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Rooftop Season Part 5

“In the face of imminent danger, most humans’ brains responded with ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response. Why did yours have to be ‘freeze’?”

A/N: Hello my dear readers! I hope I don’t disappoint with this update (or how long I took to put it up XP)! I think the RS finale is coming up in the next part, but thank you guys sooo much for your support thus far! I seriously appreciate every like, reblog, comment, and requests to be added to the tags list. It’s really touching.


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You took in a shallow and shaky breath. To your surprise, Peter didn’t look nearly as terrified as any other person might’ve been in his position. In fact, you could best describe the way his expression as mildly inconvenienced.

Shouldn’t he be shitting himself? You thought, astonished. He looked more than ready to bargain. 

“Hey, mister,” he said, keeping his hands up in defence. “I don’t want any trouble-“

The man swung the knife dangerously close to Peter and he calmly shuffled backwards.

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Sunny do you have hope for canon klance? :')


but also I don’t want to set my hopes up too high you know, but yeah I’m cautiously optimistic B)

just trying to take what we are given like the good interactions from this season and not to be disappointed regardless of what will or won’t happen next

Cable Girls: Las Chicas del Cable

First impression about Cable Girls after binge watching:

I love how 4 women so diverse can be so amazingly strong in such different ways. How they show us the different ways men could have total control over women’s life, and how those characters face this oppression, each her own way, is well written while still realistic with the time period it’s written in. 

- Lidia/Alba’s character complexity is amazing. Her monologues fit so well with what’s going on and the actress is amazing. Her love drama makes me yawn sometimes though. 

- Carlota is probably my favorite. She’s so brave, determined, fearless, relentless. She is aware of her flaws and tries to be better. When she faces a situation she’s never contemplated (you know what I’m talking about) sit shows that she’s frustrated with herself for not being good enough. Her ideals are so rooted and her actions show so much passion. How she stands up against her dad and anyone who betrays her or messes up with her is wonderful to watch. 

- Marga is the most ADORKABLE person I can think of. Her puns and sentences make me soft and laugh at the same time. She’s so naïve but so determined to be better and independent at the same time. I just want to adopt her. 

- Ángeles is probably the hardest character to see on screen. Her growth process is heartbreaking to watch, and it feels a little bit rushed sometimes. But it seems they get to keep her on character while still showing how she changes her heart and mindset, and her strength is unique and different. 

About Sara. I love the job the actress does. She shows so much emotion in her actions, for instance, those huge heart eyes the character has for Carlota. It’s a character you don’t expect to surprise you in the first episode but it does. *spoiler alert* The relationship with Carlota and Miguel is surprising but it doesn’t feel forced. I liked they introduced polyamory in such a casual but powerful way, showing . About the last scene of this character… *Spoiler alert* [Sidenote: Sara’s transness is an assumption that everyone I’ve talked with about the series agrees on. That’s the interpretation I made of it and they way I’m addressing it]. I have such mixed feelings about it. I love the way they introduce the concept, it’s not explicit or complicated, it’s just hinted with Miguel’s shirt and a subtle but direct sentence of Alba in the background. The sentence though… my activist self just can’t digest it. *Spoiler alert* “Not being in the right body” it transmits trans people’s bodies aren’t right, which is a concept that most of the society has nowadays (I was going to say “had”, but in 1928 most people didn’t even register trans people’s existence). Their bodies are their business and whatever they want them to be. The perpetuation of this idea it’s heartbreaking. I’m guessing the reason it’s the same old “that’s how people understand it” and “it was 1928″ and “it would not have been obvious without that sentence”, but that’s just how transphobia is perpetuated. Anyway, I’m willing to see the development of the character next season and how they treat them. 

Elisa (Aka. Alice in wonderland) introduces us to how high class people with mental illnesses were treated back then. How they tried to cover up everything for what people might think, telling her about “her nerves”… I hope we get to see more of what being mentally ill implied in the 20ies, specially as a woman. 

