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random college tips

i. get to your classroom early if you don’t have a class beforehand

not only are you guaranteed the best seat in the house, but there’s something about being in a classroom or lecture hall that makes you feel productive and focused. bring a book or writing assignment for a different class with you and just Do It

ii. pack your bag the night before

especially if you have early morning classes and are not a morning person. this will help you have a less stressful morning and will help you make sure you have everything you need for the day prior to leaving your dorm

iii. don’t overannotate

annotations are designed to help you identify the most important parts of the book/novel, meaning important themes, character development, big events, the implications of said events, etc. by over highlighting and over annotating i can guarantee you you aren’t doing yourself a favor !!! i’m gonna make a post later about how i annotate so be on the lookout

iv. stay on top of your readings

seriously. it is a pain in the ass trying to catch up on a week’s worth of reading in five different classes. it is stressful, it’s time consuming, and it’s exhausting. even if you’ve had a long day and you’re not in the mood to read an entire 20 page chapter in your american government textbook, just do it !!! your brain and your mental health will thank you the next day

v. try your hardest not to miss class

i’m mentally ill and prone to sickness, so i understand that sometimes it’s hard. it also feels worse when you miss class and have no idea what’s happening, so if you think you can get out of bed, lets get to class so we don’t fall behind and get extra stress thrown on top of us!

vi. fridays are homework days

think of it this way: if fridays are homework days, saturday and sunday are free days !!!!

vii. proofread your papers before you turn them in

guys i literally never do this (i know i’m a bad egg) and im always suffering for it. if your college/university has a writing center/something similar please go there, especially your freshman year !!! they will help you learn how to accurately and succinctly convey your thoughts on a college level and you will be so grateful later on i hate myself

viii. ask if the professor prefers a certain citation style

if you dont get a chance to ask during the class/lecture, send them an email. i once got my grade halved because i didnt use APA when the professor didnt specify on the syllabus/assignment sheet. so do urself and ur gpa a favor and ask

ix. always bring extra pens/pencils to class with you

somebody will forget theirs and they will sit next to you and if ur in a class with 30+ ppl that has group projects or presentations coming up you’re going to want friends

x. college kids love gum

if u bring gum you got all the friends in the world my guy i dont know why this is a thing but it is. one girl cried during exam week last year because i gave her a piece of my gum and that was literally the highlight of her week

ok thats my random ass list of stuff regarding college !! i’ll probably make more masterposts like this b/c this was fun as heck. if u have any questions/need advice, just hmu !! you can check out my other masterposts here.

i think takumi is so pretty when he lets his hair down :D

I just needed to take a little break and draw something fun. Also Ive been wanting to draw braxien for some time now haha

On a side note, I’ve got a few questions Ill try to answer over the next week and I’m still brainstorming my preferred method of distributing stickers but Ill definitely have to make another print run. Hang in there with me guys @.@

a small guide to apologizing sincerely, the right way.

apologizing for wronging someone can be really hard and sometimes we might not know how to go about it, so here’s a little guide I put together that can hopefully give some helpful tips and pointers in the right direction.

1. Acknowledge what you did was wrong, why it was wrong, and incorporate that into your apology. Example: “What I did wasn’t right and I hurt you, and that wasn’t ok. I’m sorry.”

2. As they say: “Actions speak louder than words. Don’t say your sorry and then go and repeat your harmful actions all over again. It shows that your apology wasn’t sincere and next time they probably won’t forgive you (rightfully so). Show them you’re truly sorry by working to avoid repeating the same bad action again.

3. Own up to your mistakes. Yes, you’re not perfect and we make mistakes. We have bad days, we snap at people we don’t mean to or lose our temper in a heated argument and say things we don’t mean. However, don’t blame your actions on your mental illness, on someone else, or just try to pass the blame on to anything but yourself. Take responsibility for your actions.

4. Understand that they are never obligated to forgive you. This is really important. If you apologize and throw a fit when they choose not to forgive you, it shows that your apology was not sincere to begin with, since you were only apologizing because you wanted their forgiveness, not because you realize you made a mistake and hurt them. If someone doesn’t forgive you, it doesn’t mean you can’t move on. You’ll be ok. Learn from it and grow from it, and let it go.

The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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NCT 127 reaction to you nursing them back to health


Anon: How would NCT Dream and NCT 127 react to their partner nursing them back to health?

