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ok so the scene where they’ve just come out of moria and aragorn is like ‘legolas. get them up’ and then boromir is going ‘give them a moment for pitys sake’ and then in the next shot you see legolas just. so halfheartedly tugging at merrys arm.

look at that. so little effort is put into this attempt. ‘little hobbit plz move’
he even looks at aragorn a second later like ‘aragorn its not working’

legolas what are you doing

Book verse Legolas lineart for my next Copic adventure! My Legolas is a child of two worlds, Avari and Sindar so I tried to portray that with his mish mash armour.

And also I know for aesthetics sometimes my huge block of texts are removed when reblogged and even more rarely without a source credit, but for this one since it’s watermark-less could I sway your heart with a plea not to?

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Friendly Competition

My (very late) contribution to OQ week - Robin teaching Regina archery. This also (kind of) fulfills a prompt I got a long, long, long time ago from aregaloutlaw for being my 200th follower! I’m so sorry this has taken so long, Katie! And it’s kinda not really what you asked for, but I hope you like it anyway! XD


It had started the very first day they showed up, Henry and her, to the archery club’s ‘Have a Go’ day, when Henry was still working hard at convincing her, when she hadn’t yet been swayed into saying yes. Oh, the charm had started with her son, of course. Asking Henry if he was there to be the next Legolas or the next Hawkeye, and engaging her eager son in a debate about who was the best Avenger (Regina could barely keep track of which were Avengers and which were X-Men). Effortlessly filling the vacancy for hero-worship that Henry had available while also sealing the deal on the monthly membership fee that would henceforth be coming out of Regina’s pocket. No way would she be convincing Henry that this whole archery thing was just a phase now.

He was handsome enough, she supposed, and, okay, she’d enjoyed the way his eyes caught on her when he was talking to the group and the half-smiles he’d sent her way. His interest in her had been obvious, and she’d been feeling idiotically gratified by his open admiration, sharing flirty looks over the heads of the children he was teaching, including her own son. She still burns with anger and shame now at that thought, at the absurd giddiness with which she enjoyed his attention. Yes, she had smiled when he approached her (and Henry), smiled like a schoolgirl with a crush, and once he was done convincing Henry that Loki couldn’t be counted as one of the Avengers (even though he was the coolest), her belly was all butterflies as he lingered to talk to her, alone. He smirked at her and looked her up and down (and she’d liked it, ugh, had practically preened over it, God, she was pathetic), and then he’d made some smartass comment about how she might find it difficult to shoot in such cumbersome footwear.

She’d worn heels to make her feel powerful, confident and impervious and not at all out of her element. Except all it took was one comment from this good-looking, outdoorsy man to make her feel the exact opposite of all those things. She felt like a fool, like someone who looked as out of place and uncertain as she felt, and no doubt this man and his colleagues had laughed amongst themselves the moment they saw her, knowing immediately how thoroughly she didn’t belong there. And she had spat needles at him, stalked off with her head held high, fumed and seethed in a seat by the wall while Henry showed both enthusiasm and prowess in his newfound hobby, and braced herself with a tightening knot of dread in her stomach for the request she knew would be coming at the end of Henry’s first taste of archery lessons.

The beginners’ course fee wasn’t cheap, and Regina would quite frankly have rather enjoyed never having to see that smug, puffed up, overdeveloped phys-ed coach ever again, but she couldn’t bring herself to deny her son the happiness. So when, sure enough, he bounded up to her at the end of the taster lesson and begged her to sign him up, with a sigh (and a smile, for him), she agreed. Refused to look at the handsome instructor as she clacked her way over to the sign-up sheets, instead giving the large man behind the desk her most charming smile, hello, I’m Regina Mills, and my son would very much like me to sign him up for a beginners’ course.

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Imagine having a fight with Legolas, when he apologises you don't believe him until he begins to cry

For dreamingofbroadway1 :)


The king was holding a feast in the palace as he did every month, it was mainly just an excuse to eat a lot of good food and get drunk off sweet wine but no one was complaining. You sat next to your love, Legolas, holding his hand under the table as you all waited for the King to arrive so you could start to eat. When Thranduil did arrive, the room went silent and everyone bowed their head towards him in respect.

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gatheringbones replied to your post:drink makes Legolas very physically affectionate….

legolas making gimli sit in front of him on the horse for SAFETY reasons. gimli finding himself wrapped up like a dwarf burrito in loving elf arms. no one says anything.

the number of times gimli wakes up with a six-foot elvish creeper vine wrapped around him is starting to get ridiculous, except everyone else in the fellowship is very carefully not saying anything about anything, so he just sort of…keeps letting it happen? because of warmth, and also brotherhood.

and also legolas has terrible morning breath and gimli complains about this, loudly, to anyone who will listen, but he always beds down right next to legolas, at every place they stop–even in lothlorien, though climbing the tree had taken white-knuckled perseverance and legolas’ encouragement.

(the next morning, legolas wakes up in gimli’s bed, his face pressed to the curve of gimli’s throat, and neither of them speak of it until the next night, when gimli says gruffly, you might as well start out where you’ll stay, and so he does)