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Okay im back with the headcanons. I could totally see Sekizan just losing his shit whenever his s/o wears his clothes, because even though he seems like a tough guy we all know he's sensitive af. Like he'll be leaving practice and his s/o will be there in maybe a jacket/shirt/idk maybe a pair of his shorts/or shizzz just wearing all his clothes because there all so big and comfy and he loses it and all his seriousness is gone. The guys turn the corner and just see him swinging his s/o around

p.2 and they all take pictures and coo at him but while he acts mad he doesn’t really care and the next day at practice the guys all have something of Sekizan’s and their all wearing it and he wants to be mad but I mean like hey who wouldn’t look cute af in his clothes

Bro, honestly though this is so cute!!! Sorry it took me so long to answer!!!

but first, some music

Sending positive vibes to all the anxiety-ridden, school-going, finals-week-surviving people that are currently reading this. Know that you’re resilient, you’re full of strength, and you’re much smarter than you think you are. Though it seems like a never-ending timeline consisting of final exams and projects, remember that you will get through this stressful little chapter. Just keep holdin’ on. It’s simply a matter of time.

Lastly, remember to take some time for yourself these next couple weeks to practice self-care (working out, re-filling your medication, taking mental and physical breaks to relax, and filling your mind with positive ideas and reinforcing affirmations.) 

You’ve got this. 

*raises cup of coffee in the air*

Here’s to you, my friends. 

Eros and Agape: In Regard to Viktor’s Love

So I’m sure this has been talked about before. It’s been three months since the first episodes came out. But I just need to get my thoughts on this out on paper, because it’s been bugging me. One line stuck out to me as I was rewatching YOI recently.

Full text: Those moves…they’re for the short program Viktor was practicing for next season. Viktor was already putting together routines for next season.Surprising the audience has always been his top priority. He had the whole world in his hands. But now, no matter what he does no one is surprised anymore. He knows that better than anyone. If you don’t have any inspiration left, you’re as good as dead.

Do you realize what this means? Yuri Plisetsky understands more than he ever gets credit for. He knew Viktor needed this break to get his inspiration back. He’s not bitter about it, like Chris and JJ, who want Viktor to come back. He understands Viktor’s decision, and respects him for it.


Viktor asks if Yuuri and Yuri have ever thought about love. I feel like he’s not sure himself and can’t figure it out himself, so he gives the routines to Yuuri and Yuri to see if that’ll help him figure it out. Yuuri even describes agape as being about someone who doesn’t know what love is yet.

And later when Yuri asks Viktor to define agape, he says he can’t because it’s just a feeling, suggesting that Viktor doesn’t know what agape is either.

In episode 10, Viktor says that’s neglected love for 20 years. And from the banquet, we can judge that meeting Yuuri was his spark of inspiration. He choreographed Eros and Agape based on his indefinable feelings for Yuuri. Was it love he felt…or just sexual desire? He didn’t know himself, so he tried to skate for the answer.

So when Yuri leaves after his Agape routine and reflects back on what he saw, it’s not just about how amazing Yuuri’s skating is. Yuri realizes that Viktor choreographed “that performance” with Yuuri in mind. He sees how Viktor is looking at Yuuri, and it finally clicks in his head.

Both Eros and Agape are about Yuuri. Not only that, Yuri knows he never had a chance to become Viktor’s student because Viktor found the inspiration in Yuuri, not him.

A lot of people assume that Yuri didn’t know about Viktor’s feelings for Yuuri until the engagement announcement, but Yuri has known this whole time. And he’s been skating a love song about Yuuri at each short program.

Just something to think about…

Study Time -- Fred Weasley x Reader

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Summary: You’re trying to study, but your boyfriend is dead set on capturing your attention

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“Fred, for the thousandth time, let me study!”

“Aw, come on, love,” Fred pouted as his arms snaked around your waist. “All work and no play makes Fred a bored boyfriend~!”

You squirmed out of his grasp. “Fred, I told you. McGonagall said I need at least an Exceeds Expectations on my next practical in order to bring my grade up.” You groaned as his arms returned to your waist. “Can’t you go play with George and wreak havoc on some poor, unsuspecting first-year or something while I study?”

Fred pouted and rested his chin on your shoulder. “George got detention for Snape this afternoon. Wreaking havoc without him wouldn’t be the same.” A small smile crept to his lips. “Unless you’d like to fill-in as my wreaking partner today?”

“What part of ‘I need to sit here and study’ do you not understand, Fred Weasley?” you asked him with exasperation ringing in your words.

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Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 5) Junior Year: Bitty

Epikegsters, man. They’re fucked up. Like, wake up in the wrong bed wearing someone else’s underwear, possibly in the wrong time zone kind of fucked up. Every single (epic) time.

Holster has a good night at first — he and Ransom spend the evening wheeling volleyball girls (and accidentally, Chowder) with ghost stories and hockey trivia, and then there’s the whole epic Kent Parson appearance, and the tub juice is extra dire. Lardo is magnificent, ruling the party in every possible way. Even Jack is more in the party spirit than usual, hanging out all casual with Bitty - thank fuck those two are friends now, it was no fun when they were feuding or whatever.

But later on, the vibe shifts. March and April head home early with Farmer because they all have practice the next morning, Kent Parson stalks out of the Haus looking like someone threw up on his Mercedes (not out of the realms of possibility) and somehow Holster ends up sober enough that Shitty sticks him with frog duty.

By the time he wanders back back from escorting Nursey, Dex and Chowder back safely to their dorms, the party has dropped to a dull roar, and Ransom has left a jock strap on the door as the universal sign of getting some.

At least he tossed Holster’s pillow and blanket outside the door first, so it’s not a complete kick in the balls.

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