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! Tbh I though that it was kinda shitty but oh well I’ll edit this late reply if need be :-)


Originally posted by taesyong

Taeil wouldn’t want to bother you at all about being sick and would probably leave it for a very long time. He’d basically be smiling through the pain, and you would be oblivious to the pain he was in. You finding out would come as a complete shock and surprise - to the pair of you. You’d accidentally walk in on him collapsed on his bed, soaked in sweat and groaning in pain. Rushing to his side, you’d grab his hand asking him what happened and, although he didn’t want to tell you because he’s stubborn like that, he’d just tell you. He’d want you to help him, since he’d be in a lot of pain and would just want to get better. And he’d promise you that he’d tell you sooner next time, but then, he probably wouldn’t.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I don’t think Johnny would mind you looking after him if he was sick, but he’d make sure you were keeping clean and healthy yourself. He wouldn’t want you to get sick because of him and would feel incredibly guilty if it were you who was bundled up in bed the next week, because of it. He’d offer you tissues and give you hand gel whenever you came to check if he was alright. It sounds extreme and unnecessary but Johnny wouldn’t want to see you ill and would be concerned for you, more than you were for him. He’d refuse any cuddles and kisses, and would sleep alone in his bed with the cold sheets and without the warmth of your body next to his. By the time he’s better though, he’d be very clingy and affectionate, claiming that any long hugs or sudden kisses was just making up for lost time.


Originally posted by bhaek

At first Taeyong would try and refuse any help you tried to give him. What with being the leader of NCT, he probably feels like he has a responsibility to do things independently and look after others. But soon, he’d let you - enjoying having you fuss over him and look after him. Unlike some of the other members, he wouldn’t take advantage of you looking after him, just being extremely grateful and affectionate for your help. He’d cling onto you and attempt to coax you into coming and giving him a cuddle, a demand you refused first but soon let him have it.


Originally posted by taetohan

Yuta would be dramatic as hell whenever he was ill. Sighing loudly, having coughing fits, throwing his head back and complaining about having a headache. Of course, they would only get you slowly more and more agitated and annoyed at him - but your inner maternal instincts would stop you from giving up and not helping. He’d just love having you fuss over him and would make the most of it, asking you to get the most obscure things from the store or really specific meals. At night though, he’d be very cuddly and quieter, wrapping you tightly in his arms at night, and pressing light kisses over your neck. He’d make sure you knew he was sorry for making you do so much for him during the day too.


Originally posted by doyoukki

Unlike  his usual self, he’d be very quiet and calm whenever he was ill - thinking he was upset rather than ill. You’d be worried sick for him, and would try to show him some affection, thinking he was upset rather than ill. He’d always push you away, making you furrow your eyebrows at his actions and whine a bit. Very quickly, you’d get offended and storm off, making him sigh a bit. His heart would want to comfort you but his mind would tell him that it was better you being sad for a bit rather than ill for a period of time. He’d tell you eventually, and would apologise. This would make you feel guilty for acting the way you did and you’d spend the next week cooking and cleaning for him, trying to help him get better. Despite his protests, he’d secretly be grateful for you and your help and would try to make it up to you next time you were ill.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

I see Jaehyun being very emotional, in a good way though, and his hormones would basically be running wild lmao it sounds like he’s on his period or something He’d watch you in awe as you ran about the dorms tidying his mess up for him and bringing him hot soup. Wondering about what he ever did to deserve you, he’d reach out and grab your hand every once in a while stopping you in your tracks. You’d look down confused to see him staring up at you, smiling softly and his eyes wide in admiration. It would definitely melt your heart to see him like this, and you couldn’t help but giggle; even when he was sick, he had some kind of hold of you.


Originally posted by y-ta

He’d find it very awkward to see you looking after him, and would just lie in his bed watching you quietly. He’ll try to insist on helping you tidy up, but you’d immediately scold him and tell him that rest is more important. It would be in times like this that he’d be very grateful for you and appreciate you even more. He’d love feeling protected and loved and although he wouldn’t express this to you physically, for him, the appreciation would always be there. Like Jaehyun he’d watch you quietly in awe and wouldn’t be able to help but let his mind wander and gush about how amazing you’d be as a wife/husband and mother/father to your future kids and spouse.


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d like you helping him get better - but only to an extent. At first, he’d be very happy and grateful to have you, asking for small favours and not asking you to do much for him. But soon he’d feel guilty and like he was exploiting you or something, and would cut you off a bit. He’d wouldn’t respond to your texts or calls and would claim that he had just missed them by mistake. You’d worry a bit and try to go back to helping him but again he’d be very curt and try to stop you from doing so. You would have to take control though and basically force your help onto him - and he’d let you. He’d never tell you about his feelings in the end, but you’d figure it out pretty soon and talk to him about it.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

He’s very likely to turn into a literal child which he already is tbh lmao anyway and, like Yuta, would moan and complain and basically annoy the shit out of you. As soon as he was starting to feel ill, he’d call you up begging for you to bring his snacks and blankets. Of course, being the worried and loved up girlfriend you are, you’d immediately agree, and rush around the grocery store before practically running to his dorms. Expect to find him huddled in between his sheets, head poking out, and a mischievous grin on his face; and obviously, being tired as hell the next day by how much you’ve had to look after him.

