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One night after a long rehearsal, Ford ends up crashing at the Haus because they have an early practice the next morning and she doesn’t want to be late. She wakes up to find someone has tucked a big soft quilt around her and there’s a coffee cup waiting for her on the kitchen counter, and the frogs walk with her to practice and when she gets back to the Haus to grab her stuff and head to rehearsal, she finds out Bitty made her a lunch because he knows how hectic her schedule is and someone (probably Lardo) snuck some drama and hockey themed stickers into her bulletjournal so she can mark her practices and rehearsals, and Holster had sent her a link to a pump up playlist he made on spotify and Ransom had printed out a nice colour coded schedule of their rehearsals and games for the month from the handwritten one she and Lardo had finished two days ago

Auction AU Part 2

Here’s the first part  ! I recommend you read it before this part, or else it won’t make much sense.

Sorry this took like, ten million years. Thanks to everyone who messaged me and said they liked the first part, it always made my day <3 


    The relief only lasted so long once he realized that yes, no more old-leopard-print lady (thank god), but still there’s a date with someone. A stranger.

    Jack’s barely held decent conversations with his teammates, how would a date with a stranger work?

    It wouldn’t. No way.

   Feeling like he’d just survived a brutal game, Jack took a few seconds to gather himself. He wiped the condensation from his forehead (he really hoped no one had noticed), slowed his breathing, let his jaw unclench. Once his fingers became steady enough he fixed the cuffs of his uncomfortably hot suit.

   “Fuck it,” He shucked the jacket off entirely. It felt good until he lifted his arms- “Ugh.”

   Pit stains.

   For a moment he struggled with what to do: If I wear the jacket I’m uncomfortable and sweating more, but if I don’t people can see the sweat and thats embarrassing and-

   “Jack!” Someone from management tapped his shoulder, “This way, the kid is waiting on stage right.” She gave him a brief once-over, “Put on the jacket.”

    With a somewhat relieved nod, he slipped the jacket back on and wished for a calmer heart-beat.

     The wish didn’t come true, of course. It rarely did.

    They approached the stairs leading off the stage.

    This kid must like you. They bid on you. They spent money for a date-thing-whatever with you. Just smile. Act like a normal-



   “Uh, hi.”

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I Do (want to love you)

“God, Jimin.” You stop and giggle at him, light disbelief in his words. “You’re crazy.”

He chuckles, the sound of your laughter a perfect symphony to his ears. “If falling for you is crazy, then I’m going out of my mind.”

Synopsis: There is only one word to describe your life, and it is simple; there are a million words to define Park Jimin’s sphere and the few are extravagant, prodigal — affluent, especially. Though despite the stark differences between your plain world and Jimin’s riches, you both find a common ground within the universe of love.


Pairing: Jimin x Reader // soft sugar daddy au

Genre: light angst, fluff, lots of fluff ^^ + a bit suggestive

Word Count: 24.2k

Includes: alcohol mentions

A/N: i haven’t written full on fluff for a while, so here it is :D it feels great to be back into the loop. here u go @pjxmin!! :’)
10/10 would recommend the song this fic is inspired from!! here it is :)

namjoon’s also going to have his own branch from this story in another fic, haha. it’ll go into detail w him and the showgirl :D

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I wanted to make it prettier but screw it.

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holster will at some point propose to ransom in the form of a well choreographed flash mob

and the proposal will go flawlessly

but in the weeks beforehand…

  • Holster: Okay Jack, you’re only available next Thursday for practice, so I need you to learn the whole ten minute choreography before that and be ready to execute it flawlessly.
  • (Jack learns it. The execution is another matter.)
  • On one hand Bitty tries to get Holster to put Beyoncé’s Put a Ring on It on the playlist, on the other hand, Jack has expressly forbidden him to use any Beyoncé songs because he has dibs for future proposals. 
  • The playlist is mostly showtunes, but there are too many to chose from. He had to go from twenty to three, because they may all be hockey players, they don’t have the stamina to pull off a whole musical.
  • Lardo: Maybe make sure Rans knows the songs, too?
  • ‘Okay guys, nice practice, but I need to give constructive criticism’
  • ‘Dex, it’s left, left, sashay, not stomp the ground like you’re trying to kill the thousand cockroaches with your feet.
  • ‘Chowder, less jumping, more swaying please.
  • ‘Nurse, you had it for three seconds and then you tripped. Try not to do that. The tripping part. 
  • ‘Bitty, I need you to be less sexy, or Ransom will end up marrying you instead of me. We don’t want that.
  • ‘Jack, please move more than your shoulders. Please. I’m begging.
  • ‘Lardo and Shits, if you guys don’t stop goofing off I’m removing you from second line!
  • ‘Tadpoles, I need you to learn the second line moves in case I need you to fill in for those idiots.
  • Jack: You know, Ransom likes Tater, I can get him to be there?
  • Holster: ‘Zimmermann, what part of I want Ransom to marry ME didn’t you understand?’
  • Tango: ‘Have you thought of asking the Haus ghosts to participate?’
  • Holster: …
  • Holster: ANYWAY, as I was saying, it was left, left, sashay- BITS stop with those hips damnit- JACK COME BACK- BRING HIM BACK- DAMNIT YOU’RE ONLY HERE FOR THE AFTERNOON-

The proposal went flawlessly. 


marius and tehd both into petplay confirmed

also confirmed to be very loving & loyal 2 eachother

This post got me thinking about all the ways the Foxes are petty with each other just to be assholes. So here’s some thoughts I had on the lengths the Foxes go to in order to get on each other’s nerves. 

  • When Kevin looks through the cabinets and finds candy and sweets, he always moves them to the top most shelf so that Andrew can’t reach. Oddly enough, he’s never seen Andrew climb the cabinets for the sweets. And yet somehow, he always has a bag of them open in his lap. Turns out Andrew just planted the sweets in the cabinet as a decoy and has his own hidden stash under his bed.
  • More often than not, Kevin gets super bossy during practices. So Dan likes to assert her position as captain by making Kevin run random laps in the middle of practice. Eventually, Kevin had broke down and turned to Wymack asking “Are you seriously letting her stop the scrimmage for me to run a lap?!” but Wymack just shrugged and said, “She’s your captain.” Secretly Wymack enjoyed Kevin’s incredulous expression of annoyance.

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Who else is excited for season two?! :D

Yours, Castiel

Anon Request: Could you do a Reader x Cas where Cas makes creative use of one of his feathers?

Word Count: a little over 2k

Warnings: this is some CHEESY SHIT, FAM. also there’s some language. but basically just a fluff overload.

Originally posted by yaelstiel

You slowly walked into the map room and rubbed your eyes, still weary from sleep. You were surprised when you opened them and saw Castiel sitting at the table, furiously writing something with…a feather?

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