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Instructions: List ten songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag people!

MY MUSICAL TASTE IS A DISASTER, so it’s really a lot of mixed genres, and I don’t think I can list 10 songs because my process is to get obsessed with 4-5 and after listening to them for like a month I pass on the next 4-5. anyway..

oh hey it turned out to be 9 so it’s not that bad. AND I TAG UHHHH @weizatorpeza @silver-atlas @bid00f @kunstnerklaus @blockmayus and any mutual who’s up fot it because I love learning about other people’s musical taste


I went to my first ever Concert. Real concert at least
Got to be on ground level which was the best, my feet still hurt from standing for five hours, but it was all worth it. People throwing beer cups and cigarette buds, it was killer. Me and my dad got to stand right next to a mosh pit while they were all pushing each other around. I am a happy child. Metallica rocks!
“If you want to live forever, you must first die”