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Wind Blade - Lord of the Rings

Hey sweetie, I was wondering if you could please write an Aragorn x reader request where you are one of the Dunedain although Aragorn has never met you before, he has heard about all your feats and you are apart of the Fellowship and he is intrigued by how you fight and conduct yourself, you are snarky but a good hunter etc. Maybe you show him how well you fight when you get overrun by the Uruk-hai? Thank you :)

AN: I apologize if this isn’t exactly what you wanted. But this is where my mind took me.

Words: 1024

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Imagine being a wolven skin changer and always protective of Legolas

A/N - Well I started this in 2nd person then decided I couldn’t really get it to work in second person so made it Third person! (Sorry if you don’t like third person, it was just so much easier). Anyhow, this is the first part. I don’t know if I’m going to upload the second part because I kept arguing with the last few paragraphs and It just would not work for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and constructive criticism is always welcome! 

Words: 1,323
Paring: Legolas x Reader
Part two

Legolas had no idea who the wolf was that continually saved his life. He was fifteen when he first met the wolf. The spiders that haunted Mirkwood caught him off guard. The white wolf appeared out of nowhere and disposed of them almost immediately then, with a huff in greeting, it disappeared into the woods.  His father thought he was crazy and waved him off with a chuckle.
Tauriel theorised that it was his mother; that his mother had been reborn as an abnormally large white wolf to protect him.
Legolas didn’t believe in those superstitions though.
 Instead, he chose to believe he was gifted when it comes to wild creatures. However, his theories were diminished when his horse kicked him in the face a few months later.

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Embarrassment - Part 2

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  A drunken game of truth or dare reveals what Y/N didn’t want anyone to know. She’d been perfectly and contentedly miserable before her slip up, but the confrontation over her little secret, which she avoids at all costs, quickly catches up.

Words: 1,378

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, the rest of the fam

Warning: Maybe a curse? Reference to alcohol consumption

Author’s Note: There’s still no Steve in this… Honestly, this one is just about making the Reader part of the Avengers Family. It makes me happy, hope you guys like it too. Next part you’ll get lots of Steve, promise.

Part 1

That was how you spent the morning, actually the whole day, in the tower. First, you retreated to the gym, not working out but playing on your phone and wallowing in self-loathing until Sam came in for a run on the treadmill mid-morning. “Ah, so this is where you’ve been hiding?” He asked, his mouth quirking up into a smirk as he selected the right speed for him.

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Guide: Archery

Disclaimer: I have been practicing archery since I was eight and became really involved with the sport / hobby since turning eighteen; despite my experience, I am by no means an actual expert but I do know a considerable amount and am capable of answering any and every question you all may have!

  • Types of Bows: recurve, long / flat / traditional, compound, crossbow, pistol crossbow, war, mongolian, takedown, priminitive, composite
  • Types of Archery: traditional, competitive, field, target, hunting, 3D, military
  • Types of Arrows: aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, wooden ( traditional ), bolts ( crossbow )
    • Types of Fletchings: straight, helical, flu-flu. Material: feather, plastic
    • Types of Points: target, bullet, blunt, field, judo, fish, broadhead, fixed blade, mechanical blade, small game, bludgeon ( stump ). Medieval: bodkin, war, crescent leaf, swallowtail, hunting. Some are push-ins and others are screw-ins, the material tips are made out of can also vary: plastic, aluminum, stone, flint, carbon, etc…
    • Types of Nocks: push/press-in, pin, overnock, convential. For crossbows, the nocks will be different as the arrow sits differently (such as: flat, capture, omni-nock, and half moon)
  • Types of Draws: mediterranean ( most common ), mongolian, pinch
  • Types of Quivers: hip, back, side, pocket, bow
  • Types of Gear: shooting gloves, shooting tabs, arm guard, chest guard, quivers, silencers, wrist sling, bow sling, finger sling
  • Types of Stances: square, open, closed

Anatomy of a Bow generally consists of their limbs, riser, bow string, grip / handle, ( arrow ) rest, and nocking point. Additional features ( mostly with compound and competitive archery ) also include: sight, stabilizer, long rod, side rod, limb bolt, clicker, shelf. Additionally, there are two sides to a bow ( a front and back ), the outer portion — or the part that faces away from you when you aim — is called the back and the inner portion is called the belly

Anatomy of a String: Sometimes, with some strings you will see three points of the string with different colours at the ends of the limbs and at the center, these are called servings. Top, bottom, and center.

