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Danielle Brooks just said what we’re all thinking about the rebooted America’s Next Top Model

It felt like we were making major strides in 2016 with inclusivity in the modeling world. We kept seeing inspirational women like Ashley Graham and Danielle Brooks popping up spreading body positivity and self-love. Then, cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model came along and set everything a few steps back.

bruce ‘i don’t do relationships’ wayne responds to allegations that he is actually in love with an elegant raven-haired woman of color capable of kicking his ass: “you’re going to have to be more specific”


Happy belated Birthday Gwyn and Happy belated Christmas and New Years to all my followers. I hope this New Years is better and brighter year than the previous one for all of you ^u^

i never understand action movie protagonist who need the death or abduction of a loved one to motivate them

i am motivated by spite

i shave my legs out of spite (fuck you, nylons)

i go running out of spite (fuck you, dad)

i shovel 4 ft of snow out of spite (fuck you, snow)

i ate an entire box of oreos out of spite (fuck you, serving size)

next action movie - i want the action movie protagonist to be motivated by spite

@freakumdress suggested i draw miki and luka and of course, i know no moderation so the sketch turned into a full project 😂 i havent drawn either of these two in so long haha, its good to be back


Sorry these are so rough- it was more of a costume design exercise then a drawing one.

A few weeks ago I did these allegiance-switched versions of Jyn and Krennic, and popped them onto my twitter feed. It’s only just occurred to me to put them up here too.

It’s was fun trying to figure out how to incorporate a cape into the Rebel Alliance aesthetic- but looking at some concept art they seem to be fans of zippers and pockets. I added that mustard lining to give it a nice flash of colour. Not very stealthy but favouring appearance over practicality seems to be Krennic’s thing anyway.

As for Jyn, I think Felicity would make an awesome SW bad guy- love the idea of tiny Jyn sizing up next to gigantic Tarkin. The haircut was fun too- with that Kristen Stewart vibe going on.

What’s the world y’all. My dog is in need of surgery, and the cost of so is beyond my reach. I’ll be selling my lino-cut MF DOOM prints, limited-edition of 10. Each print is made by hand, so each is just as unique as the next. These prints are sized at 22X30 inches, and are priced at $250 each. I’ll also be signing each print, and attaching a personal written letter to every purchase made. I’ll be following up with a separate edition of prints. If you’re interested or have any further questions regarding these prints, DM me. All praises due to the most high, thank you guys.

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook taking a whole tissue roll and rolling it out across the living room.
*presses play on your phone and bgm starts playing*
*puts on his jacket and walkes on the tissue*
*stares at you*
“You are welcome to watch my model session if you want.” *continues walking to the beat*

And what a house it is. Huge neon arrows and signs hang from trees in the driveway. It wasn’t Christmas, but a fully lit tree was the centrepiece of her living room (it was there year-round). A giant moose head with a fez hung above the fireplace; snow globes depicting macabre murder scenes decorated the shelves and, outside in the garden, next to a life-size Leia stepping out of a British telephone box, was the back end of a lion attached to the wall, its raised tail revealing giant cat balls.