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Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱

Moana: Treasure Trove

Here it is! A stash of Moana fics that I wrote over the past six months that, for various reasons, never saw the light of day. This is part one of two!

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anonymous asked:

I always get so disheartened when we get DM articles that mention babygate early in the day :/ because it means another day babygate won't be ending

So one day a couple of weeks ago, I saw several articles talking about how Taylor didn’t want to move on from Calvin too quickly, how she wasn’t sad and it was amicable but she wanted to take time to concentrate on herself. I saw some more of the same the next morning, didn’t think much of it because that’s what I expected after the break up. Later that day Taylor and Calvin deleted all their pictures of each other–again not unusual in a break up, prompted articles about how maybe the break up wasn’t that amicable, how they were trying to move forward, etc. That very same evening The Sun dropped their exclusive pics of Taylor and Tom kissing and holding hands on the beach. 

What I’m getting at is that articles mentioning babygate at noon mean nothing in regards to what could happen later in the week, in the same day even. It’s not real, it doesn’t matter, it will be happening in the press until the very minute it’s not. It takes one article.