I also love the adorkableness of Pablo, but love that he’s not perfect and really screws up (Her unsufferable girlfriend, come on). And Marglo is just <3. I liked they showed an open minded man like Miguel, although his free mind felt forced. I get what they wanted to do but it didn’t feel too on character tbh. We didn’t have much information about what went though his mind, about how he saw Carlota, what he thought about her and Sara more developed…  The effort is well appreciated though. They could have cut off some of the boring speeches of francisco and given him some more scenes to deepen on that matter.  

Francisco and Carlos (Aka. Tweddledee and Tweedledum) have too many scenes for what little they really do. Francisco is so boring. Period. Carlos is a more evolving character, who shows a development throughout the series. The best part of those 2 is the relationship they have between them, how they behave as really good friends and as brothers, *spoiler alert* even in the end when Francisco burns the new Will of Carlos’ father (Aka. the caterpillar).  

I also liked the number of aged women they show us: Carmen (aka. Queen of hearts), Victoria and Doña Lola, Mario’s mum. They all were great in their own way, had their strong suits. 

About Mario. I just can’t. It makes me anxious. I know it’s necessary and real and I love they did what they did. But it’s so hard to watch. In general, the sexism shown it’s drowning. Which is the purpose of the series. The hopelessness I felt with Ángeles and the no-divorce and Sara in jail was suffocating. 

The absence of POC was pretty obvious too. It might not be that far from reality from 1928 Spain, but that’s no excuse. I hope they get some time and interest next season to introduce the state of other races in that era. 

The show made a pretty good job with the topics it wanted to address, introducing complex and strong characters mixed with light humor and intricate storylines, addressing different forms of sexist opression, and keeping the mystery. It misses some intersectionalism, specially more education about LGTB stuff and some introduction to POC on those times. I hope we don’t find ourselves with another danish girl.

Top 9 Animated Shows of 2016

I don’t wish to mince words.  2016 sucked.  It sucked a lot.  In addition to losing several beloved celebrities, including Alan Young, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, just to name a handful, my family lost two pets in as many months, and dealt with several other personal losses that, I’ll be honest, has really dashed my holiday spirits this year.  

It’s been a rough time, but one of the reasons that I adore animation is that it is the window to the fantastic, a mirror of the soul whose only restrictions are the imagination of the writers and artists.  They are my escape, and my passion.  I believe that a good story and good animation can take you on a journey that can rival any book.  I believe that with all of my heart.  

And while 2016 definitely sucked in many, MANY respects…It did not in the Animation department.  With several incredible films including  Moana, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Zootopia, and a strong stable of Animated Television shows as well.  And so for this list, I’m going to included my Nine Favorite shows from 2016.  I will also include the best places to watch said shows online, if you feel like checking them out for yourself.

Without further adu:

9) Kulipari: An Army of Frogs

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: A stellar voice cast including Josh Keaton, Keith David, Charlie Adler, and Mark Hamill–just to name a few.  Character designs by Greg Guler, and snappy writing and direction from Tad Stones.  This is an all around strong show that is tons of fun to watch.  It’s biggest weakness is it is a touch formulaic (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but the writing, characters, and animation make up for it.  

8) Milo Murphy’s Law

Where Can I Watch It?: Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney XD App

Why is it worth my time?: From the creative team behind Phineas and Ferb comes the series about Milo Murphy.  The descendant of Edward Murphy, Milo is a afflicted with his curse.  For Milo, anything that CAN go wrong, always WILL go wrong.  What makes it interesting is that Milo goes about his life crazy-prepared, and with an infectiously positive attitude.  Not hurt by the fact that the titular character is voiced by non other than “Weird” Al Yankovic.  With the writing team of Phineas and Ferb, and a star like Weird Al on your billing, naturally many episodes have a fun musical number.  This show is sure to lift your spirits if you’re just having a Milo Murphy kind of day.  

7) Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Where can I watch it?: Disney XD, Disney XD App, Hulu (Season 1 only, as of 12/25/16)

Why is it worth my Time? This fun little show has really started growing the beard since its debut last year.  With an ongoing mystery about Star’s family history underlying the second season, one definitely gets the feeling that much more is going on beneath the surface.  