Anatomy of an Arrow: Point ( tip / insert ), shaft, crest, fletching, nock


  • Anchor Point — A consistent part on the face where the draw hand comes back to.
  • Cant — This is a bow that is being tilted to one side or another, more commonly used by hunters.
  • Dry Fire — NEVER do this to your bows, this is VERY harmful to the bow and decreases longevity. A dry fire is when you pull the string back WITHOUT an arrow nocked then release.
  • Sky Draw — This is illegal and incredibly dangerous, don’t do this. This is the act of aiming your bow towards the sky and releasing. Do not pull a Katniss Everdeen. It’s not worth it. Only do this in places in a wide open and empty field or somewhere it is at least permitted.
  • Index Feather / Vane — There are commonly three fletchings to an arrow with two of three being one colour; the one that is the odd one out is called the index. This should be facing out / away from the bow’s arrow rest.
  • Nock — Commonly used and confused for notch ( similar to blood spatter vs blood splatter ). This is the slot at the end of an arrow; there is also an accompanying point on the string itself where the arrow sits on top of for a consistent level of shooting. Additionally, on some arrows, there is a nock nodule that typically lines up with the index feather ( this is used to easily nock an arrow into place without having to look down mid-aim or shooting, so typically hunting ).
  • Overdraw — The act of using a shorter bow compared to draw length, thus putting an overload of pressure on the limbs. It can also mean using a shorter arrow than meant to be used with draw length.
  • Poundage ( # ) — A bow’s weight at full draw. For instance, while the poundage of a bow says forty#, the bow isn’t actually going to weigh that much ( bows, in contrast, are actually really light ). 
    • Draw Weight — I see this used interchangeably with poundage but there really isn’t such a thing as a draw weight? Or, at least, it doesn’t have a specific function that I am aware of. 
  • Draw Length — This is the length of how far you can pull the string back to your anchor point; the length typically is about the half of your arm span from middle fingertip to middle fingertip. Measured in inches ( “ ).
  • Bow Length — The length of the bow unstrung from limb tip to limb tip.
  • Bow Arm / Hand — The hand that commonly grips the handle.
  • Dominant Eye / Hand — The hand that pulls on the string; and the eye that more accurately sees the target. Sometimes, the dominant eye and hand are not on the same side of the body but there are ways to get around this!
  • Spine Flexibility — When getting new arrows, it’s important to test the spine for any cracking sounds. If an arrow does that, you do not want to use it. Also checking for arrow hardness. 
  • Archer’s Paradox — The arrow flexing as it leaves the bow. Also, an arrow arches, it doesn’t go straight out like how a bullet might. 
  • Followthrough — Holding your posture / position after letting go of the string to when the arrow hits the target.

Other Information:

The correct way to draw / pull a bow is by using back muscles rather than your arms ( arms are used too but not as majorly as the back ), this helps lessens fatigue! And allows you to use the maximum poundage. In saying that, bows are not the same from person to person; for example, because I use a longbow ( 48″ ) and my arm span is shorter, even though my bow is 40#, I am actually drawing 35#. And unless you’re using a primitive bow or a bow that has a versatile grip, bows are specifically made to be used by one hand or the other ( so left or right ). And just like all bows aren’t the same from person to person, all arrows aren’t the same and don’t necessarily work with every bow, especially indoors versus outdoors, grain, shaft thickness / hardness, tip, weight, etc…

When aiming, it’s important to keep in mind: direction and force of wind, height of target in comparison to you ( is it higher or lower ), indoors vs outdoors, stable or moving target, terrain, distance, etc…

The best way to build up stamina and strength is to consistently do muscle strength exercises, practice with the bow often. I also recommend holding the string back for thirty seconds to a minute at least three times in a day.