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if it isn't too much, could you go through and explain your process to get your art looking like it does in that latest akaashi & kenma pic? like, the filters and the textures or whatever? 0: thank you!!!!! ♡♡♡

I use clip studio paint to add toning, If you click the tone effect you can draw with tones, Ill try to make a tutorial or something next time  

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Idk if you write headcanons but, can you do an ace!Jason and bi!Percy headcanon list thing? (i also requested some from i'mnotstraightorcis, etc. etc. , lmao. thank you in advanceeeee

@dontcallmestraightorcis is a great blog for anyone whos into content similar to mine - aka That Gay Shit tm B3c lil promo there

and ace jason and bi percy are my lifeblood tbh yes please


• jason (gr)ace figures out pretty early on that he’s not into people That Way - you dont grow up raised by wolves and then as a soldier beside other soldiers and not hear about The Do and how fun it is. he doesnt understand it though - if anything, it sounds gross and unnecessary. why waste time with something like that when you can be doing something else? the idea that he cant Provide that for someone stops him from dating in the barracks even before becoming praetor, however, even though dakota flirts constantly (which mostly just makes him laugh)

• percy doesnt get that hes bi until hes around 13-14 and hes talking to someone who Isnt like “yeah those guys are super good looking” “haha wow gay” “nah im straight” “those are not straight thoughts percy jackson” “…oh. guess im not then” and he doesnt beat himself up over it too much. its another thing that fugliano would have hated about him and the idea feels like rebellion, like blue food. it makes him grin

• when they meet, they’re ridiculous. percy is all peacock, being aggressive and showing off and trying to be The Coolest. he doesnt get that he has a crush. jason responds back to percy the same way, and KNOWS that he has a crush on percy. hes never liked someone that much before and really doesnt want to. hes afraid of not being Enough, of “leading percy on”, so to speak. he hasnt accepted that there are people out there that wont expect that of him - that would be happy with him as he is and would find no shortcomings in that which he could give. luckily percy doesnt seem to like him much, so that suits jason just fine (even if he is maybe secretly pining a little)

• percy is hanging out with piper and they get talking about jason. jason is on percy’s mind 24/7, the way luke was, the way annabeth was for a while, and he Knows but he hasnt put 2 and 2 together yet. piper, luckily, does. “percy, you like him. you like him and thats super gay and i approve.” “[gasps] piper, you useless lesbian, i cant believe this” “youre the useless lesbian. now go find jason and tell him the OTHER L word”

• so percy goes to find jason and apologize for his behavior because pigtail pulling is not an appropriate way of displaying a crush. jason goes stock still and is like “…a crush?”

percy goes on to say its okay if he doesnt like him back and that he’d get over it eventually and no sweat, i just came to say im worry, it wont happen again and jason hushes him pretty quickly. “its fine, percy… i mean. i kind of like you too just… i dont know. things are different.” he struggles to express how he feels. “but i dont want to lead you on.”

percy thinks hes saying “i dont ACTUALLY like you” and nods, a little hurt. ‘i like you but i dont wanna lead you on’ then what was that, he thinks bitterly. but he thinks he understands. “its okay, dude. dont worry about it.” jason shakes his head and says “but i DO worry about it. i want to be able to go all the way.”

percy blinks. “wait, what?”

“i just,” jason struggles again, bringing his hands into the air and looking exasperated. “i just.. i dont know. i want to go out with people and kiss or hug or whatever but then theres what comes next and i just cant do that. i dont think ill ever want that.”

theres a beat of silence, jason looking at the ground while.

“then we wont go that far.” jason looks up and when they meet eyes, percy shrugs easily. “youre a really cool, strong guy. youre nice, too, and you care about people. i wanna get to know you better, maybe not be at your throat all the time trying to 1 up you to get you to like me.” that makes jason laugh. “im okay with just taking you out. i dont think i need to ‘score’” he uses air quotes here, pulls a face at the word. “to score with you, if you know what i mean”

jason is smiling and blushing and maybe his throats a little tight and his eyes sting because a cute guy totally just used an awful line on him and doesnt mind that it wont get him into jasons pants. “then… okay.”