6) Voltron: Legendary Defender

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: I was never a fan of the original Voltron.  It was before my time. But hearing Josh Keaton–One of my favorite voice actors–Sing the praises of this show over and over again on twitter got me hyped.  Nor was I to be disappointed, for this show was a treat.  There’s distinct nods to the Classic show–Which again, I never saw, but I NEVER once felt like I was missing anything important.  Indeed, I enjoyed every second of this show’s first season, and the amazing cliffhanger it left us on.  I never had any doubts that it would get a second season, and I can’t wait to actually catch that season next month.  

5) Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Where can I watch it?: Nickelodeon, iTunes, Netflix (Starting February 14th) 

Why is it worth my time?: I hadn’t heard of this show before a few weeks ago, but now I feel like I seriously missed out.  After after asking some friends, they heartily recommended this French Cartoon.  I dove right into it.  The show is very formulaic, but makes up for it with a great mythology, fun characters, and a downright adorable two-person love square (in which the titular heroes are in love with each other, but due to being ignorant of each others secret identities are in love with the wrong personas, preventing them from actually hooking up) Season 2 drops in May, and promises a shakeup of the status quo dominating the formulaic nature of the episodes, and I can’t wait to see it.   

4) Steven Universe  

Where can I watch it?: Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network App, Hulu

Why is it worth my time?: This show continues to grow an already impressive beard, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  It’s become rather famous within Nerd Circles for the clever writing, long term plot planning, and amazing cast of characters.  

3) Star Wars: Rebels

Where can I watch it?: iTunes, Disney XD, Disney XD App

Why is it worth my time?: This show has been getting better and better each season.  The scrappy crew of The Ghost actually makes me give a crap about Star Wars, in ways I never expected.  As they face down the Empire, while exploring the deep, rich mythology available in the Star Wars Universe.  Bonus points in having some of the scariest villains on TV.  Darth Vader’s appearances on the show actually show why he was an effectively scary villain, delivering a curb stomp battle on our heroes every time he meets them.   And General Thrawn of the current season actually makes me feel like the Rebels have lost ground every time he appears on screen.  Bonus points for fans of the recent film installment Rogue One; that movie is littered with easter eggs and references to this series.  Most obviously?  Look for the Ghost fighting in the battle above Scarif.

2) Trollhunters

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: From the brilliant mind of Guillermo del Toro comes a coming-of-age story that, Quite frankly, is everything I look for in a fantasy series.  This is the show that I want to watch when I think I want to watch a fantasy series.  Starring the late Anton Yelchin as Jim Lake Jr, this show features an all star cast of multi-faceted heroes, villains, and lots of…Grey areas.  I cannot praise this show enough.  It only arrived on Netflix two days ago (as of the writing of this post) and it is one of the best animated shows of the year.  The season finale had me in tears at the end.  And the cliffhanger promises even more great fantasy in the next season (which I very much hope we get, even if del Toro will have to recast the lead due to Anton Yelchin’s sad and unfortunate passing.  Every episode is dedicated to his memory) 

1) Gravity Falls

 Where can I watch it?: Hulu, iTunes

Why is it worth my time?: Gravity Falls remains my second favorite animated show of all time (Though Trollhunters came very close to knocking it down to third.) and it came to an incredibly satisfying conclusion in the early part of this year.  Creator Alex Hirsch chose to end the show on a very high note, closing all of the major story arcs, while still leaving quite a few mysteries left for the fans to decipher.  (Literally in many cases) This is a show about Family, with amazing writing, awesome voice work (much provided by creator Alex Hirsch himself) and a deep, rich inner mythology, this show will be one that I return to again and again.  

And that’s it.  Those are the Nine Shows I enjoyed the most from this hellhole of a year known as 2016.  I hope that these little blurbs encourage you to check out at least one of these shows.  Or even all of them.  And I hope that they bring you the same joy that they’ve brought me this year.  

God Bless, and have a Merry Christmas,

~~The Disney Wizard.  

Picture Perfect Ch. 3

You’re not particularly into BNM, the new rising kpop group, but your best friend has fallen head-over-heels for their adorable maknae, Lee Daehwi. Your days in college are filled with working on your photography portfolio in hopes that a magazine will hire you, while your best friend’s is filled with stalking keeping up with BNM. However, when one day, your best friend decides to attend a fansign with your best camera, your entire world changes.