There is A LOT of muscle memory involved! And like overtime if you don’t exercise or ride a bike, getting back into the sport can take a readjustment to get up to par. The elbow of your bow arm should be pointed out and not down at the ground ( this is to get your elbow out of the way so that the string doesn’t slap against your forearm upon release ), your back should be straight ideally, and your should have your weight evenly resting on your hips ( not shifted ).

Do NOT use wooden arrows with compound bows. It will more than likely explode in your face and cause bodily injury. Additionally try to use the right arrow with the right bow and bow poundage; it’s like using a gun, you wouldn’t overload it with ammunition it’s not meant to shoot, so don’t do that to your bows. Also, traditional and recurve bows tend to be more forgiving than compound bows because of the difference in anatomy; compound bows have wheels attached to the limbs and warping or twisting the string at all while pulling it back can cause the string to detach from the railing ( but in general, avoid twisting your hand, wrist or forearm as you draw back the string ).

If a bow creaks or makes any kind of sound while you draw it back, do not use that bow. Same with an arrow. It’s safer to avoid injury.

Do not fire a bow with anyone or anything in your peripheral or around the target. Be very aware of your surroundings.

War bows have the highest poundage, that I am aware of, that goes up to 180# and are made of a different wood. These are incredibly powerful and dangerous weapons, so I don’t recommend a war bow to shoot in your basic backyard unless you have a really great stopping tool / target. War bows also take the longest to train for and can’t just be used by anyone right off the bat compared to modern bows, because the heavier the poundage, the more back and arm muscle needed; so strength needed will be needed for this ( and this is why archers from medieval periods who used these bows were documented as to having thicker arm bones because they trained in their youth as to use such a bow ).

If you can, try to practice at archery ranges. Hunting with a bow requires a license; please check your city / state laws regarding archery and its restrictions ( some don’t allow backyard shooting ).

Lastly, bows ARE weapons. I know they are treated very much like toys but they are not! Even the toy bows that you see at medieval fairs and in stores, those are still dangerous. Actual bows should be taken seriously; do not have an arrow nock and at full draw while you haphazardly aim the bow in jest at your group of friends, claiming to be the next Legolas or Katniss. That is the quickest way of hurting someone, don’t do it. In saying that, television and all other mediums of entertainment are not wholly accurate depictions of archery; some of the moves they do are highly ridiculous and unrealistic ( Hawkeye, Arrow, THG, LOTR, etc… ). While there are good depictions out there and some decent moments, they should not be your basis of instruction. It’s of course okay to take inspiration from these characters but don’t treat what they do as fact and law.


♠ Greenwood Royalty ♠ 

Oropher was a Sindarin Elf of Doriath who became the King of the Silvan Elves of Greenwood the Great (which would later come to be called Mirkwood) during the Second Age. He was killed during the Battle of Dagorlad and succeeded by his son, the Elvenking Thranduil. He was thus the grandfather of the only Elven member of the Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas.

Sleepy Blues

Sleepy Blues

Fandom: Tolkien

Imagine From: Imagine Legolas

Pairing: Legolas x Elf!Reader

Words: 433

“Imagine you being half asleep at dinner with Legolas, thenhim picking you up bridal style, taking you to his chamber and having a nap/cuddle session.”

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Eighteen months ago

You pay no attention to the beautiful halls of Rivendell as you run past. Of course, being a she-elf, you were not invited to the secret council of the ring, but word spreads fast. And the word had to do with your husband-to-be.

Finally, the courtyard is in your sights. (f/c) cloak billowing behind you as your elven feet run silently across the ground, you almost trip on your silver-white dress. If you were not Lady Arwen’s guard, then you would not have to wear these types of clothes.

You’re jerked out of your thoughts when you see the familiar blonde head of hair. “Legolas!” you yell, rushing forward. The prince turns just in time for you to rush into his arms, holding him close as you cry. He whispers to you softly in Elvish, telling you that everything is to be alright.

You pull away and look up at your fiancé, (e/c) eyes shining with tears. “You cannot go. Our wedding is next month. I cannot lose you–”

Legolas takes your face in his hands. “You will not lose me, I promise.” He sighs. “But we must delay the wedding.”

