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Hey everyone! Natalie here! Now that we’ve got the ball rolling on this feature, I figured I might step in and make a contribution myself. For this post, I am going to help cover the “live audience” section of this chart!

Working in various music venues throughout high school and college gave me a great opportunity to see bands interact with live audiences. I got involved with venues, because I enjoyed going to shows so much and wanted to be able to go to more for free. Even though I work in an office five days a week now, I still have a part time job at a venue, because I love being involved with live music.

The live audience is very crucial to most artists. Many bands (especially smaller bands) make most of their money while they’re out on tour playing music for their fans. Setting up a good show where the band makes a fair amount of money, and the audience has a blast takes a lot of work from many different people. The “agency” or booker finds venues that are an appropriate size for their band to play (given that this band is headlining). The “promoter” locally helps place the band in one of their venues. They do this by negotiating via a contract with the agency. Finally, once a tour is put together, the band comes to the venue and plays for an audience of people who paid for tickets. The money from ticket sales goes to pay the band their guarantee (the amount of money the band will get paid that night), and the band’s agent takes a cut of that as well. Venues also make money on shows. Usually, the majority of their sales come from the bar (people buying alcoholic drinks during the show). This is why you’ll see many venues who don’t have a lot of all ages shows, because these shows don’t make a lot of money at the bar, and it can hurt the venue. After a successfull tour, the band may come home with some money that they can put into better gear, better staff ect. These small upgrades can help propell a band to the next level for their next tour or next album release!

Lets recap some of the terms I used:

Guarantee - the amount of money a band is going to make on a show. This amount is predetermined between the promoter and the agent.

Promoter - the person or company who brings the band into the venue. Live Nation is an example of a promoter.

Talent Buyer - works for a promoter company. This person’s job is to find bands to play in a venue or venues.

Agent - sends contracts to promoters to book bands who are going on tour.

Agency - a company that deals with booking. Agents work for agencies. An example of an agency is CAA or The Agency Group.

I hope you guys found this feature to be helpful. If you would like to contribute to any other categories, or if you would like to build on what I’m talking about in this post, feel free to submit questions or email me at!

As if I couldn’t possibly love Taylor more she goes and creates this mind blowing next level tour for us while taking into consideration what we wanted to hear and what we wanted to see and she presents us with this incredible experience that is beyond what any of us could’ve dreamed of I just think it’s really special she’s too good to us

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