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Imagine: (Next Generation LotR AU) Where all the events in LotR happen exactly as before, except with the descendants of the characters. Arwen has taken over from Galadriel as Lady of Lorien, Elladan and Elrohir are lords of Rivendell, Legolas is King of Mirkwood, Pippin is Thain of the Shire, Boromir has become Steward of Gondor, etc

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Wind Blade - Lord of the Rings

Hey sweetie, I was wondering if you could please write an Aragorn x reader request where you are one of the Dunedain although Aragorn has never met you before, he has heard about all your feats and you are apart of the Fellowship and he is intrigued by how you fight and conduct yourself, you are snarky but a good hunter etc. Maybe you show him how well you fight when you get overrun by the Uruk-hai? Thank you :)

AN: I apologize if this isn’t exactly what you wanted. But this is where my mind took me.

Words: 1024

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Imagine being a wolven skin changer and always protective of Legolas

A/N - Well I started this in 2nd person then decided I couldn’t really get it to work in second person so made it Third person! (Sorry if you don’t like third person, it was just so much easier). Anyhow, this is the first part. I don’t know if I’m going to upload the second part because I kept arguing with the last few paragraphs and It just would not work for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and constructive criticism is always welcome! 

Words: 1,323
Paring: Legolas x Reader
Part two

Legolas had no idea who the wolf was that continually saved his life. He was fifteen when he first met the wolf. The spiders that haunted Mirkwood caught him off guard. The white wolf appeared out of nowhere and disposed of them almost immediately then, with a huff in greeting, it disappeared into the woods.  His father thought he was crazy and waved him off with a chuckle.
Tauriel theorised that it was his mother; that his mother had been reborn as an abnormally large white wolf to protect him.
Legolas didn’t believe in those superstitions though.
 Instead, he chose to believe he was gifted when it comes to wild creatures. However, his theories were diminished when his horse kicked him in the face a few months later.

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♠ Greenwood Royalty ♠ 

Oropher was a Sindarin Elf of Doriath who became the King of the Silvan Elves of Greenwood the Great (which would later come to be called Mirkwood) during the Second Age. He was killed during the Battle of Dagorlad and succeeded by his son, the Elvenking Thranduil. He was thus the grandfather of the only Elven member of the Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas.

Elven Love (Chpt 2)

You are found at the edge of Mirkwood by a young elven prince, who takes you in. Years later you and Legolas are good friends, but will it stay that way? When the Winterfest is arriving, you are realizing your feelings for Legolas and things might get complicated. Will your friendship get wracked? Or does love find its way?

Fandom: Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit

Relationship: Legolas Greenleaf x Reader

Warnings: Hunting

Word Count: 1,582

Chapter 1 Chapter 3

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                                     Chapter 2: Teach Me

Even though it was technically an Elven holiday, Legolas didn’t cease from forcing you to come to practice this morning. For decades you fought lethally with your own daggers, the weapons you have grown to master perfectly. But since the forest is growing darker and more monstrous creatures roamed your home, you reckoned that distant combat skills weren’t the worst thing to learn.

The occasional use of the standard Elven bow, that was given to you early on, wasn’t good enough to fight the ever growing darkness.

And thus a couple of months ago, you had reluctantly requested Legolas to give you archery lessons. If you had to learn it from someone, who more perfect than the master in arrow and bow himself? He of course had taken great pleasure in seeing you seeking for help, as you normally would never do, for you were too stubborn.

He had agreed that you acquired the practice and told you that he would help you. Unfortunately that meant rising before the sun even had, and waking up even when it was a holiday.

You were a little late for your appointment with Legolas and rushed outside, you sprinted to the horse stables took Tálagor and rode north.

When the trees gradually regained their auburn color back with frost covering the leaves, you knew you were getting nearer. You were galloping through the woods, as suddenly an arrow, that you barely missed, soared past your head.

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But what if after the ring is destroyed, Legolas and Gimli stay friends. Of course they would, after everything they’ve been through together.

Maybe a decade or so goes by, and they notice it first in Aragorn. His hair getting whiter, his face looking older, his step a little heavier.

Arwen is ageing with him, and although they’re happy for them, it makes Legolas feel a little uncomfortable, seeing an elf he knew look old. He’s not rude about it, but he can’t help it.

And then of course it starts happening to Gimli. A silver strand crops up here or there, and his poor eyesight can no longer be attributed to simply being that of a dwarf’s. He has to stop sooner too when they run, and take longer rests.

Sometimes this all comes toppling down on Legolas all at once, and he can’t take it. He wishes he could have had a choice like Arwen, wishes that he had gone West when the ring was destroyed so that he might have spent the rest of his time with only memories of all his friends fit and young. Mostly though, he wishes that he didn’t have to have these feelings.

Feelings for Gimli, that bubbled up sometime during their quest, that he knows he can never admit. Not only would his friend never return such a sentiment, but something that can only be temporary and would surely end in the worst kind of pain would break his heart to confess.

