary to her. As if she can’t even comprehend being near someone like that on a flight.

Hey, Doritos- my life is hard enough because of this stupid illness; can you not publicly make fun of people with it to try to sell more fucking chips?

In Sickness

Thanks for the prompt! It took me a while to write this but I hope you like it! NicoMaki with side NozoEli and suggested KotoUmi.

Still accepting prompts HERE

Maki stared at the desk she was sitting behind, struggling to pay attention to Nico, who was making some kind of speech about their next performance. She couldn’t focus longer than a couple of seconds at a time so after a short while she’d given up on it. She’d been feeling ill since the previous day but it had only gotten worse overnight. She felt like she could fall asleep or throw up at any second. Either way, it wasn’t something she wanted to be doing at school.

“Maki, are you even listening?!” Nico’s exasperated voice caught her attention and she glanced up, blinking rapidly.

“Huh?” She asked dumbly, trying to figure out why she was being spoken to. She’d been banking on staying quiet until she could leave.

Nico irritably gritted her teeth together. “Damn it, Maki. I was saying something important.”

Maki reached up to twirl a strand of hair around her index finger. “I’ll ask someone else about it later. I’m sure they’ll cut your speech down to half.”

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thanks to everyone who watched the mini livestream test!! it was rly fun :’) ill def try to do another one!! (hopefully more organized next time tho)



“Are you ready to talk to me now or what? Because my patience is running really thin with you Cynthia” Lexi said as she sat next to me on Alex’s bed

She had been trying to get me to speak to since she’d gotten here but I was still in shock, a loss for words at what happened between Alex and me. I really messed up and I didn’t know where to begin to make this right.

Everything that happened kept replaying in my head continuously and every time I would got to the mistake I made, it made me cringe.

Had I not given into my doubts and ill feelings towards this pregnancy then I wouldn’t be in this situation.

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Ive been trying to put the past weekend into words for awhile now so sorry if this gets rambly. You know when you were little and your older brother finally let you hang out with his friends and they were just as funny and awesome as you thought they’d be? Thats exactly what meeting the guys was like. Im so sorry i was awkward as fuck haha. But thanks for making my day (still not over it). I sadly didnt get to get a picture with bob but that just means i have to see you all again someday. Thank you for being you, and taking the time to see everyone. I also wanted to thank the two awesome new friends i met while standing in line to meet them. You guys made the con so much fun and im so incredibly happy to call you guys friends. i hope i get to see you beautiful people again in the near future! notyouraveragefangirlonline and cuddlyplaguedoctor ♡♡♡♡♡ AND LOOK AT LITTLE JACK! HOW FUCKING ADORABLE IS HE?