A multichaptered fic ft. Park Woojin, the trainees of Brand New Music, Yoo Seonho and the pd101 boys. In this story, your best friend’s name is Lee Seonmi; you two have been friends since high school, and you attend university in Seoul and room together.

Chapter Three: New Beginnings?

  • Your camera gets screwed over by none other than BNM’s manager. God really must hate you
  • ft. Yoo Seonho as a barista again!
  • Slowly but surely we’re getting to the Woojin interactions haha

You yanked your phone out of your pocket, quickly checking the time. You had class at 9, and since it was one of your art classes, you really didn’t want to be late, so you had left the house extra early. Seonmi, unlike you, was still sleeping at home, as her classes were all in the afternoon. It was 8:30, and you still had plenty of time.

Soon, all the university students got off at the respective university stop and you followed suit. However, instead of following them directly to campus, you opted to walking over to the café where Seonho worked for a bit, since you had a good amount of time before class.

You carefully readjusted the camera bag over your shoulder, making sure that you didn’t drop it. After class, you wanted to try taking a couple pictures at a nearby park, so you figured it would be smart to bring along your camera. Once you had your camera secured on the front of your body, you continued down the street towards the café. It had rained the night before, so the pavement was still wet and the gutters had rushing water.

You got to the crosswalk and punched the button, pulling out your phone to text Seonho that you’d be coming. Out of nowhere, a black van turned the corner, making you look up. The driver was familiar—all too familiar. However, you didn’t have time to contemplate where you’d seen the driver before, because the sharp movements of the van’s turn splashed a huge amount of water from the street onto you.

You stared after the van in shock before realizing what the water had hit head-first—your camera. With a shriek, you raced towards the café and fumbled with the front door.

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couragetofight  asked:

OK I finished Anne with an E... I should preface this by saying that I haven't read the books for like.. At least 10 years? So my memory of them isn't the best. In any case, I really loved the show, and was wondering your opinion on it, especially on the interpretation of Anne as someone who had gone through serious trauma. (Also... I love aunt Josephine.. I just needed to say that)

I looooved it so much that I am still recovering! (Also, AUNT JOSEPHINE FOREVER. I am so thrilled by how the show portrayed her. !!!) And I am sort of sad to come back down to ordinary real life where there are no more new episodes, sigh!

Personally, I don’t even consider the depiction of Anne’s serious trauma to be something that differs from the book; I think that comes through very clearly, albeit somewhat subtly, in the original text, and I’m really pleased to have an adaptation that was really dedicated to exploring that. I wrote a paper a few years back in grad school that basically focused on the idea that the warmth and humor of AOGG only works and is so resonant because it’s built on a foundation of terrible sadness and suffering and emotional neglect (for both Anne and Marilla in different ways); that’s something I’ve always really loved about the book, and loved seeing in this adaptation. I also love love love that this adaptation touched on things that were part of life and yet considered so taboo to the pearls-clutching middle class folks in Avonlea (sex, menstruation, etc.) – I really appreciated the exploration of that through these characters we know well. I think it makes a lot of sense and is extremely true to the spirit of the novel that Anne would be familiar with these things, and also not understand right away why they shouldn’t be talked about. Also, I will forever be glad that we now live in a world where we got to see Marilla teach Anne about her period while Matthew fled to the barn, haha. That was the scene I have been waiting for my whole life without even knowing it.

With that being said, I am sort of antsy about where the season one finale left us; it definitely veered toward Too Dark For My Frail Constitution. (And I think I would prefer Gilbert’s life to not be in such upheaval; he needs to be in that schoolhouse scholastically dueling Anne! Please, someone adopt Gilbert! Can’t he have a kindly aunt or something??) PLEASE DON’T LET ANNE AND MATTHEW AND MARILLA HAVE TO BATTLE VILLAINS THAT HAVE INFILTRATED THEIR HOME ALL THROUGH NEXT SEASON. WE NEED TIME FOR THE GREEN HAIR DYE DISASTER, LADY OF SHALOTT BOAT-SINKINGS, ETC. Basically: I hope that the show gets back to focusing on everyday shenanigans in Avonlea pretty quickly rather than having too much high stakes drama, because the thing I love most about AOGG is that it tells such a full story by just focusing on ordinary life, and I think this season did a really satisfying job of that for the most part.