“okay, ill go out with you.”

and if percy raises his fists in the air and yells “WOOHOO!!!” then let it be known that jason didnt stop laughing for a long while after that


…wow im gay wtf - mod will

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I PICKED TWO BECAUSE I couldn't decide but do whichever one you'd prefer for stevetony! ;___; 33 or 66!

You’re a doll omg, I hope you like it! I mean… as much as you can because I picked the angsty one… whoops. :D 

Warning: mild description of blood & injury. 

“Tony!” Steve coughs as the dust and debris swirling around them makes its way into his lungs. It’s a horrible raspy sound. “Tony, answer me.”

He reaches out and grips one metal clad shoulder frantically, peering down at Tony’s still face with fear curling thick and heavy in his stomach. When the building had started crumbling around them and Tony had gone down–wrong place, wrong time, couldn’t escape the falling chunk of concrete–Tony had made the most awful, guttural sound of pain, dropping to the ground like a sack of bricks. 

Now he’s laying in front of Steve, eyes closed, a deep gash on his cheek, red and angry. He doesn’t answer. 

“JARVIS, is he all right?”

“Mr. Stark’s condition is very poor, but not critical. He seems to have a broken leg and three cracked ribs. As you can tell, he is also unconscious.” JARVIS’ voice lists the injuries, his voice a bit too garbled for comfort. “Unfortunately, the suit is severely damaged and is running on very limited power at the moment. Also, communications seem to be down.”

Steve reaches up frantically and taps on his earpiece. “Avengers. Can anyone hear me? I need assistance on the south side of the building. Tony and I are trapped.” 

His frantic SOS is met with silence. The comms are definitely down. He hisses a curse under his breath, lowers his shaking hand. 

Tony is still not moving. 

Slowly and deliberately, he draws in an unsteady breath, closes his eyes, does it again three times. He can do this. He’s gotten through worse. They’ll be fine. 

Maybe what he does next is because Tony is still out cold and Steve feels ill at the sight of Tony laying there, injured and unconscious, maybe it’s the worry thats making it very difficult to breathe right now, maybe it’s… well. He doesn’t know. Whatever it is, he finds himself reaching out to touch his uninjured cheek with his gloved hand, lets it linger there for a moment. Tony doesn’t move. 

“Don’t worry,” Steve says quietly, trying to make his voice sound reassuring even though Tony can’t hear him. “I’ll keep you safe. I’ll figure this out.”

(comics/scifi blog: @spacenerdtonystark)

Way Above, Where the North Winds Blow

Word count: 1,868

Summary: Dan and Phil’s son makes them sit down to tell them that she actually isn’t their son.

A/N: wow, i actually wrote something in english that wasn’t part of an event!! my swedish ass is getting better at this :o also thanks to @vanillasolitude for looking this over, vv helpful (y)

this story kind of means a lot to me because this is the way i wish my parents reacted when i came out :[ (don’t kill them they’re fine now) and even though this only took like three days to write (which is a really short time if you’re a procrastinator with concentration problems), i put a lot of heart into it :3 enjoy!

CW: Deadname-ing, misgendering

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small talk about being a professional artist w/ mental illness:

there are times where you have to admit defeat. maybe you got ten things done, but you forgot to reply to that one email and that person gets irked. you have to find the right way to apologize because as a professional, esp. when you’re looking for work, you have to be SO careful with everything you say. ‘my work got away from me’ sounds like ‘this person can’t keep track of things’. ‘i was overwhelmed’ sounds like ‘this person can’t handle multiple projects at once, they’re not a good fit’. ‘i forgot’ sounds like, well, you forgot.

so sometimes there’s nothing more you can do except apologize and try better next time. pick yourself up, dust yourself off. but there’s also something to be said for the other side too.

we are, above all else, human. artists, even professional ones. make mistakes. we forgot. we get overwhelmed. this doesn’t mean we’re not a good fit. this doesn’t mean we can’t make great work or keep track of things. sometimes, just sometimes, too many things are happening at once and our brains short out. mentally ill or not, it happens. we are trying out best. i am trying my best.

anyways, this is part advice part me seeking advice, i guess. hang in there, friends.

The Truth About Success

1. Recognise that there are few true overnight successes. Most people get there slowly, over time, through perseverance and hard work.

2. Most (if not all) people grapple with self doubt and insecurity. It’s what you do with those feelings that matters. You either push through them, and ignore your feelings, or you let them rule you and compromise success.

3. Always keep the bigger picture in mind. One or two slips ups – or even one or two disasters – doesn’t mean the game is over. Just get up – and push ahead.

4. Kick yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s natural to feel frightened when you’re faced with the unknown. What if we are rejected? What if we try and fail? These are normal questions that everyone must cope with. But you’ll feel so much better when you try – and then succeed!