Scared and upset, the not-so-little leafling confides in his Father, and slowly, begins to slip out of the world. I don’t know the details of this part but, let’s say that somehow, several decades now pass in which Legolas does not see his old companions and his redheaded dwarf, which he tells himself is for the best.

Perhaps Gimli understands, or claims to, but he is selfish. There comes a day when he realises he hasn’t got much time left, (less than a year by his reckoning,) and so he sends word to Legolas.

He doesn’t mention in the letter that he feels his time is near, only asking to see him again, and explaining where he will find him. He sends it with not much hope.

When Legolas arrives before the month’s end, Gimli is all kinds of emotion. Seeing each other again only confirmed that what they’d felt was real. Alone together they cry, and confess, and laugh through tears, and they kiss for the first time.

Just as Legolas is hating himself for seeing how old Gimli is now and all the years he foolishly missed, the dwarf explains his true reasons for requesting the elf’s visit. Legolas is silent, for a long long time. There is a sort of heavy numbness, and everything feels muffled. They hold each other and Legolas doesn’t realise his cries have turned to haggard sobs until he has to gasp for air.


After the battle of the five armies, the fangirl in me wants a scene like this… but I doubt we’ll get it, so I decided to draw it myself.

I personally think Thranduil has a lot of fear for his people’s safety, but protecting his son is number one in his book. I think in the last film, Legolas will prove that he doesn’t need to be protected, that Thranduil doesn’t have to worry about him so much.  

And then I think Thranduil is going to ground Legolas into next week, like bust him down to kitchen duty, peeling potatoes and scrubbing dishes, for disobeying the king. ;)

Adventure Awaits(DISCONTINUED)

Summary: A year has passed since Erebor had been reclaimed and everything seemed to be going well until you are forced to go on another adventure not only with dwarves, but elves and men as well.

Chapter Summary: You begin the quest to destroy the one ring, but are you ready?

Pairings: Haldir x Reader

Notes: I’m actually trash at writing anything that isn’t dialogue. Elf!Reader, Lord Elrond’s Daughter, OoC Characters.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6

You make your way to your room, ignoring all of the dwarves that you pass. Once you get to your room, you grab a pack and start putting clothes in there. You also pack away your map, leaving a note explaining to anyone who shows where you’re going and when and if you’d be back. You grab the ring and stick it on a chain, putting it around your next. Putting on your weapons, you make to the entrance.

“You going somewhere lassie?” Dwalin asks as you walk outside of the gate. You look up to the dwarves that are on guard and smile. 

“Yes, I’m going to Dale for a bit then Mirkwood and I should be back in a couple of days,” you respond.

He nods, suspecting that that is not the whole truth but not wanting to pry. You walk to the stables and grab your horse, Loki. He is a white stallion with black hair and green eyes and basically your best friend. You’d found him a few months ago while on a hunt with Kili and Fili. He was just wandering the plains and you found him immediately interesting. You have never seen a white horse with black hair and you absolutely loved him from the moment you laid eyes on him and he, apparently, felt the same.

You smile as he nudges you, accepting the apple in your hand. 

“Come on boy, we have a long six months ahead,” you say, putting on his saddle. You mount your horse and ride to Mirkwood at top speed, getting to the outer gates (the gates which the company almost got stuck on) in an hour or two.

“Who goes there?” You’re asked as you jump off of your horse. You know that all of their bows are pointing at you. 

“Lady y/n of Imladris. I came to seek council with King Thranduil,” you state.

“My lady. Please follow me and leave your horse here. We will watch it,” a brown haired elf states and you tie Loki to a near by tree but make it so the rope is long enough for him to reach the river. You give him another apple and walk up the stairs, nodding to the guards who bow at you.

“We were not expecting you. Last I saw you, you were tucked in a barrel with the Halfling,” he states, mood going foul and you laugh.

You have no idea why you decided to go on the barrel ride. You could’ve been let go, but where was the fun in that? You were too tall for the barrels so you basically sat in it which made for an interesting sight. You actually saved Bilbo from drowning by pulling him into the barrel with you and thank valar that he was a small thing and didn’t take up much space.

“I must apologize for that. We were just trying to escape,” you say, smiling. He smiles back and there’s a throat being cleared in front of you.

You both turn to find Legolas.

“Ah if it isn’t Prince Pompous of the Woodland Realm. How nice it is to see you,” you say, bowing. He smiles and offers his arm.

“Thank you, kind sir. I shall see you later,” you tell the guard, taking Legolas’ arm.

“Why do you pretend to hate me still?” He asks. “I pretend to hate you because it is fun, my blonde prince,” you say, tugging on his hair lightly. He shakes his head.

“Did your father sense that I was here?” You ask, watching the night sky. “No. I was actually about to go on patrol when I saw you walking with one of the guards,” he tells you.

You smile.

“Why are you here?” He asks.

“I’m going on a journey and I need to seek permission from your father to pass through,” you reply.

“What kind of journey?” He asks. You lift the ring out from under your shirt and turn it to him.