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don't know if you've answered this before but what was your reaction/ thought process and if you remember, your friends' and others' around you reacting like when isak's trailer dropped? i didn't start watching until the end of season 3 so i missed out on the hype of trailer for season 3 dropping. wish i could bask in the all the various reactions!! it must have been golden!!

hey lovie! hahaha, to be super honest, I didn’t love it. we’d barely even heard Isak speak during season two, so he seemed like such a random choice. I was desperate for a Sana season, and was pretty sure it’d be her or Vilde who’d be the next main character, so seeing him look in the camera that last episode had me go, huh?! I was curious about his season, but didn’t immediately fall in love with it. I thought the first clip was good, but didn’t have high hopes during the clips that dropped right after. but then Romeo and Juliet clip happened and everything changed! I was so, so impressed and before I knew it, I was more invested in skam than ever before, hahaha. I knew everyone had changed their minds about how boring season three was when all the comments underneath the bånder clip were angry ones about Noora coming back, hahaha. people were begging for the girl squad to come back before that clip so to see people’s minds change like that was really fun, haha.

When the next season of survivor has a cast of women whom work well together and are very likely to form all girls alliances and dominate the game but then you remember that the male cast hates all girls alliance and will stop at nothing to make sure none of them succeed.

Originally posted by tylerfredrickson

“We know the next season will be tough. Two coaches have been sacked from Chelsea and Leicester after winning the league and I want to avoid this. The players want to avoid the bad season they had with Mourinho. We are working very well and we hope to find the best solution.”

“For me it will be the most difficult season of my career. I’m sure about this. I have this perception. I hope I am mistaken. In England the pressure is high. This league is the strongest in the world. You have six teams ready to fight for the title and only one wins it. You want to fight until the end for the title, but it won’t be easy.“

Antonio Conte

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What do you think of the bromance between Shiro and Hunk?

I actually hadn’t thought about it that much before this ask appeared in my inbox, but I decided to look a little closer. (Voltron Legendary Defender spoilers ahead)

From the very outset, Hunk is introduced as the nervous type, ready to talk over Shiro to express the anxieties he has about the coming aliens. He’s clearly brilliant, but almost everything he does has an undercurrent of ‘is this safe?’ and ‘are things going to be okay?’

When faced with a threat, his first response is what he thinks is the safest, to hand over the lion (Which, sadly, mirrors the response that someone who was bullied might have. If you just give them what they want and don’t fight back, you get left alone… but that’s another headcanon). It’s not until Shiro explains the actual situation that he relents, realizing why that would be a bad idea. By now, Shiro is becoming aware of how Hunk naturally approaches things.

Okay this is really cute/funny, but Hunk is already acknowledging that Shiro is probably the safest person to stick with at the moment. There’s a sense of security there, even if Shiro is only considered the ‘senior officer’ here, not yet their leader. 

When the team encounters truly dangerous situation for the first time, Shiro is the one that steps up with a plan, attempting to abate their concerns, which are primarily shown through Hunk. Hunk has latched onto Shiro as a focal point of sorts, the one to look to when things are going south. In return, Shiro does his best to give direction in whatever situation they’re in.

This is an important part of their dynamic, but it’s not the only thing that defines how they interact.

Even though Hunk is almost always nervous about things, Shiro does not brush it off, he listens, as we can tell from this:

It would have been easy to overlook Hunk’s reaction, especially considering the situation, but Shiro takes it into account, even though it might seem from the outside that Hunk is being kind of a jerk. There’s a level of mutual respect here. 

Shiro doesn’t really have to explain himself to anybody, but when he’s thinking of changing the plan, he brings it up with Hunk:

Who pretty well holds nothing back, making his opinion clear (as he has throughout the episode), a far cry from a nervous pushover. 

