next season is gonna be amazing

Even though Falsettos is closing remember...

(This is a combination of a lot of posts so don’t give me all the credit)

• Christian is gonna Fucking KiLL IT in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
• This is only the BEGINNING of Anthony’s amazing career
• You can catch Andrew in the new season of Girls
• The rest of the cast is going to be extraordinary in whatever they do next
• I can already tell we’re gonna win a lot of Tony awards
• And even if we don’t it’ll still be okay because the Falsettos Revival cast will reunite for the awards
• For those of you who don’t have Iphones the Falsettos Revival cast album is coming very soon
• For those of you with Iphones you can listen to the Revival cast album anytime you want
• You can listen to the original off-broadway cast albums on any device
• The Falsettos cast is going to perform at Barns and Nobles
• And if you don’t live in New York like me there’ll probably be footage of them preforming at Barns and Nobles
• The cast of In Trousers are reuniting
• Again, there’ll probably be footage of that too
• All of the Falsettos revival cast (minus Christian) has social media so we can keep tabs on them
• And Anthony has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos regularly
• You can buy Falsettos merch on
• You can also buy Falsettos fan work on
• Anthony also sells a phone case on
• There is audio of an normal Falsettos performance
• There is audio from that one time Anthony got sick
• There is audio from closing night
• And if you’re not about that bootleg/audio life then there’s a PROFESSIONAL RECORDING COMING SOON
• There are a lot of great new shows coming to broadway
• More specifically, there are two new LGBTQ plays and one new LGBTQ musical coming to broadway that we know of at the moment
• You can rewatch the Side by side Thanksgiving episode with the Falsettos cast
• Or any Falsettos cast member(s) interview really
• Or an interview with a Falsettos cast member that isn’t about Falsettos (maybe from a previous show they went in)
• On that topic, all of the cast members have done previous projects (whether it be TV shows, movies, or musicals) that you can watch at any time
• There are many dedicated Falsettos blogs (including this one) that will
continue to post Falsettos content even though the show is closed
• You can still look at old Falsettos posts, fan art, fan fiction
• Not to say there won’t be an abundance of new content coming soon
• We made so many memories as a fandom & will still make many more

In conclusion if you’re upset about Falsettos closing don’t fret my friend. If you have any more good things about Falsettos please add!



Looks like they’ll be starting fresh on Viktor and Yurio’s home turf to begin preparing for the new challenges that will lie ahead.

And while they don’t know what may happen along the way, they’re love for each other will most likely continue to serve as their guiding light.

Big girl appreciation day February 19th- 20th 2016

Big girl appreciation day February 19th- 20th 2016 Soooo you guys Bgad was extremely successful. I been lowkey busy recently but ive known for awhile know that the 19th and 20th were the perfect days for the next one. What way to celebrate your body than a few days after valentines day! Im so excited to see all the cute photos and themes you guys think of! This is gonna be real cute.

Bgad will be seasonal. So well have some time between to prepare to get out best photos ready for these amazing days! Last time a lot of people couldn’t participate and that upsets me cuz yall are all so beautiful. So I cant stress enough how important it is to boost this and mark it on your calendars. A LOT of people didn’t even know about it until the day of. We can get this circulating better so more women can participate.

So Boost this you guys let everyone know whats up!!! .

so yeah, luna said on her last episode of luna’ alphabet that she’s on season which means she’s preparing for a comeback and is on a diet, it’s very likely we gonna get an earlier f(x) comeback next year since she talked on another episode of her show that f(x) is preparing for a comeback at the moment 

gif by @gosselaars

I know we’ve moved on some and we now have the glory that is 109 but… you guys look at his fucking face here! Look at the way he looks at her when she glances in his direction. 

Fucking kills me every time I looks at this. I know they were not in a good place here but he still looks at her with the same hungry expression. Only here there’s this tinge of desperation to it. He knows Ginny is not happy with him and he don’t like it!

Just I’m never gonna be over this moment. I pray we get another red carpet moment with these two next season. A lot of people were talking and saying for the ESPYs and that would be amazing! Could you imagine these two walking a carpet together, happy and just soaking up all the attention. Pictures separate and together, Mike’s hand on Ginny’s lower back as he guides her down the carpet. 

Like I don’t even care if they only go as friends… just give me this!

Give me happy Mike and Ginny working a red carpet together! ❤❤❤

Spoilers - or why victuuri will last

Tbh, I’m not the least bit surprised this was going to happen. Shocked and kinda hurt, but not surprised.

It was a long overdue talk they had to have at some point from episode 9. It was BOUND to happen and it kinda worries me they had to drop the bomb so late into the season with only one episode to go.

Kubo has done an amazing job with story and character developments. But this is a MAJOR conflict between characters and it worries me how this is all gonna tie up in the last episode.

But I have faith that this won’t be the end of Victuuri. At this point, it can all tie up nicely by them sorting this out in the next episode and they get married (ideal, but not exactly exciting), OR this gets brought over to the next season where they come back as a stronger couple and individual from the break. Either way, it makes for potentially amazing storylines.

Relationships have conflicts. I’m interested to see how they’ll settle this one.

Have faith, people. This is a chance for growth of our favorite characters and an even stronger ship and healthy relationship.

They will marry each other - perhaps not right after the GPF, but sometime in the future.

something-wicked-sims  asked:

1, 3, 5, and 10!