“I’ve only heard stories,” he mutters. “Well the stories were true and I will be taking the ring to Mordor,” you state. “And I will come with you,” he says. You smile at him. “I could use the company,” you say. “Shouldn’t there be more of us?” He asks.

You sigh and tell him about your conversation with your father. The weight of the situation hits you harder than you expected it to and you can’t help but cry. He pulls you into a hug and you sob into his shoulder. He pulls you closer and rests his head on yours.

“Legolas,” you hear a voice call. You ignore it as Legolas turns his head toward to source. “Bring her in,” it states and Legolas lifts you up easily. You wrap your arms around his neck and just lean into the crook of it. After  10 minutes of walking, Legolas puts you down.

He wipes your tears away and you smile tearfully at him. You turn and find yourself in the throne room. It still looks like it did a year ago. You look up the King who is just walking up the stairs.

“On my walk, I did not expect to find you crying in the arms of my son,” Thranduil says, taking a seat.

“I did not expect to cry in the arms of your son,” is your short reply. “Why does your heart hurt?” He asks.

“It seems, my lord, that I am just a burden to the race of elves. A mistake made by Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian. You were right when you said I was stupid. Stupid enough to believe that my family would still love me after my mistakes and stupid enough to believe that I was born in the right race. So, you were right about me. Does that make you happy?” You ask, looking at the ground.

He frowns. He did not dislike you. He liked you a lot actually. You were the only elf that dared speak their mind. You were not afraid of anything and would risk everything for anyone.

“No it does not,” he says and you snap your head toward him.

“After watching you aide the dwarves, I had always regretted calling you stupid and reckless. You were neither. You were just an elf trying to protect the ones she loved. Just like I am trying to do. It upsets me to see such a fierce and amazing warrior be reduced to shambles. You are not a burden to race of elves. You are an example of what elves should be. Loving, caring, kind. You are all the we aspire to be,” he tells you kindly and you smile brightly up at him.

“Thank you, my king. Your words are too kind,” you state bowing your head.

“Nonsense. Now, rest. We will discuss exactly why you are here, tomorrow. Loki will be taken care of. Do not fret,” he states and you nod sighing. Legolas leads you to a spare bedroom.

“Goodnight Lady Y/N,” he says. “Goodnight Prince Legolas,” you say walking into your room. He smiles as you close the door. That is the first time you’ve ever called him by his actual title.

You remove your boots and slip into the nice comfortable bed, falling into a deep sleep. You wake up to knocking on your door. You groan and open it, not expecting the sight before you.

There, in front of you, is Gandalf, Bilbo, Kili, Dwalin, Ori, Haldir, Tauriel, Orion, Poldo, and Legolas. All of them have packs except for Legolas.

“You didn’t think we’d let you carry this burden alone did you?” Bilbo asks and you can’t help but smile.

“Come now. Father has requested that we all stay for lunch before heading out,” Legolas states. 

“Lunch?! I slept in?” You ask, running back into your room and grabbing your pack and boots along with your weapons. You make your way outside again running into Poldo.

He steadies you and you laugh, smiling slightly. Haldir growls a bit and holds out his arm for you to take and you do.

He feels slightly threatened at the fact that the two men that have decided to join the company are all rather good looking and exactly the kind of guy you said you were interested in. What he didn’t realize was that you meant what you said when you said you loved him.

“Why did you guys come?” You ask. 

“That ring is not your burden to carry. It is all of ours,” Gandalf says.

“A Company of three dwarves, four elves, two men, one hobbit and one wizard? This is going to be an interesting four months,” you state, intertwining your fingers with Haldir’s. 

“There are three people I would follow until the end of my days and that is Thorin, my brother, and you. Don’t you dare forget that,” Dwalin says.

You all make your way into the dining room and you spot Thranduil speaking with Lord Elrond. They have yet to notice your presence.

Thranduil seems angry.

“Your daughter is already shunned by every elven kingdom except this one and hearing that she is a burden directly from her father will ruin her. It already has,” he tells Lord Elrond and you can’t help but think that the elves here treated you the same. They did not look down at you. That realization makes you think of Greenwood differently.

Thranduil looks at you all as you all take a seat around the table. Legolas sits next to his father with Tauriel, Kili, Ori, Poldo, and Bilbo next to him. Gandalf sits next to Lord Elrond with Haldir, Orion, Dwalin and you next to him.

“Please, help yourself,” Thranduil says and everyone starts to eat except you. You no longer feel comfortable being in the same room as your father. Thranduil notices this and sighs.

“Y/n, you came to me last night to ask for something. What was it?” He asks and you look at him.

“For passage through your kingdom. I was headed west and then south to lorien and south again to Mina’s tirith,” you reply.

“You had failed to mention that you had the one ring with you,” he says.

“If I remember correctly, you told me to go to bed after finding me crying to Legolas.”

The glass in Dwalin’s hand shatters and he apologizes quickly trying to clean up the mess.

You were a very important part of the Company and very solemn did you cry. Actually, you have never cried in front of the Company. You were always so happy and now that you had been hurt, without any of the members of the Company to console you, Dwalin felt ashamed

“That I did,” is all he says.

