next stop is vegas


Next stop: VEGAS!! 👙 @rehablv #bikiniinvitational with my girls @_norajust & @brizzyfit 👯 Who else is gonna be there…?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #MandyCFit #BootyMaker #vegas #rehablv #bikinicontest #poolparty

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Please stop by on your next visit to Las Vegas to see our selection of reusable and disposable diapering products. We are located at 2675 E Flamingo Rd, Suite 5. Our store is 3.5 miles from The Strip and conveniently located near McCarren International Airport and UNLV.

Update on the vanilla man and the car

So a couple posts back(or maybe I forgot to mention) that the vanilla man is buying me a fully customized jeep from a Marlin’s player. He knows my commute to work has been just terrible. The Marlins player doesn’t want to sell until spring, which means I’d have to make this two hour commute during the winter, which is no fun. Soooo we’ve been looking around and searching for a car for the time being and we’ve decided on a 2012 Volkswagen Eos and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! We pick it up today or tomorrow right before we go to Vegas 😍 I’m so excited!

This past week, he’s furnished my bedroom, made me a custom piece of art for the wall, and took me to dinner and ice skating.

And not once did he try to ask me for sex!

Next stop, Vegas 🤑

'til tonight do us part; nic&ames.

He wasn’t drunk. No, really, he wasn’t. Buzzed? Maybe. Tipsy? Most likely. But definitely not drunk. Because drunk Nicholas couldn’t walk in a straight line, and right now, he was doing a pretty good job of walking in a straight line and not dropping his girlfriend off his back. He was giggly though. He couldn’t stop laughing at anything and everything she said, and while he usually always did that, right then it had more to do with his inebriation than what she was actually saying.

“Ames,” His voice, mixed in with laughter, came as more of a sing-song than an actual spoken word. “A-me-li-a.”

He bounced her up a bit, his grip on her thighs tightening a bit to get a better hold on her as they headed down the famed Vegas Strip, deciding on their next stop.

A stop in Vegas hadn’t been in their plans. They were supposed to head back home as soon as they hit Disneyland. But adrenaline, a little too much happiness (not that it was a bad thing), and a quick Google maps search coupled with a bank account check and the appearance of a delayed graduation present from his dad had sent them both on the four hour drive from Anaheim.

So now here they were, less than sober, and more than attached at the hip, as they explored Sin City, trying to figure out what they were going to do next after having spent the first part of the evening bouncing between casinos, arcades, and the bars that had them so giggly.

“You won, I get it, but you need to pick already,” he told her, turning his to place a wet kiss to her temple. “I can do this all day, but you still need to pick.”