You choke on a sob. “Let me come with you.”

“No.” he says. “No, you can’t. I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t! I am a perfectly capable warrior–”

“–Which is why you must remain her to protect Lady Arwen.” Legolas interrupts, stroking his thumb over your cheek bone.

Silent tears streaming down your face, you lean into his touch, sensing the rest of the fellowship’s eyes on the both of you. But you do not care. Throwing your arms around Legolas’ neck, you stand as high as you can on your toes and kiss him with as much passion as possible. Your height difference is immense, so it’s very hard for you to kiss him.

Legolas wraps an arm around your waist, leaning down and kissing you back as well as making it easier for you to kiss him. After a minute, you both pull away. The blonde prince reluctantly releases you, pain shown blatantly in his blue eyes as he mounts his horse. He turns around once more, and you choke back another sob. You want to spare him of more pain.

“I’ll return before you know it.”

Present Day

Legolas sits alone at a table in the castle, watching as the people celebrate. The four hobbits are dancing, but he can tell something is wrong with Frodo. He bears a scar that will never heal. Aragorn and Arwen haven’t been able to keep off of each other, and have been dancing for the past three hours.The elven prince smiles at their happiness, wishing that his own lover were here.

“Where is your lass, elf?” Gimli asks as he sits next to Legolas at the table.

The elf looks down. “I know not. Arwen would not tell me.”

Gimli smiles. “That means she’s alright and well. You should go to her.”


“Go to her. Travel to Rivendell and reunite with her. You deserve it after all you’ve done for everyone here.” Gimli says.

Legolas smiles. “You have to kind a heart to not have a lover to call your own, mellon.”

“Oh, just go, elf. I’ll tell the king you give your regards.” Gimli sounds angry, but Legolas can see the faint tint of pink on his cheeks.

The prince stands and says, “Thank you.” Then he turns toward the gigantic double doors at the front of the hall. Suddenly, the doors open loudly, and Legolas instinctively reaches for weapons that aren’t there. When he sees who’s at the door, he straightens up, shocked.

You stand at the door, white-silver dress and (f/c) cloak on, just like the last time he saw you. Pulling your hood down, it seems you haven’t caught sight of your love yet. Legolas rushes forward silently, praying you would see him coming.

Walking forward ever so slightly, you are met face to face with your love. “It took eighteen months, and it would have been even more if I hadn’t come.” you say, arms hanging at your sides.

“(y/n), I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how long this quest would take.” he says, blue eyes boring into (e/c) ones.

You stand in silence, just looking at each other silently. Then, as if on cue, you both reach for each other frantically. Your hands find their way behind Legolas’ head, and his arms encircle your waist, pulling you flush against his muscular torso.

Your lips are locked for the longest time, the kiss making up for all the ones the eighteen month journey took away from you both. Finally, you both pull away, breathing heavily.

Smiling widely, you throw your arms around his neck in a hug. Legolas bends down and buries his face in the crook of your neck, breathing in the sweet smell of your (h/l), (h/c) hair.

He knew he was never going to leave your side again.

Imagine making the rest of the Fellowship feel paranoid when you begin talking with Aragorn and Legolas in Elvish and laughing
  • Author: Ellie
  • Fandom: Lord of the Rings
  • Pairing: none really
  • Gender: Female
  • Word count: 579
  • Triggers/warnings: none, THE ELVISH IS IN ITALIC
  • Request: A drabble based on this prompt from IMAGINEXHOBBIT

The stars shined high in the sky as you sat down, your back against a big rock. The Fellowship have been your company for days now and surprisingly you still weren’t tired of the loud chirpy hobbits. Even though you had never seen a hobbit before they very different from what you had heard of them.

Hobbits were in general quite nice, sweet and clean but after a few days of traveling with no bath and barely good food they started to become annoying and dirty.

You looked over to Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli and Boromir who were sitting by the fire trying to keep themselves warm on these cold nights. The hobbits were still awake, they sat in a small circle a few feet away from the fire probably gossiping about the rest.