“If you excuse me, I’m not that hungry,” you say, standing.

“We leave in two hours. In the mean time I will be helping with patrol,” you announce, grabbing your pack and weapons. 

You make your way to the other entrance, the one you came through last night and you go to the stables to check on Loki. He neighs as he sees you and you smile, giving him an apple.

“Just a little while longer, boy and we’ll be off,” you say, brushing his mane. You put your pack on a hook next to his stall and walk out back to the wall. You see the guard from last night and smile at him as you sit on the wall.

“Are you sure you want to do that milady?” Another guard asks nervously.

“I live with dwarves. What could possible go wrong?” You ask, testing waters. 

You miss the widening eyes of all the guards.

“What’s it like? Living with them? They seem to be a rowdy bunch,” the guard from last night asks.

“That they are, but they’re a good bunch. Fiercely loyal to those they care about and I have not met a dwarf who’s intentions were bad,” you say. 

“How do you get around? Aren’t the spaces a bit too small?” A female asks and you laugh.

“Dwarves like to build things that are ten times their height meaning everything is normally sized except the furniture,” you say, laughing and you proceed to tell them about the year you spent living and traveling with the dwarves.

“And then, with the towel, I proceeded to whip his bottom. You wouldn’t expect a King of Dwarves to jump that high,” you laugh and the rest of the elves follow.

“You bring merriment wherever you go, don’t you? Even to guards that are supposed to be doing their jobs,” you hear Thranduil voice and the guards stop laughing immediately and you do not need to turn to know that they had straightened out.

You turn and stand, seeing the rest of the Company mounting their horses. Haldir is holding yours with your pack and an unknown extra one

“We all need a little joy in our lives even if some of it is at the expense of others pain,” you say, winking at Elliaina, who blushes brightly. She had a liking for the dwarf king but did not know how to tell him and you doubted that she was ever going to tell him.

“You must be off, friend, you have already lost a lot of light. If you follow this river, you will reach the grey mounts. When you are at the end of the forest, go south. Stay out of the forest and only go in to rest. There is darkness the lies upon the boarders,” he explains and you nod.

“Just know that if you ever find yourself in need of help, send a raven,” he states and you nod yet again and make your way to your horse, mounting it. 

You turn your horse to the group.

“Horses can only travel 25 miles straight before needing to rest meaning we will make four stops before coming to the end of the forest. By the third, it will already be nightfall. Keep your ponies at a run,” you state and everyone nods. 

You kick your horse and he starts running long the river with the Company following behind. You do not slow until you feel Loki grow tired. 

You get off of your horse and lead him to the water, everyone else following behind. You look at the position of the sun and it looks like it’ll be a few hours until the sun sets. 

“We made good time. An hour I should say. We will rest for an hour so take care of your horses, they need it after all the work that they’ve done,” you say, leading your horse to sit under the shade. You look around to see if anyone has brought a pot and you smile as you see Ori’s pack with one.

“Ori? Can I borrow that pot?” You ask. And he nods, confused as he gives it to you. You move over to the river and fill the pot up with as much water as you can and you gently pour it over your horse, making sure to get every inch of his body. He sighs a little and you smile, handing him another apple.

“You’ve been a good boy, Loki,” you say and he nudges your hand. You smile, giving back the pot to Ori so he could do the same to his horse. You lay your head on your horses neck, looking at the map. 

“Ori? Do you have a spare quill by chance?”

“Yes I do. Here you go. Quill and ink pot,” he says, handing over the items. “Thank you,” you say, dipping your quill in the ink and marking your location.

“Where to next boss lady?” Kili asks leaning on the side of your horse.

“We will continue to follow the river until we see the plains. Then we will follow the trees south and continue the trek until we reach the elven path. From there will will head west across the Old Ford and continue south to Lothlorien. From there we will ride to Rohan and make for Minas Tirith. Last I heard, it was under the rule of Ecthellion II and he seems to be a reasonable man. A fit ruler of the people of Gondor,” you state showing him the path that you have mapped.

“You have mapped it through Beorn’s land. Do you think he will be happy to see us?” Kili asks.

“It does not matter if he will be happy. That is the only way to go. We could have went straight south, but I need to speak with my grandmother,” you say, putting it away and looking around your resting area.

The group seem to be getting along well. The only problem was that Haldir was glaring at well everyone.

“Your elf is not too happy,” Kili states, laughing. 

“I may or may not have told them that I liked men who had beards and long but not too long hair,” you shrug and he laughs.

It’s the main concept in all these men and dwarves. The men had hair as long as Kilis and they were all tied back in a half up half down style and they had small beards. Smaller then Thorin’s at least. They both are all good looking, however, they were both married. Orion had two sons both with blue eyes and black hair like their father and Poldo had two adopted sons name Klien and Amarad who were well into their 20’s.

“He doesn’t know this but he needs worry about nothing. Terin, another guard in Dale, and Poldo are currently together with two 20 year old sons and Orion is married with two boys as well,” you say, shrugging and moving over to fill up your flasks with water. 