The entire Balmeran arc has distinct character development for Hunk, but this scene in particular shows Shiro’s involvement in this.

Hunk is trying to move forward and encourage the Balmerans, but he doesn’t quite have the words. He initially turns to Keith, who answers pragmatically, not encouragingly, and Shiro steps up. While Hunk could easily have been discouraged by the hopeless ‘realistic’ viewpoint, Shiro offers encouragement and a call for a plan of action. 

Hunk’s nervousness (and his motion sickness) are tied to uncertainty about his situation. You’ll find he doesn’t get motion sick while flying himself, because he’s in control of the vehicle (something common in those who experience motion sickness). Likewise, he responds much better to situations where there is a degree (or at least belief) of control. 

But that is mostly how Shiro helps Hunk. What about the other way around?

Hunk is the Yellow Paladin, who is “caring and kind” and will “lift the team up”. This is something Shiro sorely needs, having been placed in a crucial leadership role so soon after escaping imprisonment and torture. Shiro just can’t seem to catch a break, jumping from one problem to the next. A sympathetic ear (and maybe some space cookies) would probably go a long way.

Though this hasn’t been really touched on this far in the show, I’d really like to see more of Hunk fulfilling his role on the team, not only for Shiro, but for the others. There have been little hints of it, but I have high expectations for season 2, or even the comic that is out now. Hope this answered your question.

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I agree with you on how the season went but that was a pretty bomb finale. Next season is gonna be so great, I can see it now.

Yeah, I have high hopes for next season. There are still a few things from this season that have yet to be resolved (in addition to that very last scene… wow)

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Didn't get BINGO. Counted too much on the Main Boys having the main feature. Nevertheless, the episode was okay. Not their worst, definitely not their best, but hey, it's not like they planned these episodes the whole year, so I forgive them. I'm sure they'll get their flow going. Sad to see Heiman broke up, but Trey has stated he likes the idea of Cartman having a relationship, so perhaps it's just part of cooking up this season's ongoing storyline? Maybe? Hopes up. I know I'm optimistic.

Yeah my hopes were too high lol maybe next episode we’ll get the boys

My thoughts exactly tho- usually the first few episodes are on the weaker side until we get the ball rolling. I’m glad this episode was just “good”. It’s better than S20 being “bad” and still has room to get better and better as it goes on.

Attack on Junior High ep 12

Where Eren finally takes back what belongs to humanity and his tummy, and this odd exercise in uber cuteness sadly comes to an end.

Ships tally:

ErenChee-burg (basically the OTP of this series….)


The Stupid Couple, ReiBert and YumiKuri (heck, they gave us 3 couples in one frame, might as well use it)

Springles (Connie looks like he really needs to pee, lol….)

ArEre (considering their positions here, I think the name switch is appropriate….)

EreMikaMin (heck, why not?)

LeviHanMike (since we’re on the subject of 3P anyway annnnnd we tend to ship bandmates, makes sense to me….)

JeanTitan (well, at least he’s getting more titan action than Hange….)

Jearmin (I know, that’s stretching it, but they were at least standing next to each other and the show’s over so just give me this tiny thing to live on….)

Ereri (ok, I know this is even worse than above since they weren’t even standing next to each other, but, um, Levi was very encouraging to Eren, he yelled at him, and he, um, came to his rescue at the end so THAT COUNTS! Pretty please?)

I am still sad there was absolutely no Eruri; sorry Eruri-shippers, you have my utmost sympathy. Maybe there will be something in the second season, if we get one? I hope you enjoyed all the shipping; I know I did, even if it was a dry season for my two OTPs.

anonymous asked:

gots been shitty w their writing recently but at least well get to see brienne and jaime interact in the next episode again hopefully

hey :) lmao i know, writing for some characters is especially cringe worthy (i didn’t think writing for jaime could get any worse but somehow it happened lol) 

tbh i have no idea what to expect from that scene, i’m happy they’ll be reuniting but honestly i don’t want to get my expectations too high bc well, you said it, writing has been shitty, jaime this season is just all over the place. i hope it’ll be good, i’m trying to be positive but who knows, we’ll see, hopefully it’ll be good :)

