next one is lefty


Edit:  I think the Tele in photo #1 is one of these:

Thursday Night Guitar Shopping at Long & McQuade, Bloor Street, Toronto:

  1. I first thought this was a rosewood Tele…but it’s not.  If you get a close enough look, it’s quite different.  The price tag was just over $2,000…but I have no idea what it was!  Anyone?
  2. Speaking of “vintage”… 
  3. Rack-O-PRS
  4. Another look at that luscious left-handed Ricky 330.  VERY unusual to see one of these.
  5. How long have the new-style SG Standards been out now?  Over a year right?  Well this one, and the one in the next shot are the first lefties I have seen since they first came out.  Over a year ago.  And as you know - I do a LOT of guitar shopping - so if there had been one in this city before the odds are I would have seen it.  Over a year to see a new SG model.  It’s really not fair to lefties.
  6. One of the new 120th anniversary SGs
  7. One of the new 120th anniversary SG Specials.
  8. You have heard of a plain top, right?  You have head of a figured top, right?  What about a half plain/half figured top???