You look over to Gandalf and Bilbo who are both smoking their pipes and you make your way over to them. 

“Did my father say anything to you, Mithrandir?” You ask, sitting in front of him. He exhales the smoke and it turns into an oliphant. Something that you’ve never encountered in your 2842 years of life.

“He did not,” he replies, taking another puff.

“Oh, I see,” you mutter, bringing up your legs so your chin can rest on top of it.

“Do not fret, dear child. Your father is simply trying to gather his thoughts. Never has he ever lost his temper like that and he still loves you,” he says, noticing your sadness.

You just nod.

“How old are you Gandalf?” Bilbo asks, trying to change the question. Gandalf smiles.

“I came to middle earth about 1942 years ago, but like the elves I’m immortal. We were all brought here in the year 1,000,” he says, taking another puff.

“So y/n is older than you?” Bilbo asks and Gandalf’s eyes wander over to you. “If you are thinking about who has been on middle earth the longest then yes, but I have been around for far longer than that,” he says and you stand. 

Forty minutes later, you guys are on the same path, this time making your ponies trot. You stop as the sun sets. 

“We will stop here for the night,” you say as you spot a clearing large enough for all of your horses and yourselves. You get off and walk into the clearing, tying your horse to the tree and everyone does the same, making sure there is enough room.

“Poldo and Orion, gather some firewood and be on the lookout. This forest is very dangerous,” you say and the two men nod.

“Dwalin and Tauriel you got first watch with Orion. I will bring you dinner when it’s ready. Next on watch will be Kili, Bilbo and I. We will come and get you when it is time to switch. Two will be watching the inside of the forest and one will be watching the river. We leave at first sunlight,” you order and everyone goes to do what they’re told. 

Bilbo gathers rocks and sets them in a circle for the campfire as the two come back with sticks and a bit of tinder. You go into the second pack that you know didn’t belong to you and you find three sticks that’ll be able to hold the pot over the fire. You also find herbs, vegetables, and spices along with different types meat in a wrap and a lot of Lembas bread. You counted 30 of them. Two for each and two extra. You grab your water skin, thanking Thranduil for giving you food before you left even if it was meat.

Your kin were not vegetarians like most suspected. They just pretend to be just to see how far they could push someone. The dwarves were one of the many guests that thought you were all vegetarians and your father found it funny.

You give the meat over to Ori and look at Bilbo. “If you could help Ori that would be great,” you say and he nods and moves to sit next to Ori. He cuts the meat while Ori cuts the vegetables.

Gandalf starts the fire with his fingers and you watch as all the horses lay down for the night.

You sigh, relaxing. You don’t know how Thorin did it for seven months. 

“He was born a leader. That’s how he did,” Gandalf says as if reading your mind.

“I obviously was not. What am I to do Gandalf?” You ask, fiddling with the ring. 

“Relax. You are doing fine. There are other people here who can help. They’re all very fine leaders in their own way,” he says, lighting his pipe again. 

You smile and find a long to sit on, bringing it back to the camp with help from Haldir.

You bring out the quill and ink pot along with the map as Haldir leaves to settle down. You use the key on the side to see how much distance you’ve covered from the forest lake.

“We have about another 75 miles to travel before we reach the end of Mirkwood. From there to the road is another 200 miles. It’ll take us about four days travel if we walk it, another day to reach the Old Ford and another four days to reach Lorien,” you mutter to yourself carefully estimating the time it’ll take to get to Lorien.

Another hand takes yours and your attention is drawn to Haldir.

“Relax. We will be fine,” he says and you put the map down, capping the ink and resting your head on his shoulders as he comes to sit next to you.

“Tell us a story,” Bilbo says, looking at you two from across the fire.

“What kind of story?”

“Something that no one has heard,” Kili pipes up. You look at Haldir and he seems to be in deep thought. 

“I didn’t have a very interesting life until I met the Company. We were kind of just elves who did our duty,” you say, shrugging.

“What about you, Kili? I’m sure that you have a lot to tell growing up with Thorin and Fili,” Gandalf says.

Kili smiles

“Uncle has always been our favorite person growing up. He would take us to the forges or just play with us after work. One time, Fili, Thorin and I were playing hide and seek and he couldn’t find us for hours. We gave him a heart attack and a tongue lashing from amad. We were literally just hiding in his room. We both got so bored that we just fell asleep in his bed. When I woke up, Fili was curled up on Uncle’s chest and I was latched on to his side. It’s not the best, but it’s very vivid,” Kili says, smiling.

Everyone else smiles back

“Did I ever tell you, I saw Thorin naked once?” You ask him and he shakes his head.

“I’ve never heard that story either,” Bilbo says.

“It was when we were all traveling together. I can’t remember where we were, but we were all stopped near a river. I needed a wash because we were all a little disgusting, but what I didn’t realize was that Thorin had the same idea. By the time I noticed he was in the water, I was already bare and he had been watching me undress the entire time. The cheek! It was too late to turn back so I just joined him. We talked a bit about Erebor, Rivendell, my family, his. We both got out at the same time and as I was wiping myself down, I remember him muttering, ‘nice ass, by the way.’ He seemed to forget that elves had good hearing. So when he turned around, I used the neat little towel trick that Nori taught me and whipped his ass with it. For a dwarf, he jumps pretty high,” you say, laughing at story you told the elves earlier.