I showed mom the vid of David Castro working out with his girlfriend.
  • This Video:
  • Mom: wow I had no idea he was hiding THAT under those jackets.
  • Me: I know right? If he doesn't get a shirtless scene next season, the fandom riots. Magnus needs a shirtless scene too. And Alec. And Simon... just Everyone. Everyone gets a shirtless scene in season two or we ride at dawn.
  • Mom: Even Izzy?
  • Me, the bisexual girl: Especially Izzy.

goolfriend  asked:

They could end it there, but I think the ppl who work on the show have stated that they want at least 6 seasons of Oso!! So there's a high chance that this isn't the end-- it'll probably just go on hiatus while they work on the next season [I hope :^( ]

((OH GOD please let It BE TRUEEEEE

i mean they’ve invested too much in merchandise…o-or, it’s too big to shut down quite yet…!! please!! PLE I JJUST WANT SEXTUPLETS 4EVER

ah, but again, where could they take it? i mean…wasn’t a fundamental quality of the ‘tuplets identity that they were NEETS? now they’re just…a bunch of matsus….i’m Alarmed

i’ve heard the 6 season statistic as well but you can never be sure (*edit, this was actually said by a VA concerning their aspirations about the running length of the show) …besides, whats a healthy does of anxiety? we could also use some hahah. .. hahah.… yeah definitely. .. hHA

anywho heres kara duck taped to the wall))

ory McIlroy hopes to complete his golfing year on a ‘real high’ with victory in next month’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at St Andrews. The enormously popular Northern Ireland golfer, currently World No.6, will be looking for his first ever victory in the prestigious European Tour event, having finished runner-up in 2009, 2011 and 2014. Rory said: “I’ve finished second three times, so perhaps this is the year I can go one better and end my season on a real high.” The four-time Major Champion has had a close relationship with the Alfred Dunhill Links over the years. In 2007, at 18, he became the youngest player to earn a European Tour card from tournament play when he finished third. Rory added: “The Alfred Dunhill Links is a great, late season event and I really enjoy the format. Played over three world-class courses I greatly respect, I can’t wait to come back again in October. “The support I’ve had from the Scottish and visiting fans has always been fantastic and I have had some wonderful memories on these courses. I won my European Tour card after the 2007 Championship and I’ve played with my Dad a couple of times since – always very special experiences and times I’ll never forget.”

I had such high hopes for Arizona’s season 10 storyline because of this moment right here. The cracking in her voice, the uncertainty, the defeated tone, the confusion. She was so lost. Then the next moment she’s boiling over  with rage. And this immediately after cheating? I could have bought PTSD. As tired as that storyline is on this show, I could have bought it. I was ready for it.

She deserved better. She deserved a storyline that would resonate with viewers. No, infidelity could not be excused but the reason behind it could be understood. If she was on the cusp of a breakdown, as she appeared to be here, that would have been enough. I wanted an exploration of her mental state. I wanted to watch her heal. I don’t want that she cheated because of the emotional damage of a miscarriage (didn’t need the miscarriage to garner our sympathy for this adulterer, she already had it) or because Lauren was attracted to her. I would have absolutely been fine with she cheated because she was being self-destructive and wanted to burn her life down, had it come earlier in the season. Had it been part of some journey she was on. But she wasn’t on one.

Arizona is more than her relationship. This season should have been a character study of Arizona Robbins. The first half of season 10 was about how Callie was (rightfully) hurt and Arizona seemed to not even care and wasn’t sorry and was in fact remedying her loneliness with meaningless sex with someone else. Then the second part of the season was Arizona only vaguely apologetic (yes, more than vague in 10x15) and trying to get back into her marriage.

This writing was, at best, recurring character treatment. This isn’t how you write a character that you’ve had millions of viewers invested in. That you wanted people to stay emotionally connected to and understand. This is how you write a mildly sympathetic antagonist in service to an incredibly sympathetic protagonist -which is what Callie became. This was a poor way to tell a story of a main character. Or a very accurate way to not tell much of one at all…whichever.