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Gotcha - LegolasxReader

Request - Can you make a oneshot based on my imagine “Imagine Legolas tickling you.” and “Imagine Legolas lusting after you."  (Sorry for the confusion :D)

Requester - vanillasonata

Pairing - Lotr!Legolas x Reader

Words - 1,345

Warnings - Soft Smut

(A/N It got a little steamy ;3)

“We’ll camp here!” You heard Aragorn call from up ahead.

You groaned and unbuckled your heavy belt. It fell onto the soft floor with a small thud and a secondlater you joined it. You tried to move your aching legs but ended up just groaning further and flopping backwards onto the muddy clearing. Looking up you saw the clear night sky, the stars twinkling at you through the overhanging of the trees.

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Imagine giving your hoodie to Legolas but he surprisingly loves the bagginess of the hoodie and wont give it back to you

For angryhalfling :)


The chilling night air bit sharply at your exposed skin, making your nose red and convincing you that your numb fingers were about to fall off.

How Aragorn had managed to choose the coldest spot in middle earth to camp for the night was beyond you and you silently cursed him as you frowned and tossed from side to side, trying your utmost to get just a few hours of sleep.

This was surely the worst part about travelling hundreds of leagues towards Mordor, not to mention Gimli’s earth tremblingly loud snoring.

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Camping - Boromir X Reader.

Originally posted by heartsstarttoharden

Here’s a modern!AU written for the the #springtimeinmmiddleearth Tolkien Writing Challenge, run by @little-red-83 and @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor

I wrote this one under the prompts: 

“I was walking through the woods when I stepped in a mud patch and now I’m sinking like it’s quicksand. I need help.”
“I walked into a spider web and I’m freaking out and everyone is staring at my impromptu karate.”

As well as combining this imagine from imaginexhobbit.


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Third Part:  Gimleaf/Barduil:  Meeting parents!!!

“After rejecting his son, Thranduil remembers when Legolas  tried to please him being an excellent boy. He knows that his child is only in love, and talk to Gimli trying to find his true intentions. Gimli rebukes him to hurt Legolas, and he swears he loves him with all his being. 

At some time, that conversation occurred. In those days, Thranduil was very powerful, and was a formidable warrior.  Seeing that Gimli tried to steal his only son, he is about to kill him, but Legolas stops him and shows him a coldness for attack the love of his life. 

In this age, Gimli tells Thranduil that the real reason to visit them was that he asked Legolas to marry him, and Legolas had accepted. He was so happy that he agreed to go and break the news to his Ada and Da. Thranduil is not happy with that news, but, unlike many years ago, his husband is here and he has advised him to be flexible with his child. If he loves Legolas, he must accept Gimli as the love of his life. 

It’s the second time that Thranduil is forced to give in to avoid losing his son. 

However, as at that time, Thranduil gives warning to Gimli: if he hurts his child, then he will destroy him. Gimli accepts the warning and swears, by his honor, love and take care of Legolas. 

The next day, Gimli breaks the news to Legolas. Legolas, grateful, feels he and Gimli loved each other for a long time ago and that they were destined to meet again. 

Meanwhile, Bard congratulates Thranduil to do the right thing for his child. After one “I love you” Thranduil takes refuge in the arms of Bard, which he enjoyed so many times in his previous life.”

The End.

Blurted feelings (Legolas x FemElf!Reader)

Can I request a Legolas/reader ficlet? She could be elf or human. Can you try to include a lot of fluff? But reader doesn’t want to tell Legolas her feelings for him, but let’s it slip one day. Or something along the lines. Thanks.

This got away from me, so we have our Hobbit version, younger (relatively) Legolas, but still with his sweet side. Ironically I chose this to overlap DoS and BotFA, and its unrequited at first but has a happy ending. LOVE TRIANGLES FOR ALL *throws confetti*

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ok so the scene where they’ve just come out of moria and aragorn is like ‘legolas. get them up’ and then boromir is going ‘give them a moment for pitys sake’ and then in the next shot you see legolas just. so halfheartedly tugging at merrys arm.

look at that. so little effort is put into this attempt. ‘little hobbit plz move’
he even looks at aragorn a second later like ‘aragorn its not working’

legolas what are you doing