Everyone chuckles and Haldir looks less than pleased.

“Oh come on, love. It was only that one time,” you say, glaring at the dwarves as they laugh, knowing it wasn’t only that one time.

He sighs and walks away, making you frown. 

“Dinner is ready,” Ori says. “Legolas, help me for a bit,” you say, standing. You grab two bowls and he grabs one. You find Orion first and go to Dwalin. You find him sitting on a rather large rock and you sit next to him.

“Something troubling you lass?” He asks after thanking you for the food. “It’s Haldir. He’s not too fond of me being close with dwarves,” you say.

“Well he’ll have to get over it because you’re both going to be living with dwarves,” he says.

“It seems that everything I do is wrong. Everyone gets mad at me for everything. I can’t be happy if everyone is mad at me,” you say bringing your knees up to your chest.

“It’s about time you stop making others happy. You need to just think about yourself for once and if they only make you sad, you need to drop them. They will make your life miserable and you’d be living to please them not yourself,” he replies, thoughtfully.

You smile. Dwalin was always the first person you went to when you had problems. Although he may not look it, he was a big softy and was very wise quite like his older brother. It seemed that everyone loosened up once Erebor was reclaimed.

You continue to talk well into the the night

A/N: Distance and time traveled is definitely inaccurate so forgive me.

Embarrassment - Part 2

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  A drunken game of truth or dare reveals what Y/N didn’t want anyone to know. She’d been perfectly and contentedly miserable before her slip up, but the confrontation over her little secret, which she avoids at all costs, quickly catches up.

Words: 1,378

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, the rest of the fam

Warning: Maybe a curse? Reference to alcohol consumption

Author’s Note: There’s still no Steve in this… Honestly, this one is just about making the Reader part of the Avengers Family. It makes me happy, hope you guys like it too. Next part you’ll get lots of Steve, promise.

Part 1

That was how you spent the morning, actually the whole day, in the tower. First, you retreated to the gym, not working out but playing on your phone and wallowing in self-loathing until Sam came in for a run on the treadmill mid-morning. “Ah, so this is where you’ve been hiding?” He asked, his mouth quirking up into a smirk as he selected the right speed for him.

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Eighteen months ago

You pay no attention to the beautiful halls of Rivendell as you run past. Of course, being a she-elf, you were not invited to the secret council of the ring, but word spreads fast. And the word had to do with your husband-to-be.

Finally, the courtyard is in your sights. (f/c) cloak billowing behind you as your elven feet run silently across the ground, you almost trip on your silver-white dress. If you were not Lady Arwen’s guard, then you would not have to wear these types of clothes.

You’re jerked out of your thoughts when you see the familiar blonde head of hair. “Legolas!” you yell, rushing forward. The prince turns just in time for you to rush into his arms, holding him close as you cry. He whispers to you softly in Elvish, telling you that everything is to be alright.

You pull away and look up at your fiancé, (e/c) eyes shining with tears. “You cannot go. Our wedding is next month. I cannot lose you–”

Legolas takes your face in his hands. “You will not lose me, I promise.” He sighs. “But we must delay the wedding.”

You choke on a sob. “Let me come with you.”

“No.” he says. “No, you can’t. I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t! I am a perfectly capable warrior–”

“–Which is why you must remain her to protect Lady Arwen.” Legolas interrupts, stroking his thumb over your cheek bone.

Silent tears streaming down your face, you lean into his touch, sensing the rest of the fellowship’s eyes on the both of you. But you do not care. Throwing your arms around Legolas’ neck, you stand as high as you can on your toes and kiss him with as much passion as possible. Your height difference is immense, so it’s very hard for you to kiss him.

Legolas wraps an arm around your waist, leaning down and kissing you back as well as making it easier for you to kiss him. After a minute, you both pull away. The blonde prince reluctantly releases you, pain shown blatantly in his blue eyes as he mounts his horse. He turns around once more, and you choke back another sob. You want to spare him of more pain.

“I’ll return before you know it.”

Present Day

Legolas sits alone at a table in the castle, watching as the people celebrate. The four hobbits are dancing, but he can tell something is wrong with Frodo. He bears a scar that will never heal. Aragorn and Arwen haven’t been able to keep off of each other, and have been dancing for the past three hours.The elven prince smiles at their happiness, wishing that his own lover were here.

“Where is your lass, elf?” Gimli asks as he sits next to Legolas at the table.

The elf looks down. “I know not. Arwen would not tell me.”

Gimli smiles. “That means she’s alright and well. You should go to her.”


“Go to her. Travel to Rivendell and reunite with her. You deserve it after all you’ve done for everyone here.” Gimli says.

Legolas smiles. “You have to kind a heart to not have a lover to call your own, mellon.”