5. Start small, be consistent, and keep taking the next step. It takes time to learn the ropes, and to make progress, at the start. Be patient – it’s a journey – and you’ll get there in the end.

6. Seek out role models who have trodden the same path. Closely follow their example, and watch, and learn from them.

Masterpost (So Far)


Remus is harassed by a random stranger in a club …

Person A is harassed by a random stranger in a club and people B is watching. After a while Person B steps in and pretends to be Person A’s partner even though they never have seen each other before. Person A just goes with it, but the random stranger is so persistent and doesn’t believe they are a couple that Person A grabs Person B’s neck and kisses them. Somehow both of them don’t back out of the kiss, because, fuck can we never stop pretending

Couldn’t get a babysitter …

Couldn’t get a babysitter and had to bring my kid on this blind date AU

- Funny Faces 

Art Work

Imagine your OTP catching each other staring at one another, but instead of looking away, they start making faces at one another and just end up giggling

- Pretend

Just pretend to be my date

- Christmas

Christmas at Hogwarts with the Marauders and Lily

- I can’t see the upholstery 

Sirius see’s a picture of a motorbike for the first time

- Chicken Poxs

Remus and Sirius looking after an unwell Teddy

- Reunions and Fisher Price

Person A and Person B first meet in a toy store where A was clicking all the buttons on the toddler toys. B is supposedly trying to do their job as an employee there but joins A in the end.

- Sweaters

Sirius in Remus’ sweaters, but Remus has his revenge.

-  Sleepy Love Confessions

Your OTP having their first kiss while their half asleep and only Person A remembers it.

- Halloween

Halloween at Hogwarts with the Marauders and Lily

- All’s Hallows Eve

The problems with Truth, Dare, Kiss or Hex and too much Firewhiskey.

- That’s MY boyfriend! (Smut)

Possessive Remus doesn’t take too kindly when someone tries it on with HIS boyfriend.

- Touchy Feely

Platonic touching between the Marauders and Lily.

- A Day at the Fair

The Gryffindors decided to go to a Muggle Fun Fair where real magic happen’s.

- Not Realising

Your OTP subconsciously holding hands all the time, whether in public or not. Sometimes getting smiles, sometimes odd looks, but they hold each other’s hand anyway.

- Backfired Jealousy

Person A trying to make Person B jealous so they’ll go out with them.

- Cute Gardener
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

“You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” AU

- Tough Remus

People alway see Remus as the ‘wimp’ of the group, but Merlin, are they wrong.

-  Chronic 
Part 1 | Part 2

Remus suffers with a chronic illness called Ulcerative Colitis

- Potions

Someone attempted to give Sirius a botched up Love Potion, but Remus accidentally drank it instead

- Lace Panties (Smut)

Remus has had a terrible day, but comes home to Sirius cooking his favourite food in nothing but Red Lace Panties



- Genderbent!AU

Genderbent head cannons of the Marauders and Lily

- Soft First Times (Smut)

First time’s are awkward enough, but they’re made even more awkward when Jamie Potter is your best friend.



- Blanket Burrito and Tickle Attacks

Person A is wrapped in a blanket burrito, so Person B and C decide to take advantage of this and relentlessly tickle A



- Marry me? 

James had the entire night planned out to a T, but work, family and friends ended up getting in the way.

Who´s The Boss .I.

Pairing: LE x Reader

Genre: Gang!AU, angst, smut, romance

Originally posted by kong-tv

Series status: Ongoing

Warning: Violence, strong language, mentions of drugs, death, sexual content; if you´re not comfortable with such things, read at your own risk or don´t read at all boo, you have been warned

Disclaimer: None of the character except my own belong to me.

-prologue- / chapter .II. /

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Going to give you guys a little lotta update (not much really) and then a general life update for those interested. Please note that the general life update contains things about pet loss.

Lotta had a pretty bad day today. She’s panting and whining and I’ve upped her painmed dose (according to our vet ofc)
I’m hoping shes feeling a bit better tomorrow.
Yesterday we had a nice relaxing day outside in the nice weather.
Shes done with the antibiotics, and doesn’t have much left of the steriods.
Next appointment is on Tuesday.

Now life update.
Its warming up now and the heat is making my heart symptoms worse.
I keep getting bad blood pressure crashes.
Tomorrow I have to go say goodbye to a dear friends dog. I’m anxious and I’m probably going to cry like a baby.
I’ll also be meeting her other pup for the first time.
We’ll be going to a beautiful place and I’m thinking about bringing my camera and trying to take some photos for my friend.
Life is overall pretty shit lately with Lotta being so ill. But hopefully she will feel better soon.