1. Which is your favorite Sims Expansion?

Sims 2: University

Sims 3: Generations

Sims 4: Can I say toddlers? So far, City Living

3. Do you have any favorite simblrs?

I love everyone I follow, but to say some names that inspire me: @inabadromance @simtrovart @blarffy @zauglom @wanderlust-sims@lunarian-sim@lazysunjade(you haha) @randomcoffeesimmer @nadinemaee @sims-creations

5. What made you want to create a simblr?

I always liked taking pictures of my sims, ever since the sims 2, and making up stories on my mind. But I was always too shy to share them. Idk, I stalked a bunch of simblrs and everyone was so creative and nice and made amazing things, and I was already taking pics of my sims so why not. I don’t regret it at all haha. 

10. What expansion pack are you hoping for next?

If Pets is really gonna happen already, then seasons. I need those 2 so bad! 

Thanks for asking, babe :)

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Okay but I'm very out of the loop with skam, do. we know about when we find out the next seasons character or the air date or anything?

We know absolutely nothing about season 4, we just sit here and wait - welcome to the skam fandom!


Zude: *acts more like a couple*


i’m so afraid for sherlock’s next week episode. there are too many questions unanswered and if it’s the last episode of the series i don’t know how they’re gonna make it good in 90 minutes. also i want to believe in johnlock being canon but i have basically no hopes. it’s a great show, it always will be, the actors were great and johnlock was amazing and one of the best relationships on tv but i’m so fucking scared that i will be disappointed next week. ugh, please let me be wrong.

next season someone’s gonna be like “we gotta get–” and carisi’s just gonna walk away muttering “i’ll call raf.” and everyone will just look at each other and finally rollins will raise an eyebrow and go “raf, huh…?” and fin will just walk away shaking his head like “none of my business, none of my business.” and olivia will smile knowingly. and it’ll be amazing.

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Seasons 4 Graduation will be so emotional. In my opinion this is the best class since Season7. This group has been amazing to watch and I still see Miles appearing once in a while. This was a great Era to watch and I hope the next Era is just as good

I’m literally gonna bawl my eyes out this is the first class on and off set that I don’t wanna see go

muazanas  asked:

maya matlin

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  ugh Zig of course

friendship them with:  TORI!!! but s14 rubber room was bomb it just got messy and less focused on in next class sadly.

general opinions: She’s the reason I kept watching and I’m glad cause the show had some other amazing characters I would have missed out on but I always just felt for this character and rooted for her and this season even found myself relating to her on a personal level. I’m really gonna miss her when she graduates and sigh I never felt this connected to a degrassi character before, the only other one is craig and he kind of faded out of the show. Maya I will actually see graduate so its gonna be very emotional for me. She’s just a gem and I love her<3

Episode 138 thoughts

-i love how zarc just keeps getting more… uh expressive…with each episode.

-also R.I.P Jack. That was actually the most brutal takedown so far.

- huh so Leo wasn’t lying about carded peeps coming back but does that include the people he fed to arc v? cause academia should be pretty crowded right about now

- the fuck are you doing now Leo…

- Next time we get to see Michio and the fish guy and all the other randies back from season 1 (not really but I can dream)

- I have feeling Sawatari is gonna do his best to annoy the hell out of Zarc and it would be amazing (please let this happen)

i-am-no-man-bitch  asked:

Your response to the golden globes has been amazing thank you for trying to breathe some sanity into this night

You’re welcome! I feel like I go on the same tangent every award season… but this year (surprisingly… considering the great nominations) is gonna be a doozy. 

I just feel like a lot of people go into award season super ignorant to filmmaking and film history… and then in a few months they forget all about it until next season and/or the next “problematic” issue pops up. It’s very frustrating. 

And in conclusion, La La Land is an extraordinary work of art that deserves every single award it wins. Here’s to the one’s who dream. xx

How I Feel After Finishing s3 of OITNB

Sophia: OMG you’re a Queen no matter what all the damn time and you don’t need to deal with this transphobia and injustice. I’m coming to break you out bae. These peasants are all beneath you.

Maritza: OMG NOT MY BABY! COATES IF YOU TOUCH A FUCKING HAIR ON MY BABY’S HEAD IMMA MURDER YOU. Maritza is love and Maritza is life and Maritza is a Queen.

Gloria: Yaaaas. Always.

Aleida: hoe…. no.

Flacca: Why everybody being so mean to you? You’re amazing and you’re mascara always be on point, girl. You don’t deserve this injustice.

Stella: So does this mean that you’re not gonna be here next season? Because like, now that I’ve experienced the tattoos and the accent and the lips and the face and finally experienced that feeling known as love I don’t know if I can deal with losing you.


Taystee: You’re the only one with your shit together.

Poussey: You’re losing the shit you had together last season, but slowly regaining it.

Norma: The fuck was your cult though? Otherwise, you’re chill.

Red: Literally, boss af. I want to join a mafia run by Red.

Piper: no.

Morello: No because Nicky.

Nicky: Wtf where are you though.

Pennsatucky: I used to hate you. Now I would lay down my life to protect you.

Big Boo: I hate you except when you’re around Pennsatucky.

Healy: I pity you but I’ve come to realize I can’t really like you.

Black Cindy: …

Crazy: Can I read this?

Girl Who Wants To Date Crazy: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR NAME

Crying Woman: The only consistent character throughout this series.

Judy King: Omg Yes.



firehouse fifty-one + instagram (pt. 1) [click to enlarge] 

“next, we gotta make mouch an instagram”