“Oh, just go, elf. I’ll tell the king you give your regards.” Gimli sounds angry, but Legolas can see the faint tint of pink on his cheeks.

The prince stands and says, “Thank you.” Then he turns toward the gigantic double doors at the front of the hall. Suddenly, the doors open loudly, and Legolas instinctively reaches for weapons that aren’t there. When he sees who’s at the door, he straightens up, shocked.

You stand at the door, white-silver dress and (f/c) cloak on, just like the last time he saw you. Pulling your hood down, it seems you haven’t caught sight of your love yet. Legolas rushes forward silently, praying you would see him coming.

Walking forward ever so slightly, you are met face to face with your love. “It took eighteen months, and it would have been even more if I hadn’t come.” you say, arms hanging at your sides.

“(y/n), I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how long this quest would take.” he says, blue eyes boring into (e/c) ones.

You stand in silence, just looking at each other silently. Then, as if on cue, you both reach for each other frantically. Your hands find their way behind Legolas’ head, and his arms encircle your waist, pulling you flush against his muscular torso.

Your lips are locked for the longest time, the kiss making up for all the ones the eighteen month journey took away from you both. Finally, you both pull away, breathing heavily.

Smiling widely, you throw your arms around his neck in a hug. Legolas bends down and buries his face in the crook of your neck, breathing in the sweet smell of your (h/l), (h/c) hair.

He knew he was never going to leave your side again.

Same Stars, Different Worlds

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Warning: Angst i guess

She was a mere mortal who lived in a place called (hometown/city). She was just as interested in the world of middle earth like other girls who became interested in social media and shopping. She fell in love with the books and the movies, constantly finding herself laying on the hammock outside under a porch as it rained and reading a book while the slow melody of a piano played through her earphones. It was a dream come true when she imagined herself in the world of middle earth, either helping Thorin and his company, or following frodo on his journey to destroy the ring. 

She found herself lost within literature, she found herself embedded by the words of her favorite author, she was suddenly part of the story, finding herself in love with the young elf she read about and how he came to be. 

She was lost for words when she watched the film and fell in love more, if only he was real and not a fictional character, but then she looked up at the stars beginning to think, we must al have the same stars but different worlds. 

Indeed she was right, on the other side, Middle earth did exist but only those who believed entered, there Legolas looked upon the stars and felt his heart twist and turn and suddenly he closed his bright blue eyes and an image of a beautiful girl popped within his mind, this fair maiden who had fallen in love with him, but did not exist in his world. 

He felt the sudden feeling of love, but how could he ever meet her ? How could fate be so cruel as to put them in different worlds, he did not care if she might have despised him in his world, he would have just liked to know they would have been living within the same realm. 

She longed to meet him as did he. He longed to hold her and caress her cheek and lean in to kiss her, she longed to run her fingers through his pale hair and to lay a kiss upon his lips and to feel his arms wrap around her. 

Perhaps they can meet in person, in another world, in another life.. 

“Till next time my love “

Adventure Awaits(DISCONTINUED)

Summary: A year has passed since Erebor had been reclaimed and everything seemed to be going well until you are forced to go on another adventure not only with dwarves, but elves and men as well.

Chapter Summary: Tauriel comes to you for a little advice, Haldir apologizes, and the power of the ring starts affecting the group.

Pairings: Haldir x Reader

Notes: I’m actually trash at writing anything that isn’t dialogue. Elf!Reader, Lord Elrond’s Daughter, OoC Characters.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5Chapter 6

The both of you didn’t even realize how much time has passed until Bilbo came to tell you it was time to switch. You and Dwalin both make your way back to camp. 

“Next watch will be Legolas and Haldir, Me and Ori, and last will be Poldo and Gandalf. Depending on how tonight will go, I’ll try and make a better watch schedule, but tonight we’ll make do. Uh. Nuh uh. Kili, you go and get Orion,” you say, spying Kili trying to get Tauriel. He pouts as he walks pass you.

“Everyone get some rest, we have an early day tomorrow,” you announce, going to Tauriel to relieve her, bringing a lamp, your quill and map. She smiles at you and you smile back, taking her perch on the rock. She moves to walk away, but comes back to sit with you.

“Do you think Thorin will let Kili and I get married?” She asks, worriedly.  

You look at her, smiling.

“He will. I promise. He loves his nephew too much to turn him down. In fact, Thorin came to me with the same question. Well almost the same question, I suppose. Asked me if he should let Kili marry you. I told him that if your love was false, you wouldn’t have lasted this long. The love you both hold is something everyone wishes for,” you tell her truthfully.

“But what if the rest of his kin do not accept me?” She asks.

“I doubt they won’t. I live with them and have been living with them for the past year. As long as you get the approval from Dis, which you already have, then you will be fine,” you reassure her.

“But what if?” She asks again.

“Then both you and Kili will live a long and prosperous life in Dale. He would never leave you even if his uncle told him to. He loves you more than you would ever know,” you reply. 

She lets out a sigh of relief as a throat clears behind you. You both turn to find Haldir and she excuses herself. Haldir takes a seat next to you.

“I’m sorry that I have upset you,” he says, breaking the awkward silence. “It’s alright,” you mumble, looking at the map.

“No it’s not alright. I shouldn’t have walked off like that. It was not fair of me to do so. I’m terribly sorry,” he says, taking your hand in his.

You look at him and place the map down.

“There really isn’t anything you should be worried about. I may have liked other people, but my love has always been for you. Do not dare doubt that. I do not need anyone else turning their back on me,” you say and he finally pulls you into a kiss.

His lips are soft, which is to be expected, and you move your lips against his. You’re interrupted by someone clearing their throat. You both turn to find Kili glaring at you.

“It’s Not fair that you get to spend time with your elf and I can’t spend time with mine,” he grumbles.

You sigh.

“What’s wrong Kee?” You ask.

“Bilbo is terrible Company,” he says, taking a seat next to you. “You can’t leave a hobbit to watch the Forrest by himself,” you say.

“Bilbo’s fine. He’s stronger than he looks after traveling with us for a year,” he replies and you laugh.

“He has changed. I really didn’t expect him to move to Erebor. I really didn’t,” you say.

“We all have changed. All for the better,” he says.

“Did you know she has a fear of spiders?” Kili asks randomly after a few moments of silence.

“Yes. I did. I know everything about her,” Haldir replies.

“Even that she’s never had-”

And with that, you kick him off the rock. He moans and sits back up.

“Before I was rudely interrupted, I was about to say that she’s never kissed someone before,” he states, glaring at you.

“I’m sure that’s what you were going to say,” you respond, rolling your eyes.

“Anyway, when we were attacked by the spiders in Mirkwood she froze up. It’s like all of her instincts went out the door,” Kili continues.

“Thorin and Dwalin immediately pushed me behind them, sensing my fear,” you say, shaking your head again.

You remember that day clearly. Thorin didn’t want to listen to you when you had said that you had lost the path and when he finally realized it, everyone had turned against each other. Siblings were forced to protect siblings and you were forced to watch the madness unfold.

Bilbo seemed like the only sane one and you had watched him climb the trees to try and find the light. Next thing you knew, you were being spun into a web and then dropped by Bilbo. Once you had gotten loose, you froze. Thorin had called out to you, yelling at you to fight, but you could not. The Beasts were too scary for you so he and Dwalin did the best they could while you stood there, stock still.

After being saved by the Greenwood elves, you felt embarrassed. You could handle orcs, wargs, and goblins, but as soon as spiders came out you all but fainted. You remember finally finding the courage to apologize to Thorin after your conversation with Thranduil and he said that it was alright and that everyone had to be afraid of something. Your respect for him raised a little higher that day.

“Thorin seemed fine with it though. Told you that everyone’s afraid of something,” Kili says, bringing you back to the present.

“That he did. Your uncle is a great dwarf no matter how stubborn,” you reply.

The three of you talk until sunlight, completely forgetting to wake the others. 

“I’m going to regret this,” Kili says, yawning as Ori starts breakfast. Everyone else is still sleeping. “Pair up with Tauriel while on horse and take a nap then,” you say, noticing Poldo coming back from the forest.

“Seems like you three forgot to switch out,” Poldo observes, yawning. “We were too busy talking. Haldir and I don’t really need to rest and Kili kind of just came to us because Bilbo wasn’t the greatest company,” you say, moving around to help Ori with breakfast.

One by one, the company slowly awakens with Bilbo being the last. He has always been the last.

“How is the ring treating you?” Gandalf asks.

“It feels like an ordinary ring. Sometimes I forget that it’s there,” you say honestly.

It’s the truth. The ring has absolutely no effect on you. You know you should be feeling something but it’s just not there.

“Strange,” Gandalf replies, taking a puff of his pipe.

“Is that normal, Mithrandir? For me to not feel anything?” You ask quietly.

“I do not know dear one. This is the first time I have ever came across this ring, but even I myself feel a slight pull towards it. That I cannot deny,” he tells you and you look around camp.

The men and Bilbo seem to be giving you glances every once in a while. Even Legolas, Haldir and Tauriel would sneak a few looks at you.

“Should I be worried Gandalf?” You ask. “You shall not fret, my lady. If you do find yourself under attack, these dwarves will protect you with everything they got,” he replies, nodding to something in the back of you.

You follow his gaze and see Dwalin standing in front of Orion.

“You got a reason as to why you’re staring at the lassy?” Dwalin asks and you can tell he’s a bit peeved.

“Not at all,” he growls back and Dwalin plops down on the seat next to you.

“I’m going to break their faces if they keep looking at you like that,” he mutters, passing a bowl of food towards you.

“It’s the ring they’re looking at. Something about it draws them to it,” you tell him.

“I don’t feel anything,” he responds. “According to my father, dwarves were not known to fall under its spell. It did not affect them like it did men and hobbits probably,” you explain.

He nods, quietly eating his food and watching everyone at the same time. That makes you smile. Dwalin will always be your dwarf in shining armor.